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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Grow Me Grow!

It was such a beautiful day today in the neighborhood (central NC), warm (76 degrees), sunny (all day...yeah), bright (I love how it's light early and staying light later), full of activity (yard saling eating lunch out, visisted Lowe's for some flowers, mowing the lawn....big lawn...very big lawn 2 acres....only did half today), good food (chinese for lunch, pizza for dinner, movie theater popcorn for a snack...ya i'm on a diet but not on Saturdays), good company (ds my companion of the day), nice entertainment (went to the movies to see Wild Hog...laughed alot), who could ask for a better day? Okay, I could have won lotto, that would have made it a MUCH $$$brighter$$$$ day! But since I didn't, gotta be happy with what you have!


I'm falling in love with tissue paper! It provides a perfect surface to bring in color, to hide flaws and if you are lucky to add a little design!

I took this picture last night when I finished painting, so it's still a little wet, but I love the "springyness" of this collage, "Grow Me Grow!" It's pretty simple, I used tissue paper (stems, mini flowers, and overlays on some of the words), stamps, and some wordy magazine cut outs. Easy Peezy. It's a little less busy then some of my other work as I experiment with new techniques and color combinations.

Let me tell you, Lowe's was a MADHOUSE today. People everywhere, cars pulling out without looking, 1 cashier and a line longer than the girls bathroom on ladies nite at 12:30 am, yes one cashier and the customers carts were filled to the rim as if they were building their own botanical garden!! We mad our selection, got in line and then I realize I forgot some tomato plants. What to do, what to do??? So I send Josh out to get me a tomato's over there honey to the left, I point him in the direction and he brings me back a FLAT of flowers...I hold my breath as he teeters them over to me. No..that's not tomatoes, the GREEN ones are the tomatoes behind that table. Im not getting out of line for fear of riot, so I patiently wait for him to bring back our goods and that he does....another FLAT, this time of tomatoes. Honey...I said a tomato plant, not 10....NO, Mom, you said I brought you TOMATOES!! ummmm yeah I probably did say that....what, you can't read my mind son?? LOL. So we have 3 tomato plants. It's all good. The best was as we were driving off, I say, was busy as heck in there today! DS replies, Yes, those people must have ate a lot of sugar today!!!! LOL When you can hear yourself speak in your child, you know you've done a good job raising them :)

Here's a snapshot of a few goodies I purchased out at the sales today. I picked up this pink and orange LONG idea what I'm doing with her, but it was a buck, so I will find something, maybe a pillow, or heck, who knows....any ideas?? I bought it at a home of a girl who had a high end boutique in the area which closed. I'm not quite sure what she used these for? maybe on her dressing rooms?? She tried selling me some of her brand name pocket books, which I was tempted, but they were still high..although I did find a D&B work bag I liked for 100.00...I had a moment of insanity where I almost purchased it....but I walked it off....walked it off....and cooled off and came to my senses! Other good buys---all the patterns were 10 cents. Not that I've sewn much all lately...but just in case I get the urge (to buy a new machine) I picked them up....well actually, I bought a couple because I liked the vintage ladies and thought I could scan them and use them in my collage. I also picked up that darling tea cup--a Royal Albert bone china--for a dollar--it's definitely worth more, so I think I'll resell that whenever I get my rear in gear!

I've already put to use this fabric tote (1.00), it's now holding my ribbon collection. I've got plenty of containters in my craft room now...well almost enough anyway...NOW I just need some shelves and more heighth to my storage. I've gone as far as I can on my one book case, 2 desks, and 1 table in this room. I need to go UP now!

I'm slowly but surely turning my foyer into a gallery..LOL. In the mirror you can see anothe collage hanging on the wall...and the shelf has about 4 of the collages positioned.
Warning, I may charge admission to walk in the door to finance my Michael's obsession!
I just have to get over my feeling like I'm giving up a part of my family by selling an orginal artwork before I start selling. the one piece with the mime will never be sold...I have a bunch of Sh*t on there about what's his face so it's just too personal to give up and have in someone else's foyer...LOL...not that they would want it there, but for arguments's just not leaving this house. I'm trying to stay detached to the rest of my stuff but it's very hard to. Art comes from moments that are important to you or the vision you have about things that have happened, you've seen, you've done, you've felt...and to let it very hard...harder than I thought it would be.
Oh my, you must check out our flickr site for the Sweet Goodness Swaps!! Pictures are starting to come in with everyone's goodies and I am just floored by all the wonderful packages!! Don't forget (me...talking to me....)deadline for shipping is the 23rd (Monday)!!
That's all the news tonight at Sweet Repeats.... remember,
Let Someone Else Settle for Less than the Very Best!!


jar said...


I owe you a deep apology. I was waiting for you to get the pincushion before hand but I have decided not to wait.

The pincushion swap was my first ever and after reading the instructions I decided that it was a pincushion only. I read your Sweet Goodness Swap instructions and they were different but it was too different kinds of swaps and I felt with sending a pincushion I doing the right thing not realizing that every swap contains lots of related items as well. (I am a literal person which probably does not help). Anyway, in your box is a pin cushion only. I had thought Sunday that I would get pins to go with it on Monday but that went out the window with events.

Anyway, I now know swaps better though I am sorry that your were my guinea pig so to speak. And I will be better prepared if I do it again. I hope that you do like the cushion. She was fun to make.

Lucy said...

I do love the pincushion, I received it yesterday---and no apology necessary!! Every swap is different and you did a wonderful job with your creation. I'm going to post my sweet gift tomorrow for everyone to see :)


Celina said...

You have definitely made some terrific art work!!

Bee said...

Your collage art is lovely to see. I do like the orange and pink drapey fabric thingy as well. It looks like it would complement your Grow me grow collage rather well.

Yay for homegrown tomatoes!! Yum Good on your boy for getting plenty!

Breanna said...

Oh Lucy, I love your newest collage, it is so beautiful. And you can never have enough tomatoes- fresh salsa all summer!