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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Got Junk?

The Junk Stops Here :)

Looky here at all the fun "junk" I received for the "JUNK SWAP" I participated in hosted by Shara of Monkeybox. My lovely gifts (all fun items I would hardly call junk!) were from Miss Electric Bluebird, Merrill. Merrill also has a new etsy shop with some wonderful baby afghans and more, go check her out when you have a chance, her prices are right, her selectin is nice, and the quality looks wonderful! The top picture features a variety of vintage drawing books, which are just perfect for me. I am not very good at drawing people or faces so these are going to be major study guides in my art. Another book features Still Life which is more me, although my work tends to be on the dreamy kinda mystical side when I do watercolors, it all starts with a still life of some sort.

Moving on to the next batch of items, Miss Merrill sent some comics for DSand a vintage book, and an orginal painting by my swap partner. Love it, I have it hanging in my craft room already :) I actually received 2 skeins of this ribbon yarn, as well as the lovely variety of yarn and wool featured below
Also included were some wooden craft blocks, a big paintbrush and some heavy duty trim.

Last but not least, we have a huge variety of beads, jewelry, soap, a sudoko pocket card game (I've never seen them this size!),several key chains and a funky hand made bracelet I just love!
Thank you very much Merrill for all my goodies, I really had fun with this junk swap :)

On to my daily doodles. Vallen recently had a
that featured dress forms on fabric which she made into a funky tote. I teased her that the fabric designer must have stolen my idea! Seriously, I made these dress doodles thinking they'd make cute mini paintings.

Betchya didn't know that I used to want to be a fashion designer when I was a wee one. I think I went through that phase when I was in 6 th grade. I was for sure going to be a major force in the design world according to my own accounts back then. I would draw figures and outfits all the time...but somewhere along my journey I had forgotten about that desire, until the other night when I was doodling in my effort to hold true to my commitment to do something, anything, every day, no matter what.

Girly girl....Hello, can anyone hear me??
The trouble with creating
Sometimes no one listens
but yourself
and that's


Swap news, be sure to check out my sidebar for a link to our newest Sweet Goodness Swap:
Summer Bucket full of Sunshine Fun Swap!
Sign ups through June 15th, so hurry don't be late!
We have over 50 particpants so far, and room for more!!!



Rebecca said...

What fab sketches! And I love your "junk" :)

Vallen said...

Oh, I really like your dresses alot!!! If you make me the fabric I'll make another tote. Congrats for keeping the committment.

Jane said...

Your drawings are so free and swirly! I wish I had that light hand! When I draw it looks uptight! I'm looking forward to the swap!