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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring has Sprung, and so has our NEWEST SWAP!

Spring Fling Swap
Ring-a-ling-a ling--dialing all swap fans, Hello?? Are you there?? Do you want to come out to play with Rebecca and I and all of our other crafty friends? Yes??? Well here's what you need to do....hop over to our NEW BLOG, Sweet Goodness Swaps and read through our signup information, shoot us a email and walah! What's this swap all about?? Well funny you should as! Let me tell you, it's all about Spring, Crafting and Thrifting, three of our favorite things ! Oh..but us complicated forever wanting to be challenged gals wanted to mix it up a bit this time and throw in a twisty twist for you to make it a little more interesting AND to see how creative you can over to the new blog, drop us an email, leave a comment and join in the swap!! Just checked our emails and we already have 7 participants and a couple more I know want to join but haven't had a chance to email their info yet, so we are on our way ladies to the biggest and best swap of the season yet!!! WHOOOO HOOOO
Please read through the requirements, ship dates, and ensure you can uphold your commitment, because we want everyone happy happy and feeling good about our swaps. K??? Okay back to the fun stuff.....Please join in! You'll love the friends you will make, enjoy some Happy Mail, get great exposure to you blog, and challenge yourself creatively!
Okay I need everyone's remember where you put it vibes to be coming to me tonite. I can't find my camera and I am about to FREAK OUT!! I must have a camera! I've had a habit now of hiding things and I know I hid it today, but I can not remember where I put it. WAHHH. So the pic of the day is from my scanned files, another beauty from Marie Claire Idees....ohhh so lovely, the magazine is a pure color delight, full of fun things to make, wonderful decorating ideas and great tips on everything....not that I would know exactly what about because I can't read a lick of French, but I can imagine what it's about. There's some recipes even....which if I can't follow English written recipes, I best not try the French written ones either...but they sure do look yummy!!
I hope everyone is having a Sweet Week, and lots of Goodness has come your way. Remember to visit our new blog and sign up for the second edition of Sweet Goodness Swaps '07: Spring Fling Swap
(((ohhhhh and did you think we created a blog for just one swap?? Nope, this is going to be an ongoing thing every couple of months with twists and turns all year, so stay tuned!

1 comment :

Rebecca said...

Woo hoo! And away we go!

That Marie Claire looks gorgeous!

Oh and I'm sure that camera is in the last place you'll look for it. ;)