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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barely Holding On

"Sometimes I Can Barely Hold On

....but an angel watches over me each day and keeps me safe, even when safe is a scary place to be.

A Story Waiting to Be Told"

Isn't there always so much going on behind closed never knows whats waiting for us on top of the steps. I do hope an angel watches over me, especially on the days I can barely hold on.

I should pay someone to piss me off every day that way I'd continue to make something each night.




Breanna said...

Love the girls in this one! If I could, I would pay someone to NOT piss you off everyday... Take Care.

Paula said...

Sorry you had a rough day ~ but, damn girl ~ that artwork it inspired is something!
Wishing you a delightful friday and margarita's...

Vallen said...

You do great stuff pissed off or not.