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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sportin' a New Do! ((((Thank YOU))))

Hey y'all, how do you like my new "do"?? A big thank you going out to Miz Smoochie Lips who gave me some blog love and technical assistance, not just some but ALOT of technical assistance and got my banner pic finally up. I just wasn't getting it despite, ohhh about 5 people that tried to help me..LOL. Oh my goodness I am a mess when it comes to computer jargon. Anyway, hope you like my new do and I hope to keep the look changing every so often now that I have the tools in my arsenal to do so. :) Thank you, Miz S!!

Do you remember this collage from my 100 post, now it's way to it's new owner. I normally would wait to post this but a) I haven't done a whole lot of crafts/art this week so I needed some topics to share and b) I'm going on vacation next week so not a whole lot of time to get anything else going so I figured I'd post this and get it under my belt :) I tried out a few techniques that I hadn't used before such as using a white out pen and doing patterns with tissue paper. Overall, I really like it for my first attempt of this type of collage. There's a whole ton of hidden words and little doodles that are fun to discover as you are looking at it. I hope the new owner enjoys her "original" art!
Here's some more of the package that I'm sending to Tiffaney for winning the 100th post drawing. I'm a little late in sending it. I've found it hard to get my rear in gear this week so I apologize for the delay!
How's everyone coming on the Spring Fling Swap?? Would you believe there are already a few peeps that have sent theirs?? Holy Smolly on the ball Swappers! They are a few weeks early so don't fear all you last minute peeps, you still have 19 days to collect, craft, and create!! If any of you are like me, it's going to be closer to the end of the swap before I get to send. I'll defer back to the fact the boys and I will be on vacation for the better part of next week. Yeah, Yeah, that's the ticket!! I've got a couple of orders for Seashells so I will do my best to fill my pockets when at the beach. I don't know if I will actually make it to Sanibel Island again---when we went there it was via Dad's boat so being as though I haven't even told him I was coming for a visit YET, I'm not sure he's going to get the old girl revved up in time (how does one even afford to put gas in a big tank like that anymore???? meeshka! is the gas prices going up again enough to make you want to scream??)), but anywhoo...there's tstill lots of good shelling by sis's house near Port Charlotte. She took me to Venice Beach last time and I'm hoping for a second tour of duty this year. (no pressure pressure..LOL).

My other half or x other half rather just called me from his "secure" location. I probably should have put this sign up earliar and it might of hit home for him when it could have made a difference. Lesson he should have learned: Everything you do has consequences, good and bad. Read The Sign Next Time!!


Heidi said...

Another gorgeous collage! I swear, you have really found a medium that you have real talent for. Love the new banner. I need to do that, too, but haven't found the time yet.

Anonymous said...

LOL~ Love that sign - hillarious!

Susan said...

Jazzy new banner!

Tiff said...

Love the new banner!! And I can't wait to get my package, I never win anything so I'm thrilled to actually win something so fun and creative and just the right punch of Spring that I need. Thank you!!

And Oh my, that sign is a riot.


Mizfixit said...

COOL! The collage is great! The green & yellow paint & the white-out marker really made your piece POP! :)

In case I'm too lame or too busy to tell you at work tomorrow, I hope you have a large time on definitely deserve a break. I'll try to keep all the peeps in line while you're away ;) I promise we won't hire any male dancers, get boozy or tick off all our best customers while you're gone, k??? But if you find the decor has all been changed to pink & green in your absence, then you'll know I went off the deep end! (or perhaps I convinced everyone to get really creative!) LOL I'm thinkin' finger paints for the office walls...... Have fun, we'll miss ya!

Raesha D said...

I love the new banner - very spring-y!! I love the green sign...such a true statement!!!

Paula said...

Ouch!! Too funny!
LOVE the new "do"!

Colleen said...

Awesome banner! Bright and bold love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Come over for some fashion and java when you get a chance today :) And um, you need to update your blog. You're slackin there! (LOL LOL)

Rebecca said...

The banner rocks, I'm over to break down, I mean gently knock on, Miz Smoochie's door for some help. :)

Have a WONDERFUL vacation. When you get back, drop me a line and we'll get all caught up.

Happy Easter to you and the DS's!

Sugar Bear said...

Love the banner. Have a great vacation!

Christy said...

Love your banner! Glad you finally were able to figure something out with it.