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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pondering Again

Imagine Total Freedom to Be.....

...whatever it is you want to be.

------>>>>>Finished Collag-ifitti------->>>>>

I thought I would share this WIP, which is really just about done. I'm just going to look at it for awhile tonight and decide what else I want to do image or word wise to give this collage-iffiti more depth (((cancel that...I finished it tonight and edited my draft t :))). My goal is to complete 10 pieces by next week so I can start selling my work, both online and in a store nearby. So, to accomplish that goal, I've been busy with getting backgrounds started. Hmmm...getting things started...I'm quite good at that~it's the finishing that I need some pushing on! But who doesn't right?
Here's a backwards view on how I put this together. You can see in the background the tissue paper that I added on to the painted image. Thank goodness for cropping. You can't see all the other shtuff I have everywhere! To the left you can see my new favorite paint tray....the stryofoam meat sits is a great tool to use for paint, glue, all sorts of mediums. And it can be re-used a multitude of times! That's my very weak attempt at being green!

And this is how it all began, which actually looks quite good too....I might be inspired to do some plain black and whites soon!

The green and blue background is going to a watery type of scene. I imagine a mermaid or seahorse emerging from the depths of this collage to be . I just need to find a mermaid or seahorse image...somewhere...anywhere, cuz gosh knows I have not one in my collection (small collection).
And this little sunset gem may have led me to a much bigger commissioned work by fast becoming best customer, my dear co-worker P. He wants something similiar, but on a grander scale for his bedroom. Yippee skipeee!
I had this conversation today about why it is that I have waited until I'm 38 years old to really start back on my writing and creating art again. Hmmmm good question. I think I touched on this in another post, but I guess there are many reasons. I think lately (over the last few years), I've been more in the mindset to create from my hands and heart. I could climb the corporate ladder if I wanted to, but I have chosen to have the best of both in a middle management position that makes decent money, but yet not so taxing onmy time, so that I can be mother, too. Yet there's still a void. A lack of passion about what I'm doing. That's not to say I don't do the best job that I can day in and day out at my day job. But it works for me now because I have stability and it affords me enough flexibility to be a halfway decent parent. So now I'm trying to fill the void by spending a portion of my free time honing my dusty talents/hobbies/skills/what have you. And who knows, maybe one day I will feel that passion about what I do in my career and home. The true best of both worlds.


Heidi said...

Oh, your work is so beautiful! I love the purple and yellow; reminds me of pansies. So glad you are feeling totally free these days!

Jenn Maruska said...

What a nice post to read - a great reminder that we shouldn't forget to have passion in our lives.

I think that if you find that passion in one area of your life - it will spill over and bring joy to the other aspects of your life, too : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenn : )

Christy said...

Looks like some great starts on your collages. It's great that you're setting goals for finishing your work too. Stick to it and I'm sure you'll be successful!

Oh, Em had a really cute mermaid sketch on her blog. I'll find it and email you the link.

Anonymous said...

Look atchoo go girl! Now you got me singing all the Freedom songs I know, heheh (good thing you can't hear me)

I'm diggin' that sunset one too - it's going to look wonderful on a grand scale!

Paula said...

You took the words right outta my mouth! (remember the old "Meatloaf" song to that effect?) Seriously, keep it up Lucy. Each and every collage you post is more divine than the last. I absolutely adore your yellow and purple one and can totally see a mermaid in the green and blue. Where are you going to be selling them at on line?

Rebecca said...

I'm loving all of your collages lately! Such inspiring pieces as well. Open an Etsy shop!