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Friday, May 11, 2007

Second time is a charm???

Here are the pictures from the last post....I'm not sure why they aren't showing for everyone! They look perfectly fine from my house! ;) Guess y'all will have to stop over for some coffee and cake and I'll show you the goodies in person if you can't see 'em this time!
Tray with bling.

Group tag photo...

Favorite tag, simple one with the lone flower.....

Second favorite, my girly glam love and "girls will be girls".
Hope you can see them this time!


jar said...

The tray is beautiful.

Rebecca said...

What a happy tray! And your tags turned out beautifully! I'm sorry I missed that swap. :)

Renee said...

Your tray is springy beautiful I love it. Way to go!

ellia said...

ohhh your work is pretty!!!!! and happy mums day to you too! have a wonderful day and happy creating!

Bee said...

Yay!! Pictures, pretty pictures. Love the tray, so fresh looking and the tags are cool. What do people do with the tags? I keep seeing them all over right now. Are they to tie on gifts?

Paula said...

I can see them and, boy, they are FUN!! I have creative juice envy. Toss some this way, will ya?!
Happy Mothers Day to you!

DJ Hartman said...

HI Lucy--
I can see the pictures.. maybe your blog was doing one of those 'eye spy' games with us. We have to look close to know that it is there! Ha, ha

Have a great day to day and oh yes, Happy Mother's Day to you!


Jammy said...

Those are great! And the tray seems so "alive", LOVE it! Hope you had a great Mom's Day!! =)


MéLisa said...

Oh I love your tray! You did such a great job!

Katie Jean said...

Love the tray! Especially that big flower right in the middle

Leigh Ann said...

The tray is gorgeous! You have such an eye with color, Lucy.

The tags are really fun. I think I like the little chicky one the best though they are all too cute! I can't believe I missed another swap.

Cheers! LA

Christy said...

Love that tray! So bright and cheery. And those tags are so artistic. You have such a talent.