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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

In case I don't have a chance to post again until next's an early happy Mother's Day to my Mom and ALL the lovely Mom's out in bloggyville that stop by my blog. I hope your day is special, your year is blessed, and your heart filled with love and laughter on this day and every day yet to come.
Here's a cute little tray I made tonite for my friend Sandra--she is blogless...computerless as a matter of fact (WHAT?? how does she survive??), so I'm safe at giving you a sneak peek. She was sweet and bought me a belated birthday present (6 unfinished trays), so I figured I'd make one for her for Mother's Day as a thank you.
Rebecca wrote today about a challenge out there for us to use what we have for the month of May...boy oh boy...this is one challenge I NEED to participate in. I keep falling off the wagon at the craft store. I had a little success last week selling one of my altered clipboards, and as SOON as I was paid, I promptly visited our local Michael's and spent way too much money, piling in merchandise like there was going to be a major snowstorm and I'd have to stock up for the winter never to leave the house again. Well, not quite that bad, but close. Heck, it was their fault for tempting me! How dare they have 70% off the lowest clearance price items as soon as you walk in the door?? HMPH. I scored big time on some really cute stamps, I purchased several big ones for a mere 90 cents. It was almost as good as a yard sale! The list the of other assorted items is long.....paper, ink pads, brush markers, micron pens, spray adhesive for my collages, tissue papers, stickers, yeah..I definitely need to use what I have when it comes to crafts. I need to sell something to pay for this new addiction at the very least!
Here's the tray with a little bling! As soon as the clearcoat I added dries, I'm going to add some ribbon and call it done! Speaking of ribbon, all I'm lacking on these little tags I've made for Raesha's tag swap is a little ribbon. Let me preface by saying, I've never made tags before & for all my partners, I apologize for their basicness! Mine definitely aren't as cute as these. In fact, I couldn't decide on what to do after looking through about a million pictures here. Tag making is an art of it's own!

My favorite one is the simplest, the lone orange flowered tag. I may have to make a few more, experimenting with more techinques. I don't want my partners to be disappointed by having received elementary styled tags!

Here's a wonderfully well lit photo of the rest of the tags. (((snicker....boys, it would be nice if Momma got a new camera for Mother's Day)))) I can wish at least!
For my Mother's Day, we are heading back to the beach for another motorcross race like this one featured a few weeks back. My oldest is participating in another race this weekend so my Sunday will be spent in the sun and dirt, sipping on diet cokes and eating hot dogs with my boys, and my x..not what's his face, my first some friends. Another dear friend of mine, Linda, is coming along for this adventure. She isn't a Mother, but she sure has adopted my children---spoils them rotten for every holiday. I need to cook up something tomorrow for her too. Tick tick tick. More things to do then time to do it. I better shake a leg and get at it...but first I must sleep :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a lovely Mother's Day.



Miz Smoochie Lips said...

What wait? Where are the pictures?? Do I have gremlins in my puter or something? I swear, I don't see any tag pictures at all. How weird is that?

Dood, you did not link my uglyass tags. Oh my gawsh. Let me go crawl under a rock and stuff.

lol lol

OH snap! Happy Mother's Day to you tooooooooo!

Bee said...

Have a great weekend and a wonderful mother's day with your boys. Your pic are not loading at all for me either, I wanna see your stuff!

Heidi said...

I can't see them either! :(

Paula said...

Me either - boo hoo!!
Sun, coke, hot dogs and motorcross actually sounds like a good Mother's Day to me. Have fun, chickie, and Happy Happy Mothers Day to you!!

An Odd Duck said...

Have a great weekend. I love the tray. I found an unfinished one at the thrift store a while back. I'm still not sure what to do with it.

DJ Hartman said...

Lucy-- I can't see the pictures... shucks! I will use my imagination for now... ha, ha!