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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Anyone Want Dessert?

Well if you do, you've come to the right place. Here's a no calorie treat that I whipped up as a test product for the pincushion swap I'm in. I've never ever Ever made a pincushion before in my sheltered life so for a first try, tell me honestly would you use this in your sewing room or should I go back to the drawing board for a new prototype for my dear partner who has a lovely name (heehee)? Her first initial is the same as me so I can't loose if I choose not to use this one in the swap!
OOOHhh what do we have here?? Why it's the comment slips of all 24 people who left a little note on my 100th post!! BTW, that's the most comments I've ever receieved so I'm just tickled pink. So without further ado......the winner picked by handsome assistant (DS)...not my hottie from last week..heehee....

Miss Tiff!!!! Her lovely blog, Folded Gingham is a treat to go visit, if you haven't done so yet, run on over and give her some bloglove! She is in the middle of redecorating her dining room and has been taking us along her journey, a journey I'm sure we all can relate to of coveting all the lovely ideas out there in blogland but trying to find a balance of what we can really live with and what actually works in our own real life homes. I know I can relate to wanting all things white and cheery bright, but instead I have darker kinda autumn colors that work for me here. Not tha I don't wish for a change, I just can't go out and buy all new furniture to make it do I have children that would cooperate with me having a white couch. It woudnt' eve work if I did it in the bedroom because our dog likes to nap in so it is what it is. I will live vicariously through those of you who can actually pull it off. OHH, and she also is hosting the pincushion swap I'm practicing on with Neopolitan Pin Cushion

Along with my collage work I've done some doodle art recently. this is just a playful doodle as I practice different lettering and fun doodles. I am going to frame it in this wip frame that I have started painting (it's a cheapie yardsale find with that wood laminate but's taking the paint. we'll see how the finished product looks when I'm done, but for a quarter, I had to at least try!!
*************I've bought some new books on collage and there are tons of variations/definitions of collage work that I had no clue even existed. Here's a few examples:
Femmage: Collage art and traditional craft done by womaen, frequently fabric orientated.
Froissage: Crumpling or creaasing collage materials
Assemblage: Combination of three-dimensional objects glued to a surface.
Or how about doing some Decollage---removing, ungluing or otherwise subracting materials from the collage. (how would one do that??)
So would this work of art above be a Doodlelage? LOL Yep, I think that's exactly what it is. :)
Sweet Swap Goodness, holy moly sweet swap goodness, our partners are set up for the Spring Fling Pink and Green Swap and believe me, the response has been huge. Big thank you to Rebecca for sorting through all the emails and creating a big ole spreadsheet of names, addys, blogs and partner info so I could then email everyone yesterday. Thank you Rebecca for doing that and working through the linking!! Big hugs, I know it wasn't easy and it took a lot of time to do, we appreciate you!! I still have to add...ohhh about close to another 40 some links on my sidebar blog link!! Actually, I stopped at 37 and we ended up with 74 people in the swap!!! I better get the show on the road and finish working that list!! Thank you all for joining along in the fun!!
*****Okay so Tiff, just need you to email me with your snail mail addy so I can ship your goodies on Monday :) Congratulations!
Have a Sweet TGIF!!!!


Sarah and Jack said...

I think the pincushion looks good except that you need to stuff it really, really, really full.

linda t said...

Lucy, you are so clever and artsy!
What a great idea for a pin cushion!! Sooo yummy!

Vallen said...

I vote "yum" on the pin cushion.

Rebecca said...

Oh congrats to Tiff! *JEALOUS* Just kidding. Okay a little . . .

Thank you so so much for sending out all those emails! This has been some serious swap craziness. I think for the next one we'll be better LOL

Mizfixit said...

Luce...I know I told you this at work the other day, but your pincushion is completely delightful! Extra points for such a clever idea :) You are so very creative!

Lucy said...

Sarah, what I used was a stryofoam egg, I shaved it on the bottom so it would sit in the dish better then I wrapped all of it in quilt batting and then added the material/ribbons. Next time I may not used the foam and just stuff it. :)

LindaT--thank you for your sweet comments!! I have one other idea I'm going to try out this weekend, so we'll see which one works out best :)

Vallen--yum is right and no calories!!

Rebecca-thank YOU for all your hard work, you did a great job!

mizfixit--thanks putting up with my "show and tell" days!! LOL and thank you for your words of encouragement!

ShoezyCakes said...

I don't sew :( but I still love your pin cushion, and would hoard it like a little mouse and display it proudly anyway :D Its awesome!

Breanna said...

LOVE the pin cushion! It is "sweet' in multiple ways.

Raesha D said...

I agree - the pin cushion is awesome. Such a cute idea!! Hmm....seems I'm craving an ice cream sundae now....

Leigh Ann said...

I'm totally digging that pin cushion. So sweet!

Cheers! LA