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Monday, June 11, 2007

Tick Tick Tick

Last call for swappers!! The Summer Bucket Full of Fun swap is ON! Hurry don't miss this great opportunity to have some summer fun come to you!! Yellow and orange goodies galore, open up the swap page to hear some more!
Sign ups close on June 15th!!
Who doesn't enjoy a little Male Love ((((ooops..freudian slip))) I meant Mail Love. Sorry girls. (and I have any male readers??) Occasionally I think my Dad pops on...LOL...does that count??
(before you think I have dramatically improved in my photo taking skills, I must tell you I found these inspiration pictures on a magazine site that now I can't remember where....I think it was Better Homes and Gardens weddings. Maybe. I can't remember).
I brought my lone art project into work today for show and tell day and I forgot it no pictures today of my own. Dang. I meant to bring it home. I'm getting forgetful in my old age. So I figured I'd leave you with a few of my random thoughts and questions.
1) Do contestants on shows like American Idol (this one especially towards the end 0f it) get paid while they are on the show? Or do they enter on with just the shirt on their backs and hope that the rent/mortgage gets paid and the lights are still on when they return?
2) Just what type of medical problem does Paris Hilton have that excused her from jail time last week? It better be that same kind of TB that the traveler has or poison ivy or someother contagious disease, because other than that she should have stayed like the rest of the wrong-doers. Heck, there's about 3 billion of us with depression, does that mean we don't have to stay in the slammer if the po-po come after us?
3) How come the hair on my legs starts to grow back as soon as I step out of the shower? Is it that I missed spots or is it my hormones playing a cruel womanly joke on me just for ha-has??
4) I wish we had a federal holiday every month of the year. I really need a three day weekend at least once a month.
5) How come I just can't stick to a list once I walk into a store? Does that make me a shopaholic? Or just on the brink of being one?
6) Can you ever grow tired of yourself? My stories are getting boring. I need some new ones to tell.
7) Dishwashers are a great invention. I heard someone describe it as like 'little elves sneaking in your house and doing your dishes while you work'. Amen 'sista!
8) I really feel better making lists. It's almost as if I do the work once I write something down. Ohh so satisfying. Now..if I could just remember where I put the list, then I could actually start crossing things off of it.
9) How in the heck does the toilet paper, dishwashing soap, windex, laundry detergent and garbage bags all run out on the same day? It sounds impossible but it has happened to me about 25 times. No lie.
10) Who'd ever thought that bingo would be so popular that we'd have a show called National Bingo Night on ABC?? Amazing. I for one, am waiting a few years before I get hooked on that activity. I hope I find someone to play with. No one should have to go to bingo alone.
May your cup always be half full.


Sarah and Jack said...

Lucy, you make me laugh.

breanna said...

To address a few of your points:
6) Yes. I grow tired of myself frequently.
7) I LOVE my dishwasher.
9) It's not just you! This morning we ran out of toilet paper and diapers. A bad combination.

ellia said...

oh a wonderful looking swap!!! i got to join the next one!!!!!! your list is too funny!!! and yeah, i hear you about the leg shaving... it must be that we are in a rush while we take a shower... or perhaps we have too much hair? or a nicer thought, bad lighting??? everytime i go to shave, i am interrupted by kids or phone or someone having to use the toilet... (mainly diego)... i often have a patch on my leg that is missed- hehe

Carrie said...

haha... you need new stories ;) too funny.... and amen on Paris... SO over her. Oh, and "tag, you're it!". Check my blog for details... I'm sure you have done one these already ;)

Anonymous said...

#9 - That is the puzzling question of life in my house as well. Even if I buy one of those gazillion rolls of tp along with a huge industrial size box of garbage bags, they'll still run out at the same time. What does that mean I wonder....

heh heh. Nevermind, I shouldn't even contemplate it. I'll come up with rude and disgusting thoughts.

As for dishwashers... I know 2 people who have them and never use them! And not because they're broken. One uses it to store her plastic kitchen ware, and the other just doesn't like a dishwasher. Can you believe it?!?!?!?