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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Friends in Blog Places

I'm not really sure where the time goes but it's already 10:20 pm, Sunday nite and I have done not one project this weekend! Craft project that is. To make myself feel better I can at least say I partially cleaned the craft room--dusted, rearranged, cleaned the desk, put a lightbulb in my BIG thrifted lamp (5.00 and it even had a shade), rearranged my containers, carted my papers/boxes back from the dining room into the craft room, and organized some of my craft books in here--I could of accomplished way more, but why have so much fun in one day? Then with all that out of the way, I should have started working on an Eastery project as I've seen a ton of wonderful things around bloggyidtyville and I have done NONE...instead, I did what every logical procrastinator does, go and check my email and blog surf for a bit. Well time escaped me, and I still have no craft project done, my package to Tiffaney not put together (I promise I will get it out ASAP!), but I did take a picture of some mail goodies I received on Saturday from one of the sweetest ladies around, dear Christy, who remembered from long ago me talking about my Americana craft room and thought of me when she thrifted this adorable basket and wanted to send some sweet goodness to me. She also added a bunch of great papers and some lovely ribbons and buttons to the mix that I can use in my collages or clipboards. Thank you, Christy, I love everything and will put to good use all that you have given me!

Christy is also participating in the Spring Fling swap brought to you by ,
Sweet Goodness Swaps, which speaking of swaps, have I introduced my new partner? I'm swapping this time with the uber talented, and wonderfully sweet Raesha who sews, scrapbooks, makes cards, quilts, stamps and LOVES TO SWAP!! After reading her blog over since we've been paired, I see that she has been in a ton of swaps and well, I would just like to come over to her house and rummage through her goodies she's received!!! WOW! In addition, she touches so many with her kindness, she is constantly getting happy mail. I am looking forward to tayloring some S-P-R-I-N-G happiness to travel her way this month.

I still haven't updated my link list with all the swappers...that's a major project I want to feature a few that joined in since I posted the links to feature all these talented peeps until I update :):

The Home Spun Heart

Jenn Maruska Design

LiL Cottage Shoppe

How has your thrifting been? Is the season starting to rock and roll in your area? This week I hope to show some of my thrifty wonders that I've collected over the last few weeks. I haven't shared any goodies in awhile, so I'm about due.

Here's a short list of what I purchased this weekend:

Hot Pink Rampage mini pocketbook---$1.00

Stainless steel pastry cutter--.50 cents

Heavy fabric in cool polkadots, whole bag of polyfiber fil stuffing, 10 bottles of acrylic paints, 2 stamps--all for 2.00

BIG BIG heavy duty garden hose-3.00

Mini steel stock pot (decoration)--50 cents

Wooden Side table-$2.00

Summer plates with pink and green flowers and matching cups (4 small plates, 4 dinner plates, and 3 cups)--2.00

That's all I can think of but I know there's car was full...LOL

Till next time,



Sarah and Jack said...

Garage sale season is definitely starting to pick up around here, but since this is Easter week, there will be a 2 week lull.

Rebecca said...

What a great gift from Christy! Too cute. :) I thrifted Saturday and found yet ANOTHER china pattern I love (it's a sickness) and a few other things. :)

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

I can relate there chicky pooh! The family knows when I say "hang on, i gotta check the blog for a second" it usually means three hours later or thereabouts, I'll resurface for a potty break or food or something you know.

I'm really going to try to be specific in my thrifting searches. Self control. It won't work, but I"m thinkng I should give myself a subject matter to Look FOr. Such as... outdoor items one day. Jewels the next... Aprons the next, etc.

Yah I know. It's not going to work. But it sounds good on paper and that's all that matters. hahaha!

Heidi said...

I went out this weekend to cheer myself up from some more not-so-good adoption news. I'll post my finds later this week. No time to shoot photos: mostly fabric. I love finding fiberfill--hate to pay $3 for it at the store.