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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Floral Doodles

So one day when I am nothing more than dust to the wind, this Artistic Phase I am in, shall be referred to the Floral Doodle Era by artist "lucy". Featured today is my latest "Floral Doodle" from start to almost finished. Almost finished....story of my life, so many things started, not so many done. We have to do something about that. Actually, I shouldn't be too hard on myself on this one, I made significant progress last nite. I am going to sell this when it's done. I'm determined, somehow, somewhere...I've been saying this for awhile, but if y'all can do it, so can I. Hey speaking of selling things, check out this collage artist...miss Nancy B of "Something two Crow About". I really admire her work, and if she can sell her journal pages (which are so personal and ,more creative than mine), I should surely be able to part with my work. I hope I can someday do things even 1/2 as collagearific as she creates.

I've finally figured out how to turn my flash on my camera. That's a big plus!
Now if I can figure out how to make the pictures more colorific and less big--we'd be good to go!

This is as far as I've gotten on my bursting with action Floral Doodle Art Tray. I was going to work on it more tonight, but I am so caught up with Dancing with the Stars and American Idol---I'm glued to the tv (and now the computer)--there's always tomorrow. I can't wait till these two shows are over with, then my Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays will open up a bit! I know, I am utterly pathetic. I have been scheduling my life around these shows since about January..LOL. This madness needs to stop!

In my last post, I mentioned my 4 hour "mowathon"-this is a snapshot of PART of the front yard. Please ignore the dead bushes. This is a rental home so I'm not investing in too much landscaping other than keeping the lawn mowed and a few flowers here and there. I do have 4 pecan trees in the front-this year, I'm going to be sure to collect some of the nuts before they rot and turn to dust.
How does know when a pecan is ripe? When they fall to the ground, or when they are still on the tree? I have no clue. I know you can't LEAVE them on the ground for too long, lest they will rot. Believe me. I know that much ((snicker...snort.....only because I collected a whole bag full, happy as a pig in sh*t, ready to make my homegrown pecan pie one day last fall...only to find all my pickins were not finger lickin' good..not even close)!

Here's another snap of my big ole yard and my soon to be big ole little garden.

Awwww...summer new chairs ready to engage in some good reading, an "adult" beverage with an umbrella or two, and some fun in the sun tanning (but not too much for this flourescent white girrrrlll). I'm ready for some summer bliss this weekend. We've been having some great weather this week, let's keep our fingers crossed that it holds out for the biggest yard sale event in the Sandhills----The 5 Mile Long Joel Rd. Yard Sale!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOO you know I'm sooooo going to be there! Wish me some "saling" mojo! Other summer bliss will include a trip to the pool, some cooking out, maybe a trip to the beach, and some sipping on some delish coctails. Oh and I still do need a YARD BOY--I'll take applications in the back yard while engaging in the coctails, not sure if that's a good idea or not. Probably not. Wouldn't want to have Cosmpolitan Goggles coloring any hiring decisions I make :P

What's this you say?? Well, some of the pics are mine...and others I hijacked to give you all another hint at our upcoming swap over at Sweet Goodness Swaps. Can you guess any of what the swap is going to entail?? In anycase, stay tuned, after this holiday weekend, the Goodness Girls will anounce the fine details for swap round 3 in 2007!!!
Anyone who knows already they want to join, regardless of the details (not alot of the requirements are going to change...dollar limit the same, crafted item and thrifted item...but the color scheme is different of course, and there is a new twist to add a little challenge), please send an email to, title it June Swap, include your full name, address, blog, website, or flickr link, and whether or not you will ship international in the body. Again, we will announce the details after the Holiday, when Rebecca returns from her trip. YIPPEEE KIII III AAAA---Swap along friends, swap along!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Don't talk to me about swaps! LOL

Here's some yard sale mojo for you though.

Paula said...

Your latest floral doodle is very hip. You should be able to sell that, no prob!

Not to show you up or anything, but I'll be mojo'in' this weekend at a 28 MILE LONG YARDSALE on the Longbeach Peninsula on Saturday. Wa-Hoo! Watch me go...

Jenn Maruska said...

Dear Lord, look at that yard! It's huge!!!

When I was growing up we had a similar enormous yard. And we had a cranky old push mower to cut it with. My brother and I took turns cutting the grass and my dad would pay us $2.00. Yes, two (measly) dollars for the whole thing! And he would count out the bills as he gave them to us!

One time my brother went crazy and edged the entire lawn and walk way and did a super nice job. He got paid $2.50.

But I digress about my traumatic childhood...

Have fun at the yard sale - I'm sure you'll find great treasures!!!

Cheers! : )

Dinah said...

Lucy Lucy Lucy - your blog always makes me giggle and laugh - I just love reading it. Your chairs look very inviting, your yard looks great, and your artwork is terrific! I'm so glad you're going to start selling it. I know you will be successful with it. And good luck at the 5 mile yard sale -can't wait to see what you luck up on.

linda t said...

Oh Lucy, what I'd give for a big sprawling yard! Having grown up on a 300 acre farm, I sooo long for space! I can't believe I live in a big city with a small yard. You are blessed... even though I am sure the mowing is a pain...
Can't wait to hear all about the 5 mile yard sale! Do share your finds!

Renee said...

I stil can't figure out the swap! Hmm, that will keep me thinking for a few days.

Hope you enjoy your saling!

Christy said...

Gorgeous doodle tray!! Looks like it would be fun to work on.

Anonymous said...

Dang you have alot of grass!

Let me guess, the swap theme is orange and yellow?? Orange is my favorite color!!!! I wish I didn't already have a few swaps in the works right now.

I love your tray!! Very good idea to use art on it. Fabulous! It's useful AND creative!