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Monday, April 23, 2007

Isn't she Lovely???

I have been blessed to meet so many sweet and wonderful people through blog world, and here is a creation from another wonderful bloggee that my path has crossed with via the Pincushion Swap, hosted by Tiff at Folded Gingham. JAR writes Daffodil Field, and this is the pin cushion she sent me. I had to hijack her picture because my battery door won't stay shut on my &%$@# camera this evening, and I am out of tape to keep it shut! Ya...I know, tape?? girl?? ya I need to buy a new camera but with packing tape the door stays shut, however I used the last of it on Sunday when I packed up Ms. Raesha's swap package. I have my pincushion lady sitting on my desk and as I look at her, it makes me smile. Thank you JAR, I love your package. I'll be sure to take another picture this week and post again with another sweet gift I recieved from another friend, MeLisa from Sew Little Time. She blessed me this week with a Random Act of Kindness package which was totally unexpected!! I am now about to pay it forward to someone coming who knows, one of you may have a package in the mail soon :)

Since my camera is dead tonite, I went into the vault to give you a sneak peek at one of my items for my S-P-R-I-N-G swap that I sent out today (oh ya, I am Miss Last Minute...but that' s okay, Raesha and I are on the same time frame so it's all good). We are hoping to open our packages across the miles simultaneously...yeah yeah..that's the ticket!

So you think this is for the letter R...but it's not. HA! Fooled ya. It's for I---initial!! I had something for R, but nothing for initial it is. Would you believe I bought the little ribbon flowers on our Employee bulletin board at work?? We have our own message board that you can access...AHEM..on breaks...where people sell everything from A to Z. Today I found a pop up camper my X-husband might like...LOL...aren't I sweet? Seriously, his was stolen last summer after 1 camping excursion to a motorcross race. Right from their apartment complex. What is this world coming to??

Speaking of what is this world coming to, I came home today and one of my 3 tomato plants was gone. Oh don't want to know the biker girl bar trash mouth that I had when I realized one of my beloved tomato plants was stolen. My neighbors must have thought my diamond necklace was stolen (huh?? what diamond necklace...okay so if I had one and if it was stolen, I'd go ballastic over that!)! Anyhoo....I marched inside and took my work clothes off, threw on my plant huntin shorts on and a tank top, some flip flops and stormed back outside to reclaim my tomato plant from whomever had the (g)all to take MINE! How was I gonna find it? Who knows, but it couldn't be far, I'd just go door to door to find it. I'd know hat she looked like. I'm being serious here, I was so flippin' mad. I mean, the time alone I stood in line at Lowe's to check out was worth at least 3 margarita's and here I was 1 tomato short of a whole pack. Okay, I thought to myself, I'm getting a little worked up over a missing plant. I need to slow my roll and water what's left of my "garden". Mind you, I haven't planted any vegetables, they're still the containers on my porch but I still consider it a garden. I grab my HUGE, flexible (that's what it says it is) green hose that I paid three dollars for at a yard sale (it says that too on it) and start watering, when low and behold. There's my tomato plant. Under the porch. All that cursing and steam blowing hot headedness for nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It wasn't stolen. Far from it. Right under my big fat nose all along! ((((Now you know my true colors.....don't throw tomatoes at me please, I get it....I shouldn't......)
.....................moral of the story: Don't jump to conclusions until you are sure the truth isn't under your porch all along!

shame faced lucy is going to bed. over and out.

Spring Fling Swap ended today!!!! Whoooo hooooo let the Pink and Green bells ring at your door this week! Can't wait to see all the participants (70+) packages, post yours on Flickr---link over on right of my blog and on Sweet Goodness Swap blog!!

Join us again in May or for the first time for our summer loving swap soon to be anounced!!!


Paula said...

I'm laughing so hard at your temper tantrum (because it sounds curiosly like one of mine!) that the people in this house of mine think I have completely lost my mind! So glad your little tomato plant is safely back home...

Christy said...

Sounds like we are kindred spirits in the gardening arena! Over a week ago, I bought 2 tomato plants and the wire frame thingy to hold them up. The poor little plants are still in their tiny plastic pots! Hopefully they'll make it into the ground soon. To bad they can't plant themselves! :p

linda t said...

Tooo funny Lucy!
You just reminded me of this story...
Many years ago my dish rag came up missing and my first thought was"it was stolen!"... I was obsessed with finding it! I finally found it outside... we had been broken in while sleeping and "they" had used the dishrag to wipe the prints as they climbed back out the window!!! TRUE STORY! They only stole a bag of money on the counter that our church Youth Group had raised that day at a car wash!

Renee said...

Too Funny your mouth reminds me of my colorful one when I have tantrums. Great to know I am so not alone!

Susan said...

I love your tomato plant funny! I can empathize. We always assume that someone has stolen what we can't find. Why would someone want your tomato plant? Now a Bentley I could understand...

smilnsigh said...

Hello to you! Thank you for coming over to my blog, from Miz Smoochie's. I'm so glad to meet you new gals.

I didn't read/visit anyone in 'My Pretty Blog Land' as I call it... since posting on Monday. And really, Monday's entry was not what I'd call a real entry. Didn't know what to write and I just rambled.

But with a whole bunch of comments, guess I'll stick to rambling. :-)


Christy said...

What a sweet little pin cushion.

monique said...

What a funny story Ü!
You received a lovely pincushion, so cute.
I had a lot of fun making and getting everything for the spring fling swap.It was a lovely swap and I'm allready looking forward to the next.

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL, you dork!!! I think 'tmaters are going to be your new mascot.

The apronboys? Bwahahahaha! I love that. Apron boys. bwahahaha

Heidi said...

That's a funny story. Sounds like me: I'm always looking for someone to blame!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

You are hilarious! Like the Bounty Hunter of Vegetables :D
Glad you found your tomatoes, and your pictures are great!
I have a crappy camera too LOL