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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Change Taking Places, Free Yourself!

I was thinking the other day that there really seems to be a huge movement in our economy where more and more people are turning to bartering goods and services as an alternative to the traditional monetary exchange. Freecycle is a good example of that force among us. It's a great idea--you have something you don't need, give it away to someone that does. You have something you want or your desire and see if someone else steps up with the goods. What about services?? Is there a site that promotes the sharing of services between people in a locality? For example, I need my lawn mowed. In exchange, I'd be happy to make you a cake. LOL
I think it would be a good idea to start a website for something of that nature too. Rebecca posted the other day about making an alternative blog for thrifty finds--you post things you are looking for to complete a collection, or just things you heart and want more of, and hopefully someone in bloggyidyville will answer up for a trade of some sort. I think it's a great idea. Of course there's the thrill of the hunt of going out and capturing that great find, but there may be some things that just don't pop up in your area too often that your need would be better met through a wider audience.

This is my FIRST freecycle "purchase". A variety of wooden cigar boxes in different shapes and sizes, twelve to be exact. How totally cool is that? I 've been shy about posting but I did subscribe to our local freecycle mailing list and I see a whole wide array of things offered and needs listed. Pretty amazing. I have to thank the nice lady that offered these fun boxes (which I plan on altering for craft projects coming up), Thanks, Dawn. Not sure if she will check my blog again but she did before she said I could have them, so if she does pop in, I wanted to be sure to thank her :) Now it's my turn to post some items. I more than likely will post a bag of my son's clothes because he is growing faster than the speed of light and I am in forever putting up things that are too small for him. Most of the stuff is things we purchased since this summer!! YIKES!

Hey check out my placemats underneath the cigar boxes. I am resolved that my indoor picture taking skills suck, however, if you can see the popsicles peeking out you might recognize the artist/designer that made them. I ordered a set of placemats and coasters from my son's school fundraiser and a few of her designs were on the summer dishes/table settings featured. Pretty cool :)'

On to my thifty finds this morning. This is a close up of some textile fabric I bought for a dollar! It's actually a huge role of nice smothe embroidered fabric that one would recover furniture with or make into pillows. Also found at that same sale was some gold trim for a quarter. Oh happy day!

All in all, not a huge haul. I actually spent more in gas to get around than I did on purchases so not sure if I really made out, but I did get out of the house and had some alone time while DS bonded with his Dad today. Other items, a Gooseberry Farmhouse Christmas cookbook (I love cookbooks...and the Gooseberry one's are so cute), a set of mini bread pans, and a nice picture....which when I put it on the wall, I knocked off my nice big shattered into a million I have NO CLOCKS in the palace. My alarm clock bit the dust a while ago, both of my watches are dead, so's the computer and my cell phone that connects me with earthly time now. Note to best get to the store tomorrow and fix this situation!
After thrifting, I did some obligatory cleaning around here and laundry--which I still haven't remade my bed with my clean sheets and it is super late---that could be a problem, but I digress---after that was all done, I went poking about to find some things for our newest swap, whooohooo--I'm trying to make my own theme within our main theme, so hopefully I can find/make/thrift the rest of the items to complete my idea. Once that trip was complete my son's Dad dropped him off for me at the pool we belong to and lil man and I had some fun in the sun and water. Normally I don't spend a whole lot of time in the pool but was 95 degrees so I put in some water miles for some relief! I'm definitely getting a tan but I have a farmers tan, because I will not take my shorts off and show my fat arse. I really am embarassed of it---I'm certainly not bathing suit ready this year. I'm not sure what has happened. Well I know what has happened....the result of which I've turned to food like an alcoholic turns to the bottle. Don't get me wrong, we're not up to the mega muffin top stage yet, but the badonkeydonk butt is rearing it's head. Time to snap snap and start loosing some poundage so I can be at least fit into a dress for MY MOM's WEDDING coming up in less then a month. Yep...Mom is getting remarried, to her neighbor down the road on July 7th. Which just happens to be my Dad's anniversary to my Step-Mother who's name is Jodi (my real name), and her birthday just happens to be on the same day of My Sister, not Sherry--but Becky---Sherry's birthday just happens to be on the same day as my cousin Jimmy's--my Mom and Aunt went into labor on the same day in the same hospital--my Dad brought them their together as a matter of fact---Sherry's oldest son's birthday is on My X's birthday, and her youngest son's birthday is on my youngest's Dad's birthday, which just so happens to be his anniversary as well to his new Wife. But I digress.

Create to live, live to create.



Sarah and Jack said...

First, I feel compelled to mention that you have TWO blog headers!

Second, if you have a Craigslist in your area, they have a barter section. I have no idea if it is successful, since around here people seem to be asking for the moon, but it is worth looking into.

Raesha D said...

What an awesome post!!! Those cigar boxes are SO cool!! I've used freecycle a lot in the past - not so much anymore, but I really need to get back to it. I like the bartering idea too - I know Alb has a group for that but it's usually pretty quiet.

Paula said...

I like big butts and I cannot lie (just kiddin'!! but there is a song like that ya know?!)
I see a Gooseberry Patch cookbook in your treasure stash this weekend. I just love them and found one last weekend for a buck. Score!
I loved the ramblings about all your families crazy birthdates. Too funny!

Christy said...

Wow, what a post!!

I've been "freecycling" for about 3 1/2 years. I recently gifted a stroller/travel system to a grandma who's raising her two grandkids. It's so nice to be able to help someone out! So glad you got those cigar boxes and can't wait to see what you do with them.

Jennifer said...

I haven't tried freecycling yet but I love the idea. The cigar boxes are great!

Dinah said...

You are hilarious!!

linda t said...

You are too funny! What an entertaining posting girl you are my dear! You crack me up!
And I gotta get into this frecycling you all are enticing me with! How is it that I don't do it yet???!! Bad me!
I can only imagine what all you have planned for those awesome cigar boxes!

oliveoyl64 said...

Sarah beat me to the Craiglist suggestion. I have looked, but not jumped into it.

As far as Freecycle, I gave up on that. I used to give and get quite regulary, but our group got extremely huge and the greedy monster started coming out in force. Now if I have something to get rid of I just stick it on the curb and don't have the greedies coming after me.