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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Breakin' all the Rules

Friday evening we went to a neat little affair at my DS's school, the annual "Spring Thing". The kids had a great time playing all sorts of games in the gym, riding ponies outside, eating icecream and pizza and jumping in one of those hot air jumpy things. I even made out like a bandit playing the "dish toss" game! Bet you didn't know I have excellent accuracy when it comes to tossing dimes! I didn't either, but I pretty much cleared the shelves, and took home 2 different casserole dishes, a dessert dish, a tea cup, and 2 coffee mugs! My son (in the turquoise) made out like a bandit with alls sorts of little prizes, and a belly full of ice cream. He hates having his picture taken though--he used to love it but now it's a chore to get him to pose with out a distorted face or hands covering his eyes. UGHH!
Saturday was one a rare day for me where I had no children, nothing really to do other than whatever I wanted--one of those type of days you can actually hear yourself breath, a type of day I love to have every once in a while but glad I don't have more often than that. So what did I do with my freedom? I totally blew my plan to "Use What I Have" and went out to a couple of yard sales.! I couldn't help it, I mean a day totally free?? I had to go. My first mistake was to get the paper on Friday and peruse the classified ads. If I hadn't done that, I might have stuck around the house. But, since I did, I noticed an ad proclaiming a huge combined rummage sale in the parking lot of Gold's Gym, which is right down the road from where I work. I'm glad i didn't pass up this sale, just look at the gem I came away with--the above photo album from the early 1900's. It's chock full of a variety of photos from this family who either lived in NY or visited there and also lived or visited in NC. I'm assuming they must have ended up in NC, otherwise how would it end up at Gold's Gym in Southern Pines?? How did it end up there?? Who would have given it up?? Amazing to me that I was even able to put my hands on such a relic.

Anyway, it had no price on it so I asked one of the organizers and he said, how about 5.00?? What?? Ummm yeah that sounds fair!!! It's so mine.

How did I find it? It was at the bottom of a box of pocketbooks and bags. I first found these two (brand new) bags for a quarter each and then unburied the photo album. I couldn't believe my luck! I also picked up the carpet in the background for 2.00 which Bailey (our dog) has already adopted as hers. I had to shoo her away to take my pics (which are still not coming out right, I really don't know how to work this blessed thing).
After that sale, I was good...I went home and proceeded to break out old red (my lawnmower). I so NEED A YARD BOY! Preferably one with lots of muscles and wears speedos. LOL Okay maybe not speedos but one that likes to mow lawns in maybe boxer briefs?? I'm taking applications now--so if you know anyone, send them my way! I have 2 acres and only a push mower. Ya buddy, my bootie was tired after 4 hours of mowing. But it was a good thing. Lots of meditation time. I tried to amuse myself by creating a quilting pattern while mowing. My yard now looks like a log cabin square. LOL After mowing (and showering). I again, broke my use what you have mantra and went to Wally World. I really wanted some chairs to sit outsid in my newly fresh mowed lawn in. I've never had a patio set ( I know...gasp...), I really don't have a place to put one, nor have I ever, so that's the main reason--so adirondeck chairs it was...and I bought some more plants...and some crablegs (for dinner which I didn't eat...hey I deserved it after all the chores)...AND some clearance craft stamps. Okay so I'm out of control. I just can't pass up a bargain. Speaking of bargains, Mizfixit was nice enough to lead me to temptation this morning by emailing me her bargains yesterday--90% off the clearance price paintbrushes at Michael's. Seems as though the area where I blew a wad 2 weeks ago is now reduced again, now to 90% off--she purchased 65 dollars worth of a paint brushes for 6.50 cents-13 of the really good ones. Holy Smolly GF, you are my hero! You should have called me right then to come on up! LOL Anywhoo--those of you who are fabric junkies, us painters are brush and paint color junkies so hopefully you can understand!
When I returned home, my neighbor was rototilling an area in my yard for my garden (remember those infamous tomatoes??) I have been meaning to get to. It's a little late for this neck of the woods, but in reality, for NC, we've actually had a very cool spring. This is probably the coolest spring I remember since moving in 1999. Anyway, my neighbor and his buddy from across the street were "working the land" for me, which I thought was nice. As the men worked the land, I walked over to speak with their wives/gf's and one thing led to another, we had a few glasses of wine, decided to order dinner and there went the night. My crab legs are in the fridge still--need to eat them tonite, but I say it was worth forgoing. I rarely get a chance to hang out, so I enjoyed the evening.

A while ago, DJ tagged me for the 7 random things meme and I 've been remiss in doing it so here goes. I've done the 6 weird things tag, and then for my 100th post, did 50 (pretended it was 100) random facts about myself--so forgive me if I repeat myself. I'm not that interesting!

7 Random Things about Me:

1) I can not stand when people pull out in front of you and then go 1/2 the alloted speed limit. That areally gets my goat. Oh, the worst is when there is no one behind you, they could of waited, but noo...they go right on, pull out and drive like they are on moped. GRRRRR

2) On occasion, I write poetry. I actually did an independent study in college on creative writing . Most of that semester was spent focussing on poetry writing. Now, (15 years later), I rarely put the pen to the paper--however, on occasions I have written a poem or two, when the mood strikes.

3) Besides reading blogs, I love to read cook books--I can sit down and read a cook book like it was a best selling novel. I just love pouring over recipes, imagining how things would taste, envisioning how they will look--it's a pure addiction.

4) One of my favorite activities that I rarely do anymore (since no one I know owns one other than my father and he is 700 miles away), is boating. I love going out on boats. There is nothing like the wind blowing on your face as you are heading out into the great waters, being splashed as you fly over the wakes, and feeling the sun beat down on your face as you enjoy pure peace of a boat ride. I am definitely buying a boat when I grow up.

5) When given a choice, I prefer to wear flip flops, sandals, or go barefoot. With that said, I probably should get a pedicure because I hate how my feet look, but I can't stand anyone to touch my feet. I detest foot massages, I don't even like to have someone else's feet touch mine when cuddling. I dont' know what it is, my tootsies need to be free and alone, I guess!

6) I am very good at recognizing songs on the radio--I can pretty much lay down anyone on the older stuff rock stuff-70's, 80's and some 90's. Now if you asked me without the music playing, I can't remember for jack the song or the words to it, but as soon as I hear the tune start, the guitar (once you learn a groups guitar sound, you can pretty much name the group after a few bars) play, I can name that tune! Amazing, I know. ;)

7) I'm actually shy in social settings. I am fine once I get to know people but I have never been one that is good at small talk, which is why I probably hate talking on the phone, going to parties where I don't know a lot of people, get involved in a lot of group activities, etc. I have always been kinda a loner in someways, with my nose to the books, engrossed with the paintbrush, or just doing my own thing. I wish I was more outgoing...I just never have been, I admire people who can rise above in any social setting or have oodles of friends trailing behind them at any one time but me--no, I have always had a very small circle of really good friends, but yet, I was popular, just not the most popular because I wasn't as outgoing as some people in school. With that said, I am perfectly fine giving speeches, talking in front of large groups, small groups, what have you. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. Weird huh? I guess there's a difference between having something planned to say and having the focus on you in a spontaneous setting.

Okay, that's probably more than y'all needed to know about me, so in closing--hope everyone has a great week!


Swap news--check over on Sweet Goodness Swaps for a hint on the colors of our next swap coming up at the end of this month! Rebecca, Leigh Ann and I, have come up with some new twists for this swap everyone is sure to enjoy, so be sure to stay tuned for more details!


Paula said...

Very cool about the photo album! What are you going to do with all those cool old photo's? Keep the album intact or collage with them?

Excited for the next swap!

Ash said...

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Bee said...

4 hours to do your lawn? OK I'll never, ever moan about my weeny lawn again!

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend. The photo album looks interesting. It would be nice to know its story and what happened to the family in it. Good that you rescued it.

Jammy said...

Hey, I LOVE to read cookbooks, too. hehe Especially since hey have so much to read these days included besides just the ingredient list. Oh, and I especially love reading vintage home ec textbooks and cookbooks!!

Funny about the shyness, glad I am not the only one. I was in the Drama club in high school, and that was ok, because they were not MY words. See? LOL
Small talk I am horrible at. I wish I could learn it without sounding dumb....haha

Jenn :-)

NancyB said...

Hi Lucy! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! Great blog you have here very entertaining reading! :) I see your in the Carolinas too! Cool beans! Love the photo album!