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Friday, April 06, 2007

Eggs, Cakes, Dye oh my!

Happy Easter!!

I feel a LITTLE better now that DS and I did something for Easter despite the fact it's not a lovely basket or some finagled springy creation, we did get our eggs dyed and some egg shaped cupcakes made last nite. These are the eggs BEFORE my son got a hold of the "stamp/marker" that was in the coloring kit. Now they look like they have been through war, my creative kid, hmmmmm....well I clapped and cheered and "egged" him on as he was designing them so I have no one to blame for my scribbled on crazy stamped eggs this year, but in the pre-picture they look purdy!

Oh yes, here is my lovely assistant who decorated and sprinkled to his heart's content. I took some of the 'better' designs to work with me today for my other "peeps" to enjoy. I really don't need 24 plus cupcakes around the house. Or rather my hips really don't need all that but you know, just like Christmas cookies, you have to make something for the holidays for the sweet tooths to be satisfied!
These Reynolds foil tins are fun to use and you can get really creative (unlike these here) and do a variety of things. They are good for jello, too! Hmmm jello shots might work in them they are too big....hmmmm...yeah they would work, hmmm.....ideas!

With some of the left over dye, I created some paper towel designs that I'm going to use in a few up my collages. The dye itself isn't heavy enough to color the water color paper underneath, but it does stain it a teeny bit (trial and error discovery). Believe it or not, it when you use modgepodge on the paper, it does adhere semi transleucent on your paper so you can put words, or pics underneath for a texture effect. Neat huh? The one above turned out to be my favorite and it was the first one I experimented with.

Here's a peek at some others I whipped up. Easy Peezy :)
I am officially on vacation now!! 9 days off...whoooohooooo! Not that I won't miss work, but I am sooooo looking forward to a break, you dont even know! I'm not leaving till early Tuesday morning for my road trip so you haven't gotten rid of me yet :) Tomorrow my mansion is due for a deep cleaning so not sure if I'm going to hit the sales or not....okay maybe just one or two....EARLY...then I'm gonna have a mop and broom attached to my hip, promise!
Swap news, check out Sweet Swap Goodness for a new post and some information on the swap!!
Happy Easter my blog friends!


Heidi said...

Good idea on dying the paper towels. They look really neat!

Heidi said...

Thrifty use of the leftover dye. I always feel bad just throwing all those pretty colors out. Have a wonderful vacation. I know it always does me good to get away for awhile.

Tessa said...

You are so crafty and creative!!! Love it!