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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Grab Your Umbrella, We're Going on Another Field Trip!

(I just had to add that I love this house)
Okay kids, grab your $ bills, your walkin' shoes, and someone, please someone, bring the umbrella---we are going on another field trip!! I know, I know, I never keep my butt at home you must be saying. Hmmm..well the truth of the matter is, I rarely do anything (notice that I haven't posted since Tuesday??). It's nice to be able to romanticize on the blog and make you all think that I'm always on the go, doing this or doing that----so let's keep the illusion up for literary purposes please, and no one remind me that most of the time I clean the house, cook dinner, do our laundry and what seems like the neighbors laundry too, help with homework and an art project here and there. That pretty much sums up my nights! Today though, it was a really nice day spent with my dear friend, Mizfixit, we planned this little outing to Cameron, NC for their semi annual antique fair today. The weather at the beginning of the week was reminiscent of a sauna like temperatures. Then things took a turn, a downward spiral going from hot and sunny, to drizzle (okay downright pouring rain) and gray. Today it was on the nastier side of the week. Thankfully, most of the rain held off until later in the afternoon so we were able to peruse the 2 mile or so walk up and down the little town who played host to 350 vendors (or so that's what the advertisement said). I believe alot of the vendors chose to skip this show because of the ominous forecast this week.

I couldn't help myself but to go to a few yard sales before the big show...I mean they were on the way, so what's the harm!

And so our journey began, Mizfixit, me, and DS all in hot (okay cold) pursuit for that elusive item that we just had to have. I bought more food than I did antiques, truthfully. But there was so much eye candy for us to look at, I think we were more in sensory overload than anything. I ended up buying more food than anything! I just can't resist those people that make the homemade bread and goodies. I picked up some Lemon Cake (that is the best thing to buy at any craft show...there must be a secret society for crafters out there that hold the key to the best lemon cake in the world, only to be sold at festivals)! DS had his hands in the kettle corn faster than Orville Redebacher can say "POP", okay and so did I, truth be told. The first purchase of the day was won by Mizfixit, who found a set of lotus dishes for a mere dollar a piece! Snapped them up like a true expert thrifter. Made Momma proud! ;) Her plan is to make them into small floral arrangements--can't wait to see her creations!

Speaking of florals--this vendor had a ton of unique live florals. Every chair like this one had a SOLD ticket on it! I loved the idea so much, I bought a chair later in the day to turn into something similar....I think...I plan on doing it.....I'll add it to my list....who knows if I will do it...but that was the intention!

There was just so much at the show, despite the rain, you just never knew what was waiting at the next booth. I love this silverware set. It reminds me of a set my Mom had that would be brought out during the most special dinners and occasions. I wonder what occasions these sweet things have seen???

Along the journey we were treated to lovely sites like this simple yet beautiful church, and outbursts of florals dotting the walkways.

Towards the end of our trip the sun peaked out and the temperature started to rise again, but by then, our feet were giving out and my DS who was a very good trooper during our hike started threatening us every time we stopped at another table! Our one rest stop was at a wonderful little shop that had antiques and new treasures, and the upstairs was full of 1/2 off (or more) goodies. I bought several items there, most of which were pointed out by my trusty thrift buddy. She spotted several items I could use in my projects for 1.00, so what the heck, in the basket they went!
After three hours of walking, we headed back to town..oh but wait, there was one more stop to make. Thankfully so, it was there that I found a great chair to redo and make into a plant holder (hopefully) for a mere 5.00.
So there you have it, a trip down memory lane---at the Cameron Antique Show, Spring 2007!


MéLisa said...

Oh I will miss the monthly antique fair here in the summers, but I am sure that NM must have something just as good right? But yours looks fabulous! The food always tastes better at such places! Yum!

Paula said...

That was fun and my feet don't even hurt!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Yah, not only don't our feet hurt, we didn't spend a dime! LOL!

Hum, I tried a chair once and I just didn't have the knack for chair gardening. But perhaps when you show us yours, I'll be inspired to try again! Cuz those are just so cute you know.

breanna said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I've been sticking close to home lately, living vicariously through others. I love the chair planters! I am also admiring the potted basket with the china and spatula in it...I have never seen an arrangement quite like that.

linda t said...

Oh, I miss those kinds of sales. Now I want me some Lemon Cake! Thanks for reminder that I have a chair with a missing cane seat that could be made into a planter! Very cool!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I use the good silverware and china when I can now, not just for special occasions. I inherited my Grandmother's china and my MOm only remembers eating off of it once. Can you imagine??

Leigh Ann said...

I SO want to do that to a chair. I always love them when I see them. I guess I need to add that to my long list of things to look for.

Sounds like a fabu Saturday. Just like me. I'm so excited to be a Goodness Girl!

Cheers! LA

Christy said...

That looked like a fun field trip. My kind of stuff!

Mizfixit said...

It was fun and my feet did hurt! LOL Thanks for dragging me along to the antique fair. I was right... thrifting is so much more fun with someone else! Usually I go by myself and there's just too much for me to process. It was nice having someone else to help me spot the gems, even if I only spent $4!

Can't wait to see what you do with the chair!

Susan said...

The antiques show looked devine!