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Monday, August 06, 2007

Unfolding of My True Color

This Is My True Color

I wanted to show a few pics of my latest work as I couldn't scan the entire picture properly. Also included is a full pic (crappy as it can be ) of the before and after of this collage.
I've always wondered what artists are thinking when they compose their work. I wish I could get into their head and watch like a movie, the story unfold as the layers appear on the canvas. I'm not sure I'm quite an artist yet, I'd like to consider myself a student as I am constantly learning. I feel like I'm taking an online class--grabbing assignments and technique instructions from my many teachers and then running back to my dorm (my dining room) and working on my assignment.
I tend to always start with a background...sometimes making several a day or going back to several a day, experimenting with color and texture, stamping and journalling, painting, glueing-you name it. What was in my head while I did this? I began to see the color red and felt that I wanted a person to come out of the canvas but focussing on the hair. Flowing, vibrant red hair with highlights of gold--and a little white.
I started to think, as I layered on the hair and glued the picture, of how many times I wanted to be something different than who I am.

Thinner, smaller, different color hair, different shape, nicer, more patient, more accepting, yet through it all along the way, I have learned to accept myself more and more for who I am....the good and the bad.
I have taken some wrong turns.
Made some wrong choices.
Loved the wrong people.
I'm set in my ways, because I have been alone for so long--even when I was with someone, I was alone, so now, I actually like being alone. I don't know that I could ever live with someone again because I just like doing my own thing when I want-me and the kids. That's just Part of my color.

There's still things I want to change about myself, but it doesn't hold me back-it's acceptance but with inspiration to make changes for the better. I like to fight the right battles and wave the white flag with the rest.
Do I have regrets? Yes. Anyone that says they don't aren't being truthful of themself. At the same time, I wouldn't change much because those choices are made me who I am today.
I am who I am.
And so are you.


And we are still unfolding through it all.

Do You Really Know Your True Color?



Sarah and Jack said...

Lucy, this was a lovely post.

The first collage is very peaceful. I could look at it for hours.

Paula said...

Wow! A really beautiful and touching post. It choked me up a little ~

You're collages just keep growing and getting better. This one is incredible. I love what you did with the hair...

Dinah said...

Very moving thoughts Lucy, and a moving collage also.

Please email me when you've got a minute at


Anonymous said...

Wow girl!! Very deep, thoughtful, well articulated and such an amazing piece of art :) You've totally found your niche!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, I loved this post! I knew just what you meant when you said that about wanting to get inside the artist's head when they are creating--and then you just went right ahead and let us into yours a little! Truthful and touching.
Smiles, Karen

Heidi said...

You ARE an artist! And I love seeing how your art unfolds. Gorgeous.