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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Come to Spring Fest with Me!

Welcome to my tour around town today, please accompany me to the Spring Fest in Southern Pines, North Carolina. (Oh, you're a day late and a dollar short but no worries, I captured all the fun for you right here at Sweet Repeats!)
This "Welcome" Garden pic is handmade and a big deal--at least that's what the vendor was proclaiming to everyone that passed by! "I sell these for 5 dollars wholesale to the garden and nursery stores and they sell them for $20 dollars! I decided to sell them to you today for the same price!". Okay since you were so nice to do that, I'll take 2!
This is what you get when you try to take pictures incognito. I decided to spare you from the boob picture and the inside of my pocketbook. I actually have 2 feet, not quite sure where the second one is but it's there, I assure you!

I've seen these plants before, or at least others putting plants in unusual containers but I thought if there are any thrifters out there that have an abundance of kitchen vintage and you wanted to put your containers to use this spring, consider taken the washbowl and colanders and refashioning them into pots. This vendor had an amazing green thumb! I was too shy to take a pic of this amazing plant she had that covered about half of her outside tent, it was sold when I happened upon it, for a mere 24.95. Instead, you get a crooked photo of the colander plant. :)

I visited some wonderful shops, one I got a business card from and she even has a blog and an Etsy shop. Her partner for the booth had paintings and other altered art I was interested. just a little above my budget for this excursion. I was disappointed to find out when I got home and searched for her on google that she didn't have a blog or website. She does have a flickr photo where you can get a glimpse of her scarves and a couple of paintings she's created. She was nice enough to give me some tips on where to find premium art supplies in our area. DS, proclaimed as we walked off..."See Mom, you can be making 85.00 for your projects" (everything I do is a project, not a painting or a work of art according to my boys!).

If you ever have a chance to visit Southern Pines, be sure to walk the downtown area which is just blossoming with wonderful little unique stores dotted up and down the road and separated by the train tracks that run through Broad Street. You'll find everything from pottery, shabby chic decorations, high end clothing, eclectic restaurants, beautiful yarn, original art and jewelry and more. I love the green color of this store. It really pops out at you as you walk down the sidewalk.

I've always admired the grandness of this store, A Wild Hare. Inside you will find a bazillion items to decorate your home with. Pure eye candy.

How many times do you get to see an old fashioned train depot? This gem housed a gigantic book sale at the end (or in my case the beginning) of Spring Fest. Vendors dotted both sides of the street as we walked through the downtown area. I only purchased 2 books because I really didn't want to carry a bunch of books for 2 or so hours. Lazy me.

For all you theater "goers", we have here the Sunrise Theater. Often times they feature artsy movies or a local production from one of the several actors in our area. I have yet to visit it, but it's definitely on my list of to-dos one day. Isn't it funny that you live some place for so many years, and you take things for granted that you have under your nose? YET--you will travel 14 states and thousands of miles to tour "other people's stuff"! Take advantage of what is right in your back door next time you are at a loss as to where to go. You might be surprised as to what you will find. We live in a major golfing community. I don't golf. Go figure. But, in addition to all the golfing, there is an abudance of wonderful shops and art galleries as well as a gazillion historic places to visit right under our noses.
Check out another section of town we photographed last fall here.

Last but not least, here is the other Garden thingy we purchased from the boisterous vendor. How could I pass up such a bargain?
Thrifting news---before Spring Fest, DS#1 and I got up early and toured the yard sales and picked up ohhh, a few odds n ends, nothing too spectacular but my one bargain was a virtually new, large sized white microwave oven for 12.00! It was 15.00 but I bargained him down...LOL. I didn't think you'd want a picture of that, after all who hasn't seen a microwave's the deal that I wanted to brag on! Now before you think I'm living in the stone ages without a microwave, I need to clarify the fact that I did have one but it was on loan from a friend who let me borrow an extra one she had since mine was toasted so to speak. Now she can hers back. :)

I hope you enjoyed our little field trip today! Please take me on your next one around town, I'd love to see what is in your backyard!



Sarah and Jack said...

What a nice tour!

Christy said...

Thanks for the tour Lucy. Love the garden sign...I probably would have bought two too!

Raesha D said...

OOHH I love field trips:) Thanks for the inspiration to take my camera with us next time:) (Maybe next Saturday if the weather cooperates)

Mizfixit said...

Dang! I knew I should have gone to Spring Fest...I almost did but decided to pressure wash our deck instead :( Well, it WAS pretty cruddy and I knew it would be weeks before I'd have another opportunity to wash it. Thanks for letting me attend vicariously!

(Next year we should get a booth together! ;)

Christy said...

Looks like a fun festival with some really interesting things to see.

An Odd Duck said...

What a lovely time. I am so envious.

Anonymous said...

What a great tour guide you are! I love that colander/planter! I am SO going to get one of those tomorrow!!!! Yah!
Today is quite Springy here again and I'm just HOPING it stays! I want to play in plants and pots and dirt and all that good stuff.
Thank you also for the wonderful comment you left for me this weekend... very touching missy!

Natasha said...

OH that was almost as fun as being there::thanks for the tour esp. since I was a dollar short...per usual.

Paula said...

Had a blast! Thanks for taking us along. Your town looks beautiful. I do REALLY want to visit. What a hoot we would have...

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for taking us along, on your visit. :-)