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Monday, March 12, 2007

Bringin' Sexy Back!

Yes that's right, we are bringing sexy back! I got my hair cut, which for me, means that I'm embarking on something new or ready to make a change. I probably don't get my hair cut as much as I should because I actually have very curly hair and it's easiar to just wash and go then have it styled, blow dry, then straighten. But when I get into a mood, I like to straighten it. I don't know, I guess it makes me feel more put together, more professional. Okay, a little more sexy. But that's not what this post is about. Bringin' sexy back means to me, giving new life, shedding the old and in with the new. Whether it's a new attitude, new coat of paint, new projects, just doing something new is sexy. It's empowering. Ya. That's a good word. I'm empowered to do whatever the heck it is that I want! First off on the list, is finishing my collage, Moving Forward. I was almost done here, but needed to add the final touches, a little depth and a few more embellishments, and my little border to complete this project. Im pretty happy with it. It tells the beginning of a story. Can't wait to see what the rest of the story unfolds.
Here's a another WIP, my "sexy" Rocking chair. I saved her from the trash. Well, kinda saved. For ten dollars I saved her! Check out the previous post to see what she looked like, and now...look at what she is becoming :)

I had to move the painting indoors. My lil men even chipped in on the paint job. Remind me to make everyone change their clothes before painting. These outfits they have on here, I promise you do not look like this now! Ohhh no. Paint all over everywhere. GRRRR. :) But it's a good GRRRR. The kidlin's really got into Momma's projects this weekend. Thrifting, Painting, Gardening, Cooking. I need to give them a treat soon. Hmmmmm...I'm thinking we need to go on a get away. Any ideas??? I live in NC so it needs to be within driving distance. Which actually can mean just about anywhere on the East coast. I am an excellent tour manager. I never get lost. My Mom and Sis live in NY (near Buffalo), and My Dad and other Sis live in Florida, near Cape Coral/Port Charlotte and I've driven to both areas with no problemos. I'm not skerrred. I do have a week off the week of Easter....soooo...ANYONE want company?? Road trip?? Thrift trip....oh hush me....this is for the kids. I can't help myself. Some thrifting needs to be included. Just cuz.

I promise y0u, this is not a grave. LOL . It does kind of resemble a plot but it's the makings of a very tiny...well, not too tiny flower garden. My oldest put out some major sweat equity when digging this. It's so weird. I used to live about 6 miles away and the land at our old house was pure sand. This was definitely dirt. Hard dirt. Now, I have excess dirt pile that I'm really not quite sure what to do with. I have no intentions of hauling it anywhere. I don't have a wheel barrel and I am not going to walk it 300 feet to the woods. My idea is to hose the pile down, rake it into the grass and throw some grass seed on it. For now's still a pile by our...ummm.. flower garden :)

Ohhhh even the we one is sportin' some 'tude with his big ole shovel. He gave up after a few hauls, but had to play in the game with his big brother, if even just for a few minutes. This is also the outfit, pre paint job. Dang, that was a new shirt and pants too. He's growing so fast, I can barely keep up with the clothes!

I can't wait to see what pops up when the wild flowers start poking out. I love to see the mysterious flowers bloom. In the meantime, I'm filling in the gaps with a few plants. It's good therapy. Believe me. I'm still sane because I've been keeping busy.
Next on the agenda???
•Finish chair (I'm putting a white coat on next, then lightly sanding so the taupe shows through, and doing a little painting onthe front back to add some "artistic" touches)
•Start sanding other thrifted chair (1.00). I am going to paint it and then do something funky with it. I have it in my head. It's going to be a craft chair....called CREATE. I can't wait to get started on that one.
•Work on a new collage (I have one started.....keep em churning, keep them churning)
•Complete my first commissioned work in awhile (altered clipboard for one of my work peeps for his sister). I'm excited about doing this for him. I hope it inspires me to keep on doing things for sale. I would love to bring in some extra money!
•Start coordinating a new SWAP with Rebecca!! Oh yes...details this week. We have about all the ideas ironed out, so keep in touch, this will be a fun one!!
•Plan a little getaway with me and my lil men!
Phew, that oughta keep me out of trouble and mind off of other things!
Well, that's all the news at Sweet Repeats. Hope you find the sexy in you and bring her back, too!


Anonymous said...

Bring on your sexy self! So where's the makeover pictures?

And sure, gitchershoes on. Road trip on over to WA state... we have great thrift stores! I hear the Easter bunny even comes to these here neck of the woods.

daverichards said...

Hey great post...and nice to know so much about you...and hey we also have Easter coming to enjoy some of the spirit of Easter do drop by my blog on Easter Wishes and Greetings sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

Heidi said...

Road trip! LOL I lived in Savannah for 2 years so I'm a little partial to that area. Charleston is great too, but I don't know if kids would like it as much.

I like what you said about sexy=empowerment. I've been thinking a lot about what "sexy" is lately and really I think it all comes down to confidence! Same thing as empowerment really. Something I'm working on having more of. :)

Becky said...

Come home to NY I gots plenty of room for my family....The girls will be in Florida....I miss ya and love you, want to see pic of the new hair cut sista...

jen said...

it looks nice where you are!

Sherry said...