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Monday, August 27, 2007

Change All Around Us

New Items Added to my Etsy Shop!!
I've really fallen off the wagon with my assignment list and strayed with this little Doodle Graffiti Collage, I've had a real hard time focussing this week and weekend so I'played around with some journalling to get some things off of my chest and the result is this "perky" collage called "CHANGE". I need it....who doesn't need it from time to time? Sometimes you go in one direction until you slam into a brick wall and finally you decide that it's time to turn around and go in a new direction. The previous one was getting you no where, so why try to move mountains when you can just go around them?

I made this on a 9 x12 canvas board using acrylics, pen, marker, watercolor crayons, and a few magazine cutouts. Can you tell where the cut outs are? I'm into trying to blend them into my work without making the elements too overt, is it working???

The assigments that I'm working on (at a snails pace) are the following:

Simple regularity like picket fence or the squares on a quilt.
Alternation - two different elements, sizes, etc.
Inversion - one up one upside down
Irregular recurrence- shape or motif reappears in unexected intervals
Radiation - units fan out from a central point like a Gothic Rose window.

I like having structure and focus--but I must have focus to be structured. Something I need to learn in my art as well as work!


Today was baby boy's (ya right) first day of school. You dont' even want to know what came out of his mouth when I picked him up after work (or rather he was waiting for me with his Dad who left work early to get him).....I can't blame him because it was his Dad who told him to say it..LOL...but anyway the first day of school was good. He barely said good-bye to me as I was unpacking all the things from the teachers list, and before I knew it, he was at his desk, pencil in hand and writing in his "Morning Journal". I guess I'm not needed anymore :( No more sniffles as I leave on the first day. He's all grown up, all 7 years of him!

Change again the theme--but in an entirely different manner. After being gone for an entire week he and I watched a movie last night on the couch and there was barely enough room for the two of us....(mostly my fault) but he took a big enough space up as well! Where did my baby boy go??? He's even pumping gas now for me.

sigh.....That's a good sigh..I hate doing that :)

Until next time!



Christy said...

I think this collage has a psychadelic 60's sort of feel to it. Very upbeat and colorful. I like it!

I'm glad lil man had a good first day at school. They do grow up so fast. :)

Breanna said...

School starts for us next week. I can't wait for the routine to kick in, but I am going to miss my little guy. He seems all grown up as well. I have to say that I am looking forward to a bit of change around here. I am done with summer, can't wait for some crisp fall days.

Christy said...

This is amazing! Love it!

Paula said...

They grow up so dang fast! My "baby" turned 15 this month and starts high school next week. How did this happen? Doesn't that kinda make me OLD??!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! He pumps gas for you?! Sheesh, I can't even get my 14 yr old OR my 10 yr old to do that for me! Wanna trade kids?