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Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Before I get carried away babbling, --I wanted to brag on a very special lady who's birthday is May 8th--my dear, sweet, thoughtful, kind, FORGIVING, and loving Mother. It's hard to believe she is only 29--especially since I'm 38, but that's the story she is telling and she's sticking to it! Please give Betty Jo a shout out and say Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!
I love you!
I know we all are soft on our Mother's and I am no different, my Mom is a great lady with much strength to lean on, and endless wisdom to share. There have many struggles that she has overcome, many triumphs she has celebrated, and so many lovely family moments that we all will cherish and pass on to our kids (remember all our picnics, parties, girls weekends, Christmas Eve's, Buffalo Bills get to gethers, lunches out, Friday nite fish fries, shopping excursions, cooking in the kitchen, planning our menus, piano and flute recitals, just to name a few). She raised 3 girls virtually on her own--we all appreciate all the sacrifices you made for us along the way (and in some cases you are still making for us from time to time ;), we all love you very much and are so greatful God chose you to be our Mom!
We hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed year ahead.
Remember my Mermaid lady? Well before I drew her on the painting, I sketched her on a smaller watercolor paper to get a feel for the design. Later I thought, why waste the sketch, so I incorporated her into a new collage that I am calling, "Beauty is Everywhere". I'm loving using tissue paper lately in my collages. I found a bunch at the dollar store that have wonderful designs just begging to be used for something other than package filler! I'm not quite done with my little man says, "Ummm Mom, you need to put more Art in it". Okay my little Picasso..whatever!
Another view...

This is afresh collage. I mean real fresh. Literally. Can't you see the wet paint gleaming from the photograph? Well, that's not all I mean by fresh..I used a real flower (that was about to fall off the stem) as a stamp. I thought it was a cool technique, one that I hadn't ever used before. In fact, I really haven't used stamps at all the techniques kind of foreign to me. I find scrapbooking and stamping in general a little intimadating. Probably because there are soooooo many supplies and products out there, I feel overwhelmed with choices that I am a little frozen when I walk down the aisles of Michaels...not knowing what to choose, what technique to use, where to even start. So---instead, I figure I will just take baby steps and use papers and stamps in my collage.

I do have a love for paper and I'm starting to amass a collection--so since I don't scrapbook, I've started making some desk sets from cans I have recycled. I figure if nothing else, they will make great stocking stuffers, just cuz gifts, and if I ever get off my duff, somewhat inexpensive items to resell.

Here's a peek at part of Mom's gift that should be on her doorstep tomorrow. (Hopefully, please Mr. Postman, dont be late!)

I hope everyone's week is wonderful and full of Sweet Goodness!



Christy said...

Happy Birthday Betty Jo!!

Cute idea on your papered cans. I keep meaning to do something like this but haven't yet.

Paula said...

Happy happy birthday Jodi's mom!!

Mizfixit said...

Yes! A very Happy Birthday to Jodi's MOM!!!!

Luce...the texture really stands out in the stamping you did with the gerbera daisies! Pretty neat stuff...keep it coming! It's great fun seeing your results from playing around with stuff at hand :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Your flower stamp worked really well! Very nice : )

An Odd Duck said...

Happy birthday to your mom. It sounds like she is a wonderful one. I like your collages a lot.

breanna said...

Love the flower stamp! What a neat idea. The colors are really vibrant too. And that desk set is such a great idea~I love your handwriting.

smilnsigh said...

A lovely Birthday tribute to your Mom!