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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everything Under the Sun and Some Lies about Me!

I'm sure you all know this, life's a beach..then you die. But...not before we have some fun I hope! This is my latest clipboard made for a "customers" friend's birthday....she likes all things beachy and I am to please so I came up with this water & sand beach themed clipboard for their order. I have a cute notepad to go with it but I actually kinda like it better without the notepad.
Since it's Pink and Green week at Sweet Goodness Swaps, here's a peek at what I sent my swap partner:
S-Sewing Fabric (the polka dot fabric is my thrifted item!)
P-Pretty tea pot and cup
R-Ribbons and More (ribbons, flower ribbon, buttons, embroidery floss)
I-Initial (crafted item)
N-Notebook and Note pad (clipboard was another crafted item)
G-Goodies (for all the pink and green I had found and ran out of letters for!!! Is that cheating?? naw....LOL)

I love that teapot! However, when I took it out of the box for the picture, I couldn't figure out how to put the cup, teapot and lid back in the box again!! How many times has that happened to you??! Please tell me I'm not the only one that does things like that!

Now aren't those girly glam buttons cute? And who couldn't use another pretty little notebook to capture all their brilliant ideas on?

My first attempt at decoupaging a wooden initial and I love how it came out!

This sweet package was a surprise one sent to me by Jen, she is just the sweetest person...and oh so generous! Jen was my partner in the Pink and Brown Swap and we have kept in contact here and there over the last couple of months, but I never expected her to reach out and surprise me with all these wonderful stamps and paper punches! I am going to use all my goodies in upcoming collages and other crafts! Thank you Jen! Oh..and check out the swap she sent Shara and that Shara sent her....both of the girls out did themselves!! Really, I have been bopping around checking out a bunch of y'all's goodies..nosey nosey me...and I am just thrilled at the abundance of creativity all of you Spring Flinger's put into this swap. A HUGE thank you for making it such a success!
Keep watch for a new theme coming out at the end of May for all you swap lovers and those of you who want to dive in next time that missed this one!!
If you want to get on our mailing list, please shoot Rebecca and I a line at:
We'll let you know when our next swap is so you don't miss out on all the fun!

Here's a little bit of Silly Fun via a tag from Raesha on what "I" need!
{{{Here's how you play if I tag ya---Do a google search on your name followed by needs.....and list and respond 10 funny things about yourself that pop up.}}}} This is a true eye opener people. I truly learned some interesting things about myself with this Meme!

***We're bored, lucy needs gossip** Lucy says, Heck ya!! Don't you know I'm an Entertainment tonight and Inside Edition junkie??

****lucy needs a haircut*** Lucy says, The truth hurts...I probably do, it's been...umm almost 2 months since my last trip to the beauty parlor :p

****Loving Lucy needs a home****Lucy says, if you have a big house, pool, lots of bucks and are halfway decent looking, I will consider taking your application, I have a home, but I could use a bigger one as long as there aren't too many strings attached!...BRAHAHAAH!
***Lucy Needs Sympathy***Lucy Says, is it that obvious??? Sympathy for what though?? I have chocolate, two kids, a box of wine, craft supplies, all my tomato is good!
***Lucy needs professional help*** Lucy says, now wait a minute here....I'm noticing a trend!! Is there a conspiracy out there on me?? Is someone tapping my phones? Have you been following me??? Did you hear me talking to myself?? I don't need professional help, I am doing just fine with the medication I got off the net! (((snicker....snicker..snort!)))

***Lucy needs to save the chickens*** Lucy says, who me???? Just how I am I suppose to save the chickens??? I can barely save myself (see above post)!
***Lucy needs to know about 401k loans before she drives off in that new car. The law specifies that the loan be repaid****Lucy says, Don't I know this one, ain't nothing in life free honey, everything has to be repaid somehow, somewhere, sometime!

***Lucy Lawless needs not to avoid berating herself for these "bad" choices*** Lucy says, Iknow now, that I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, I'm pretty enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!!
****Lucy needs a new adventure *** Lucy says, Hell ya! Anyone up for a road trip?? Margarita's?? An all niter? Bingo? Scrabble? Coffee? Anything?? Hellooo...anyone?? Come play with me!
***Lucy needs to do is blink her enormous blue eyes to elicit awwwws from the most hard-hearted of moviegoers. What's not to love? **** Lucy says, Gosh--now I'm blushing--you know my womanly secrets!!!
***Lucy needs to learn to get closer to her distant but loving father.*** Lucy says, Dad if you're reading was on the list of google search, really, I didn't mean anything by it, but you could call me or email me more often!!.
***Lucy needs training, from scratch. She is not totally housetrained*** Lucy says , I'm leaving this one off my profile on ;) shhhhh..this is our little secret ;) ((((and no...I'm not really on heck, that might not be a bad idea now that I think about it!)))
****Lucy needs complete silence in the universe **** Lucy says, Now this one is an outright bold face chocolate pudding in the face lie! Silence would be so lonely! So, everyone make some noise & give me a shout out!!!

I tag:
Jenn M.
Christy G.

&&& whoever else wants to play!!

Till next time, stop and smell the roses---but watch out for the pricks :o
No she didn't say that!
Yes she did.
No SHE didn't!
See the above list...Lucy needs professional help.


Heidi said...

Wow, I love that teapot too. But now I feel like a big loser because I sent my swap partner something much closer to six items (OK, maybe seven or eight) and kept my spending to $20.

Dinah said...

Oh Lucy...I have laughed SO hard at your responses to the "lucy needs"!! I especially love the one about the professional help. YA HA HA! Poor've not been the same since you thought somebody stole that tomato plant.
(That was hilarious too.)

Christy said...

Thanks for the tag Lucy. It was interesting to see what I need! I don't think my were as funny as yours though.

LOVE that teapot and all your other goodies. Can't wait for the next swap. :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh - You are too funny!!!

I will definitely give this a try - and blog with the results : )

Thanks for tagging me!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Raesha D said...

Hilarious list!!! And I am SO happy to have been your pink and green swap partner:):) I LOVE everything....I just took pictures (finally) and hope to blog tonight after hubby and Miss S go to bed:):)

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

I think the teapot/cup set is super darling!!!

I'm still kicking my own arse that I didn't sign up for this one. Dumb me!

What a sweet surprise package you recieved too! Awwwww!!

LeeAnn said...

Your mailman is being kept busy! All your pink and green stuff looks so neat. I saw plenty of supplies to aid your collage making skills!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Excellent Lucy!! My daughter and I just had a good laugh! Now--you better go and save those chickens! HAHA!
Smiles, Karen