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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pre Season it is!

It's Yard Sale Time! Spring is here (this week anyway) and we'll say this is my first purchase of the season....or should this be pre-season since the weather may go back to it's evil cold ways when we least expect it to?? The first place we pulled up to had a bucket load of furniture, dressers, cabinets, filing cabinets, chairs, tin cans, and a host of other things. I could seriously feel my heart beating 65 miles an hour as I pulled in the parking area. I had to hold myself back from leaping out and before the car was in park (and I was that's pretty bad)! I have been looking for a rocking chair for our porch for a long while and have been tossed up as to whether or not to purchase a new one or just hold out for a more thrifty purchase. Well, my luck couldn't have been any better today because here is my Grandma chair that I snatched up for a mere ten dollars. It does look a little weathered but I am going to put a coat of paint on it and who knows what else and she's going to shine like a dime. I'm looking forward to coming home and sitting outside in the early evening and reading on this lovely, maybe make some purdy pillows so my buttoski is comfortable too.....ohhhh the thrifty dreams are abounding!

Next to my Grandma chair, is another sturdy desk chair..again a little weathered, but once I sand her down and give her a makeover, y'all are going to be haters and wish you were out saling with me today! This baby was just a BUCK! For a buck, I couldn't NOT take her home with me. She just needs some TLC and she will be better than new! My oldest son was my partner in thrift today and he fanagled both the chairs in our back seat. Thankfully without ripping the leather! You know, not having a truck is really hampering my fun. There was about 4 other pieces of furniture I could have bought had I had a nice big ole truck to haul our finds in. GRRRR. Of course, I could have gone back but...but...well I just figured let me start with these and surely before the end of the summer I will find some more goodies for the taking, I'll try not to be too greedy early on in the sale season!


Some of you are wondering about the newest Swap....and ohhhh I'd love to spill the beans but I'm waiting for Rebecca to finalize the last couple of details before I blab them out...but since you asked, I'll give you a couple of hints that I know for sure :) plus....I can't stand to keep a secret for too long (unless I'm sworn to secrecy then of course I will take it to my grave but Rebecca didn't make me take the oath of honor this time!) i guess it's okay if I tell you that it will definitely be a COLOR themed swap again, and it's going to contain TWO colors, both will be springy related........and there will be a little challenge instilled in the swap just to get your creative juices flowing!!
Our last swap had I believe about 36 participants.....WOWZA! Can we surpass that number??? Y'all were a rowdy bunch to keep track of, from here to Austrailia, but I think we did a pretty good job at keeping you swappers in line and we are ready to do it again! In fact, we'd like more peeps to get in on the fun!!! More details coming this week :) Teaser teaser....

Last words to the wise for today, remember this post?? Again, I'm really touched by all your comments and words of wisdom and comfort, emails and prayers. It really has meant a lot to me. Despite my cheery post and happy yardsale day, today I've heard some more news that has made the events of the last couple of weeks even worse. Just when I thought there couldn't be anything else, there's even more for me to bear. My heart is heavy but at the same time.... I will more than ever stand in conviction that this relationship is OVER with a bold face capital O! I will NEVER EVER make the mistakes I have made over the last 4 years. I'm sad I wasted all this time with someone who could have hurt me in all these ways. Well......the plus side is, I am Moving Forward, as I said in one of my more recent posts.......and what's done is done. You can't turn back time, but you can learn from your past.
Everything in life is a learning experience. I sure have learned this the hard way! Thank you again for letting me air my dirty laundry. Now...onto folding and putting away all my new clothes. :)



Heidi said...

Neat chairs! I can't believe that one was only $1--awesome! Way to go!

I'm so sorry that you're hurting more, but I am proud of you for realizing that you can move on and become a better person for it. You rock. :)

Bee said...

oooooh... chairs! They will clean up very well with just a wee bit of TLC. Cannot believe you got sucha nice rocker. never would happen here.

Make sure to give yourself some TLC too OK!?

MéLisa said...

Wow great finds! I can’t believe you got both of those for $11! Amazing! I have my “dream” house in my head that I hope one day we will be able to build. A few things have changed over the years but it always has this wide front porch with rocking chairs. I am sure that you will really enjoy it!

I am sorry that you are having some more adversity but so glad that you are able to be strong to get through it. Take care of yourself.

Paula said...

Absolutely cannot wait to see what you are going to do with those chairs. They are going to be FABULOUS ~ I can tell already. Good haul, girl!

My mama used to tell me "this to shall pass", so I pass her words of wisdom on to you. She was always right. Remember that you are an incredible person. I think a bubble bath is in order...

Heidi said...

Nothing like announcing your intentions to the world via the Internet to force yourself to keep your promise about this relationship! I'm proud of how you're "Moving forward." You go girl.

Peta said...

Can't wait until the next swap! And good on you for moving on from a bad relationship. Thrift shopping always helps :) Hugs :)

flanthrower said...

Sorry to hear that you got more bad news...if it's any consolation, I've had a very tough couple of months myself. Not romantically related but it's been hard after being so hurt by a couple of people to stay upbeat and hold onto any faith in humanity. I really admire your positive attitude.