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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Few More Ideas To Add To Your List

(picture from Marie Claire Idees)
Today I'm short on pictures but big on ideas, so let's share some project ideas to make your life so much more complete once done. Crafting is the sure fire way to medicate any illness, cure any stress, cause much stress (especially when you procrastinate many a to-do list), bring a smile to your face, bring a tear to your eye (especially when you've spent your allowance..hee..hee..on way too many supplies and then subsequently go about ruining the precious material you have purchased on projects gone oh so bad), and pass by many hours when in reality, you should be doing laundry or otherwise be saving the world.

So here goes:

My actual list of wanna do's could take up a day and half of making links, so for right now this list will have to suffice as it's way past my bed time.
Why is it that we find better things to do when we should be doing that which needs to be done? Age old question---procrastinators, UNITE.
Till next time,


breanna said...

You're too funny. I do want to try an altered board book. That looks like fun. Have a great weekend!

em said...

If there were only more than 24 hours in a day .. I might actually finish some of the things I already have on my overburdened list! :)

Heidi said...

Thanks for the link to the apronistas! I need to make one already, too!

That mosaic pitcher looks like it would be heavy, though.

norththreads said...

Im uniting with u -u fellow procrastinter! Like i need more projects!!!! Your tray below is fabulous!!!!

Christy said...

Oh good..more projects! We can never have too many, huh? Love the altered book idea.