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Monday, April 02, 2007

Going on a Field Trip

While the cat's away, Momma's gonna play! I've had my schedule mixed up a bit this week so I found myself wandering through this store tonite after work and picked up this little treat while DS stays with his Daddy this evening. I just couldn't resist even though my picture blows the big wad, the cupcake had a mountain of frosting on it and some lovely pink and white chocolate curls sprinkled around it. Notice I said do the math. Cupcake, sweet tooth...:) Oh and that's a thrifted plate. Isn't it sweet? I have this thing about mismatched plates. I think I paid 50 cents for it.

Here's some more thrifted goodies from this weekend's tour of duty. I really love this metal teapot? I paid 3 dollars for it and it was actually purchased at a yard sale at a store in the area...the merchants opened extra early, brought goodies from their home and through in some of their store closeouts. All good stuff, as they are locally owned, specialty shops...not big box cookie cutter stores. The mini kettle was purchased down the road from where I work. A local restaurant (they make the best steaks, believe me every Friday when we leave the bank, you can smell the aroma from their kitchen and it's a block away!), had a benefit sale for one of the waitress's family who are going through some medical issues and in need of some support financially. I picked up the kettle for 50 cents along with many other odds ends...all for a good cause.
Okay, so I've decided where to take the boys on vacation next week. We are going on a Southern Cruise in honor of my homeland NC, a tour on the Redneck House Boat 2 is our destination of choice. Bud, hotdogs on the barbie, pork rinds, and all you can dance banjo every nite. Whooo hoooo, sounds like fun, huh??

Okay gotchya, belated April's fool!! Actually we are going to Florida to see my sister and family, and hopefully we can stop in and see my Dad and family. Here is Captain Steubing aboard his lady Driftwood to the left is my brother in law, Jose, Dad in the middle, and What's his face on the right. This was taken during better days a few years ago on our last trip to Florida.

Dad if you read this, try not to kill me this time when I come to visit. Really. I've had a hard enough time lately without more attempts onmy life coming at me!! Dear readers, you think I am, I'm not. This was one of our trips to Sanibal Island and on the way back, I kid you not, there came out of nowhere a storm like no other. Step Mama and me were sipping the coolers, DS was playing on the inside cabin and before you knew it, the sun turned to black, the gulf rose and the waves and wind started howling!! If I wasn't so tipsy, I might have been scared! The fly bridge came down, the boat almost crashed into the bridge along the waterway and my Dad was cursing like the true sailor he is!

Awwwww isn't my poochie bear so sweet way back when??

Well anyway, Dad didn't succeed in taking me down that time, so then the next time I saw him we carted me and my sisters to the mall....he knows where all the good bargains are and actually likes to shop. Step Mama doesn't care to shop and he being the only male with 5 daughters, a wife, and some various female animals in the house at any given time, he learned that if you can't beat em, you might as well join em. Anywhoo...the next attempt on my life was when he carted us to the mall during a tornado....well it didn't start out that way, and I wasn't sipping on the coolers but I swear that's exactly how it ended up...the car was swerving, we couldn't see jack, but Captain Steuben, led us to the water and we got to the store in one piece, a little wet for the wear but otherwise in good shape!
Next week, Sherry and I are going to enjoy some pool, beach, and um...5 boys...yep, the tables have now turned and instead of 5 girls, there are 5 boys in the bunch plus one if you count my other sister, Becky's son, but he won't be there for this get together. :( . I am hoping she can lead me to some Florida thrifting!! I need to pass on my talents to my little sis, after all , she may inheirit the family business when and if, Dad succeeds in putting me under one day, that or some other untimely she needs to be trained in the business. :)
Until next time, play nice....and be Sweet!


Heidi said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Be careful! LOL ;)

And you've been to Sanibel Island? LUCKY! (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice) That is on my list of 100 places I have to see before I die. Is the shelling really as good as they say it is?

Paula said...

Family. 'nough said! Have a wonderful time, but keep an eye out over the old shoulder...

Colleen said...

Have a great time!

Oh and for the pic resizing you could try this:

I got it from that other link off of misadventures of mamma and jack but haven't tried it yet.

Rebecca said...

I just emailed you to say that if you go to Sanibel Island please stuff your packets for me, I've heard (just like Heidi) that the shelling is amazing there!

And honestly, bud and banjo cound good to me right now. Anything but crowds and subway smog aounds good.