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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Organized Sweetness

If I could be this organized & have everything that I organize look this pretty, I'd be in good shape. Thanks to a great friend who let me borrow her treasure first copy of the her new subscription, I had the pleasure of basking in the loveliness of Marie Claire's Idee (which for those of you like me, who don't know who to pronounce the name, it's E-day. ), I had no don't even want to know how I butchered that name. I won't even embarass my barefoot Southern self by telling you I thought it was ID-e, e. LOL Okay so I embarassed myself, what's new?? I especially love the sweet jars of goodies. I have lots of jars, but none are decorated so this is a great inspiration and idea to add to my ever growing list which many of you are a party to.
Oh yes, and this sewing/craft area.....too sweet and perfect. Don't they know that there is supposed to be much, much more clutter?? Hmph....okay so the truth of the matter is, I covet this as well. But I will not step back into Michael's, Ross's, Tuesday Morning...none of buy anymore organizational things till I make sense of what I have. I can go nuts buying supplies if you let me. Tonite is a perfect example. I went to Michael's to buy a few new paints, and left 46 dollars later. Okay so I needed a new magazine, 2 different alphabet stamps, an ink pad, some note pads, some ribbon, and some lovely paper too. All neccessities, don't you agree???

For the love of good mail, I am in love with this ultra sweet, JUST CUZ package from dear sweet Heidi. I've been reading and enjoying Heidi's blog since about Sept/Oct. when I first started blogging and she's kept up with me as well...we kinda get to know eachother after several months of "hanging" out don't we?? Well at least a part of eachother, so it was so nice of her to send me a pick me up package with the way I've been feeling lately---it was just what the Dr. ordered. I love and appreciate all my goodies. It took me all of 2 seconds to fall off my diet wagon and scarf down the DELICIOUS chocolate truffles she sent. Every girl loves chocolate, and it couldn't of came at a better time. Thank you Heidi!

Also on the agenda last night was my DS's 1st grade Spring Music show. He was mad at me because I didn't put him in the right outfit. "No Mom, Ms. Perry said, purple, pink, or yellow pants, blue, yellow, and pink shirt.'" Son, I really don't think she meant those colors of pants for the boys....I'm sure she meant the girls. "That's what she said!" I guess paybacks for me since he wasn't dressed right was him to stand there while the rest of the kids where shimmying to the choregraphy of their wonderful music teacher. :) Seriously, he had a case of stage fright I do believe. I took lots of pictures of him on stage with the whole group but the majority of them turned out to be predominately the back head of the person in front of was cute too. Also during the show, the children presented one of their teachers (just happens to be DS's assistant teacher) with 3 from each grade. His teacher lost his home two weeks ago due to a fire that broke out when we had hurricane force winds a couple of weeks ago. The children all brought in bags of change and then the PTO turned it into gift checks to the beloved teacher. The parents also collected and gave him gifts of money and needed items almost immediately when it all happened. I can truly relate to what he is going through. It's amazing the charity of the community though that comes together in a time of need. Not to mention friends and family. He was so touched, teary eyed...and so was most everyone in the audience. Send your prayers to him if you can so that he and his wife can get back on their feet soon.
Swap rollout is tomorrow, the new edition of the Spring Fling Swap (a title that is a work in quote Rebecca) is about to be unveiled....goodies, goodies everyone, everywhere, gather round and join in the fun!! Rebecca and I will give the details tomorrow and the sign up information, but the short version is signups will be tomorrow through March 26th, then you will have a few weeks to get to know your partner and gather your goodies. We hope to have everyone send out and received their goodies by the end of April. Does that give you enough time to put your thinking caps on and invite your creative muses in the house??


AnastasiaC said...

haha well I didnt think it was pronounced E-day...wish I knew french such a romantic language...
Lovely organised space - my craft room is a complete and utter mess!!!

Gill said...

Ooh I love that picture of the craft area, I think that's what I need to do in my very small craft corner....thanks for the ideas! I'm going to look out for a thrift bookcase now to paint white!
Love your blog,one of my favourites.

Sweet said...

I love a good Heidi "just because" package! She is so thoughtful! And she must have a collection of those little Japanese mugs! She sent me orange ones that are similar. They see a lot of action for tea. :)

Swao is on!