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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paint Scraps and All about the Pink and Green

Now when you look at this painting that I'm working on, do you not see Grandma's kitchen in it?? I did this as an exercise in total free hand painting with geometric lines. I didn't trace on, measure, use a ruler, make a game plan ahead of time before grabbin' the brush....nothing, just picked some colors, decided to make my own version of a quilting square and ta da..a Scrappy Painting!! The lines are crooked in places but for not using any pattern or drawing onthe canvas ahead of time, it turned out pretty good. I remember when I took a graphic design course in college (many moons ago), our design had to be total freehand using lines, circles, geometric shapes, etc...and it's so interesting to see how things come out. I'm totally building up my "background" inventory. I need to get going on the collaging soon. Well...after I finish the other 11 panels I have..LOL.....seriously, I bought a load of smaller canvases on ebay which came intoday......along with...tadaahhhhhh
MY PINK AND GREEN S-P-R-I-N-G swap package!! Whoooo hoooo so much Happy Mail in one day! I also received a surprise package from my sweet friend
, (my last partner in one of our swaps) which I will post about in my next entry (it's a fabulous gift too)!
Okay here we go. Sit down please, we are having a serving of indulgence today for appetizers--- super cute make up bags, hand made by sweet Raesha, full of fun goodies, lipgloss (smells delicious!) a beautiful pink and green mini photo album, and a package of alphabet stamps (she was reading my mind because I have been wanting some soooo bad!!) Here is the main course--for S, my hand made (one of the many hand crafted items) Spring bag an pouches full of sweet goodness!!
P--is for an adorable Heart pincushion (love it!)

R--os for Ribbons, a container full of ribbon spools---love it! Isn't Raesha's handwriting so perfect?? I WISH I could write as nice!!!

The cards she sent were just tooo cute, so sweet!
I-is for Incredibly cute tin of buttons!! Yeppers, a great variety of wonderful buttons...YIPPEE K-I-A!

N-is for a set of 4 lovely green mugs. I really needed a set of mugs, I have onesies and two's but not even close to four of anything in this house!!

G-is for a Gorgeous Green Afghan! :) Look at this, I thought at first she crochet this at the speed of would have taken me 40+ years to do an afghan this size, but no......sit down everyone. She thrifted this for $2.99! Can you believe that thrift mojo this Swap Wonder Child has?? Wow. Great find and I'm so lucky she "Saved" her for me. I will cherish it!

I tried to get a close up of more goodies but they came out blurry, so I apologize for the picture quality....all the pictures really don't do this wonderful package justice.....more goodies in the makeup bags contained 2 pairs of earrings.... a pair of Pink ones and another pair of Green!!

Last but not least, a knitted potholder/hot pad...and she says she is a beginning knitter?? is very well made and sooo pretty. Love the fresh colors!

Well I was just very blessed today to have such a wonderful swap partner! I hope that we stay in touch as she is sooo very sweet, I've really enjoyed this swap! Thank you Raesha, for so many nice things!! I will put everything to good use!!
Well I better get to bed, I have a big day at work tomorrow. We are having big time visitors at our branch (I'm a bank manager) coming early for our morning meeting (((YIKES...I have to do a presentation tomorrow in front of them and my team...with a little help from another co-worker)---and they are giving us a prestigious award for outstanding service. Our team has had the top service scores out of 64 + branches for January, Feb, and March....which also makes us one of 8 top teams in NC and SC.... yippeee!! Another one of my co-workers has a if you stop by, please say congratulations....she is on vacation this week so she can't be a part of our meeting.
See what I don't show you is all the brownies and cupcakes I make for my customers ;) That's the secret....feed your customers and they will provide you with great service scores!! No seriously, you have to have a great team to make it all come together. We arent' perfect by any means, but we enjoy working together, we've gotten to know our customers, and we know how important their loyalty is to us for our success. Anyway, wish me luck. I need to get my beauty rest. I don't want to have to explain the circles under my eyes are from some late nite craft/thrift could always tell them the tomato caper came back...but nahhh...I'll just go to bed, get some rest and wake up fresh and new. I can't wait to get started on some new projects with all my goodies!!
That's all the news at Sweet Repeats! Stop and enjoy the simple things in your life, you will be glad you's far too short to not pay attention. :)


norththreads said...

What a fantastic swap Lucy! Raesha an awsome swapper huh!!!! Missed all your pretties lately!!

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting me. Good luck on Friday. This swap you are doing looks great, I love pink and green, well mostly pink but still...

Leigh Ann said...

Good luck though it sounds like you don't need it! :)

Great swap stuff. I got mine yesterday and it ROCKED. Woohoo!

Cheers! LA

Sarah and Jack said...

What a lovely gift. I particularly like those little enamel containers, how sweet they are!

You might look at the book that came with your camera (if you still have it!) to figure out the macro setting on your camera for the close up little photos.

LeeAnn said...

Everything looked great! It's so much fun to see how people interpreted SPRING. I love it all.

Vallen said...

raesha is a fabiulous swap partner and giftgiver. You are lucky to be the recipient!!! Awesome Pink and Green goodies!!

Jenn Maruska said...

Wow - congrats on your wonderful swap goodies!

I love that your collage background looks like it could be quilted. That is really interesting - perhaps that could be a theme for your next collage group?

Can't wait to see more of your paintings!

: ) Jenn

FrostingsNSparkles said...

You got some beautiful goodies, what a treat!!
OMG, my Gram had a God's Eye in her kitchen that looked EXACTLY like your painting. I can smell her soup cooking looking at it :)

Bee said...

You got some lovely SPRING things there. I like the way she packaged the ribbon and buttons. The makeup bag fabrics are lovely.

smilnsigh said...

Congratulations on the award. Hope your big day went wonderfully. :-)