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Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Field Trip

Let me start off by saying I hope everyone's Mother's Day was grand!
I had so many photo opportunities this weekend, I couldn't decide which to share so I made up a few collages of the places we visited this weekend and what we did (the boys and I and some friends).
Remember my subliminal message about my wish for a particular present? Well my youngest DS insisted to his father that he (DS) had to buy me a camera for Mother's Day...and that is exactly what I got! YIPPEE!The brand name isn't a familiar one, but it shoots pretty decent pictures, has a few more bells and whistles (once I figure out how to use them life will be wonderful) and the battery holder actually stays shut (unlike my old one...which is why I had to get a new one)!
We ventured out to Myrtle Beach at the request of my oldest son who had a game plan for the weekend, first stop...Back stage at the soon to be Hard Rock amusement park in Myrtle Beach. What was once the old decrepit Waccamaw Mall, is now in the makings of a gigantic new amusement park, and you can visit a fun interactive musuem like building and tour the different worlds of the park (for free!). The picture above is a cool rug you step on and with the nifty tricks of sound and light, it looks like you are stepping in water! Cool!
((((You can click on the collages for a better view of the pics))))
More pics from the "Backstage Pass". All sorts of fun promised at this music themed park. Remember Led Zeppelin---okay now you rock n roll lovers can ride the ZEP soon! The kids hopped in a cool 60's British flagged convertible, pretended to be on stage singing in front of a massive crowd, jump through play spiders, take a trip through a psychedilic 70's tunnnel, and peek at what is sure to be a fun park to visit in 2008!

This weekend was bike week at Myrtle Beach, and boy was there ever a ton of bikes to look at! I don't ride mind you--but the kids love motorcycles so we headed to one of the main gathering holes for the visiting bikers, a bar called
"SUCK BANG BLOW"....LOL. What a name right? Even though it's a bar, it had a lot of things for the kids to watch and enjoy like a freestyle show out in the parking lot, a cool show called the Wall of Death (a stunt driver is in a huge wooden cylinder and rides in circles around the sides, doing tricks that I about had a heart attack over like no hands, no feet and turned away from the front of the bike...he even rode to the top of the cylinder to grab dollars from the obliging crowd), tons of fair food vendors,all pretty cool.
Hey, one thing though....I know I'm not too fashion savvy, but someone could have told me that fish net stockings over panties and leather bras are back in style! I felt over dressed!

Here you can see the big cylinder wall the stunt driver circled with amazing speed and no fear. Don't try this at home please!
My oldest planned a dinner outing for Mom for Mother's Day so the boys, several of their friends, their parents, DS's Dad, my friend Linda all went out at a very nice restaurant called California Dreamin'. Apparently DS makes a killer allowance because "he" sprung for our bill. After Hardrock, the bike show, and dinner, we dropped the kids off and the adults went to a nightclub where we had an evening totally on the owner (who also plays in his own band, on his own stage).....hmmmmmm that's what I need to do, get a bar, a band together and then I can be on stage myself! My x-did some work for him at no charge so the owner paid in him by treating for an evening out for 8---and boy did we take advantage of it. I rarely drink, so believe me, when I get to dancing, you know I'm torn up from the floor up!

Speaking of being torn up from the floor was very hard to get up the next see DS's race, but somehow we all dragged our sorry behinds up and headed over to the track in Conway to spend the day....long day after tying one DS and his friend in their second race of the year. Can I just say this guy in the orange shirt almost got taken down by me and Ds's friend's mother---we waited 10 minutes to get a good shot of them at the gate and this guy walked right in front of us as they started the race. GRRRRRRR. Despite the great start (my son is 102) and led the pack out of the gate, he finished last because he got hung up and fell of the bike then couldn't get it started again. :(

Good news :), the second race he went from last to 4 th place. the bottom row pic, 2nd one in shows him coming in just ahead of his friend in the green (number 5). We finished the day off by having a lovely Mother's Day dinner at McDonalds. LOL ya buddy, yum yum! We were starving by the end of the day, so I would have ate my arm if I waited much longer for a So, that about sums up my Mother's Day weekend. I won't go into any further detail on how close I was to showing up the dancers on Dancing with the Stars after a few too many vodka's good to know that I still can shake it with the best of them :)

Swap news--be sure to head over to Shara's blog, she's having a "Junk Swap". This is a no frills swap, you don't buy anything, just trade Junk in honor of use what you have month of May (or at least trade what you have for new junk). So anyone down for some O P J??? Other People's Junk?? Yeah! The key to this swap is to fill as much as you can in a large sized flat rate priority box, she even mentioned having a challenge for getting the most junk in the box..hmmm...who's up for a challenge?? Of course, only send clean, decent shaped junk....think little gifts you won't use, unopened bath goodies, samples you've collected, extra kitchen gadgets, surplus craft goodies, coupons you don't need, books, key chains, postcards, trinkets....oh my...just think of the possibilities! Sign up date is through May 20th...a don't miss out! This is a good swap to tide you over until Rebecca, and I...and our newest Goodness Girl, Leighann, put on our next swap at the end of the month.....wooo weee..and this one is going to be a HOT one!! HINT!
Next up--I re-did some additional tags for Raesha's Tag Swap after getting a new book which got my creative juices flowing. These are even better--hopefully I can get them done on Wednesday to show you that evening.
Don't forget to use what you have this month! Be creative--I'd love to hear stories on your frugalness this month! In fact, I'm going to post tips I've uncovered along the way soon. Share yours too!


Raesha D said...

Great photos! It sure sounds like you had an awesome weekend:):) The junk swap is RIGHT up my alley....I'm heading there next and I can't wait to see your tags!!!

monique said...

it sounds like you had a great time! Great photo's.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful weekend and congrats on the new camera! I'm still plugging a log with my good old Canon Elph S410 (it's about 4 years old now) and I love it! Don't need anything fancy.

Almost swap time, woo hoo! Maybe we should post a hint? Hmm?

Heidi said...

Sounds like you had a good time--great job to your DS! I'm doing Shara's junk swap too--maybe we'll be partners! ;)

Anonymous said...

Shakin' it like a milkshake, were ya?!

Look at all those vroom-vrooms!! I got some buttcrack showing high heeled chap boots for you to wear next time you go back. I don't think I need to be wearing them anymore now that I'm a married old lay-dee and such.

smilnsigh said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! New camera!!!!!! :-)