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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thrifting with a Purpose, Holiday Edition

Easter Day and here we are..... Okay well not yet, first off I had to show my newest little lady---my Mystery Lady who is one of my newest paintings, not really sure you would consider it a collage because there's not a whole lot of pasted on items...okay there are no added images but I did use an assortment of mediums (acrylics, pens, water color pencils, white out pen, and markers) for this "compiliation..yeah yeah that's what we will call her. I was going to make a collage for my swap partner, Raesha, that's why there's a lot of pink and green in there, but since I did 2 last time for our last swap, I decided to keep her for myself, although I may sell her, who knows....I havent gotten my courage up to attempt to sell much of what I've made just yet. It's almost like I'm afraid of putting myself too out there, in other words, I'd be humiliated if my artwork didn't sell..LOL!
Peek at what my personal chef made us for Easter breakfast today! Isn't that swell of her? We had waayyyy too much food for four people. It's a trait that I've inheirted from my dear Mother. She always way overcooks but the whole key to her parties and get togethers is variety, plus everyone brings something, much like today. My dear friend Linda brought a ton of things for our brunch so I really can't take credit for it all. Here's what was on the menu: French toast with blueberry sryup, biscuits with sausage milk gravy (it's a Southern thing..and delicious too I might add), Bacon, Ham/hashbrowns/cheese/egg casserole, home made rasberry danishes, mixed fruit, brie, mini cream puffs, and lots of coffee!
Can you tell which items are thrifted in that picture? No? okay here's the list:
•Yellow bowl 1.00
•Napkin holder .25
•Ceramic Heart Dish 2.00
•Flower plates (biscuits are on this) and theres more plates not featured 10 pieces altogether 2.00 for all
•White Fabric (part of of my 5 bags of fabric last fall for 10.00)
•All the silverware and spatula (50 cents for a bag of it plus another .25 for a ton of utensils
•Red Sea China scalloped platter (french toast are on this) 3.00 (part of a 4 piece set I bought yesterday for 12.00 total)
Not too shabby huh?? :)

I spent the majority of the day yesterday with Mop and Glo and Mr. Vacuum, rearranging the living room, adding a few spring touches to lighten up my house ( I picked out sage green, oranges, creams, and yellows and it's really too dark now...I'm regretting those choices), so here's a peek at one side of the living room. Can you tell which items are thrifted in this pic?? Okay here is the run down:
•yellow flowered fabric 1.00
•wire heart candle (cage?) holder .50
•White/wicker barstools (2 of them) 15.00 for both
•wooden side table 2.00
•blue vase .25
•wicker basket on the floor .50
•2 Janet Evanovich paperbacks .25 each
•pink holder on the side table .50
•glass table (free)
Ummm...pretty much everything I have is Thrifted!!!!! This is how I've redone my house after the fire, so I guess you could say I thrift for a purpose. The couch is new, although it's not my dream couch, it was affordable. I had so much to replace that I really couldn't pick top of the line anything but I can make a dollar turn into 50 when I want to (ummm...not when I go to Michael's) but when I 'm redecorating I can..LOL).

I've been busted! DS caught me this morning putting Easter eggs outside for his annual Easter Egg hunt. I woke up at 6:30, started cooking breakfast because my guests were arriving at 9 and before I knew it, it was 8:00. SH*T, I forgot to hide his basket ( I had made the baskets for kids Friday nite so it was made up, just not hid)! I ran around on tippy toes not to wake him and hid his basket, then I realized, dang! I didn't hide the eggs EITHER. What kind of Easter Bunny am I??? So I grabbed my jacket, it was a brisk 26 degrees this morning...bye bye flowers...they're frozen...ran around the yard hiding the eggs, here, there, everywhere, when all of a sudden, Josh opens the door and screams, "I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT!! YOU'RE the Easter Bunny!!!!" Dang! Busted. The charade is over. It's kinda sad...but it's also kind of a relief! LOL

Here's DS and I this morning. I really really really hate this picture of me. It shows how fat my face is getting....bleck..bleck.bleck. Anywhoo...he looks so sweet, I had to share. I look at this pic and remind myself to keep my hands out of his basket!

My lil man is growing up. He even bought flowers for Mom for Easter. Priceless :)
That's all the news today at Sweet Repeats, I hope you and yours had a wonderful day today. Make each day count. Create, invent, believe, and love.


Anonymous said...

Omg, you are so busted! Err, I mean the Easter Bunny is so busted!!
My youngest is 10 and she still believes in everything. *rolling eyes*
LOL, your face is not fat, you weirdo! Faces do not get fat, they get wiser!! And that's my excuse anywhos.

Baby boy is adorable! Hoppy Easter to you all - looks like a yummy breakfast for sure! Way better than the water bottle and tylenol I ate for breakfast! LOL

Sarah and Jack said...

Ah well, Jack was scared of the bunny thing, so I suppose none of us could win this morning, eh? LOL

Happy Easter!

Heidi said...

The Bunny is toast...Santa and the Tooth Fairy are next! LOL Ah well, fun while it lasts, right? We still make my parents put out Santa presents and I'm oh, 28 now! LOL

That is one heck of a brunch spread! YUMMY!!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I wish I could have the patience to thrift! You have found such great and fun things, just like my sis!

Sugar Bear said...

First off, your collage is beautiful. I wouldn't worry about your artwork not selling. Second, breakfast looked yummy! Third, I too have sage green in my living room and am regretting it :( Fourth and finally - thanks for the laugh with your Easter bunny story! At least he didn't seem too upset!

Rebecca said...

I love the painting! It's perfect. :) You need to keep it, I have a thing about us keeping something right now and not giving it away. Oh you know what I mean.

Josh looks so handsome! And your Easter spread, YUM. And don't put yourself down. We're on a diet REMEMBER? :) Have fun on vacation!

Christy said...

Your Mystery Lady is beautiful! I think you should keep her for yourself.

And biscuits and gravy.....I'm not a Southern Lady, but I LOVE biscuits and gravy!

LeeAnn said...

I love how you itemized your thrift purchases per picture. It's totally something I would do to. I love it when someone comes into my house and comments on an item I thrifted. I get all excited when I can say I got it is $.25!

I love sausage and gravy! Next year I am voting for Easter Brunch rather than diner. I can still have ham that way too!

VaxGirl said...

That's too funny, getting busted! Our egg hunt was all adults this year, and my nieces were doing warm-up exercises. I don't think your face looks fat in the photo either, but I do like your profile pic better. Your son is adorable too!

Breanna said...

I joined the "busted" club as well this year :( And the truth about the tooth fairy and Santa came out as well. I think your collages are beautiful. Believe me, I understand the fear of rejection, but if you want to sell, go for it! You are very talented.

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Christy said...

Your mystery lady painting is so pretty. Very lively and cheerful.