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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hope is NOT a Strategy

Hope is Not a Strategy

If you want something, you need to make it happen!

Let me preface by saying, this is my third attempt at posting tonite! GRRRRR
You think I would have learned to save my drafts but no.....nooo....lightening doesn't strike twice. Okay well the last 3 posts, I have lost when I went and tried to copy and paste something. Double GRRRR. No, TRIPLE GRRRR. Now it's too late for you to be enlightened by my new saying..where I got it from, how I'm going use it in real life (work), creative life (here and home) so now I'm going to have to give you the abridged version. I am making a commitment today, right here, tonight actually, to create something, anything, at least 2x a week. I can't hope to improve on my creative endeavors, if I don't work on my skills. It's not a strategy to hope to be better, so...I'm going to put sometime on the me calendar to get busy, get doing, and be consistant in my efforts. Lately things have been crazy and I've been putting a lot of things to the wayside, but one thing that really makes me happy....besides my children (love, smooches, hugs, to my boys), is crafting, so why not do it more? :) Tonite, I did version 2 of the creative clipboard line by Lucy. :) Stay tuned for more Sweet Things to Come!
Speaking of sweet things, Rebecca is back from her honeymoon and although she's feeling a little under the weather, her and I have been secretly SPRINGING into action, plotting, and planning, the next episode of Sweet Swap Goodness. What is coming up?? What is going on you ask? Stay tuned, you'll want to hear about the ***** and ***** swap, the newest swap of the season! So go on, gather your baskets, pails, and tools of your trade, get your creative hats on & tails in gear, you won't want to miss out on this Spring Swap Goodness, the biggest and best swap of the YEAR!
Details coming soon!!!!


Colleen said...

You cheeky girls! Don't tease spill the swappy goodness beans. LOL. I totally agree that Hope is not a strategy and I will be making that statement my mantra. Thanks for your kind words and input on my blog as of late. I really do appreciate it.

You are an inspiration,

Maureen said...

Oh, another swap!! Tell us soon. I loved being part of the pink and brown swap! Can hardly wait to see what this one is about!


Christy said...

The new board looks great. Looks like your a pro at it now. I need to do another one too.

Heidi said...

What's this about a NEW swap?? I've been trying to fill in the blanks and figure out what the swap will be! I'm dying to know. :) Count me in, whatever it is!!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Another swap? Yay!

Love the altered clipboard, dearie!! Aren't they fun to make? My girlies have stolen the past 3 that I've made. How rude!!