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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can you say JUMP! DS First Motorcross Race---& Swap News

I haven't forgot about doing the drawing for the 100th post, it's still open for participants if anyone wants to get in! I took a little road trip this weekend to see my oldest DS compete in his first Motorcross race in Myrtle Beach. This track was the same track he broke his arm at last summer and the jump you will see later on in the post is the same one where he went down so needless to say, despite his excitement, he was a little skittish about getting back into the game but he did great, and his good friend did even better...finishing 3rd in his class, which I think is just terrific for his first race ever. :)
Pre-race day---here's DS getting serious about the track and his challenge ahead of him!!
Oh ya baby, all geared up. There's a side photo of DS #2 who had a case of the pouts because he wasn't riding or racing along with the big boys!

And they are off, there was 19 racers. Here's DS on the left, number 102. He started out with a bang!!

Here's a picture of the big ole jump right at the end of the race, it's amazing how high these kids get their bikes. The older guys with bigger bikes took jumps in the back of the track to levels that I just couldn't believe. This jump was the high one for the younger kids with smaller bikes.

My baby boy finished 7th but with no broken arm this time!! yahoooo!

Here's a shot of DS on the left and his good friend who finished 3rd overall and got a plaque. They were (are) both crazy proud of themselves, and so are us parents for doing so well. Both boys had a couple of hiccups in the race (DS got hung up in the ruts of one nasty turn and the bike went down but he got it back up but lost a lot of time), and then his friend last his kick start on the last practice before the race began....and we didn't have another one to put on so he ALMOST didn't get to race which would have been a shame especially with how well he was doing. His step dad and a good samaritan saved the day however. His SD went and found someone who unbelievably had another kawasaki that was for sale and asked to use the kick start for the race. The guy not only let him, he put it on for us. :) His kindness saved the day, and his SD's determination to get the bike to work paid off big time.
Thanks for indulging me in a little motherly gushing!!
Swap news:: It's time for Pink and Green and everything Spring!! We have an unbelievable 70 participants in this little ole swap of ours going on so bear with Rebecca and I, we will have partners up on Sweet Goodness Swap Blog sometime tomorrow and partner emails out shortly thereafter. It may take awhile as Rebecca and I have to work tomorrow at our "real" (as opposed to this fun job, so please bare with us as we organize it for all you craftywondergirls!!
I am going to pick a name for the 100th post on Thursday and send out the package on Monday so if you want to get in on the drawing, you still have some time!! I'm dragging it out as I am not quite done with my collage since I took 3 days off....i'm playing catchup at work and in bloggyville!!
That's all the news at Sweet Repeats!!


Renee said...

You must be so proud of him, way for him to go I would have been so nervous going over that jump myself after breaking an arm.
Yay for your son.

Also I have some jewelry up if you want to take a peak>

Rebecca said...

Congrats to your DS! :) It couldn't have been easy to get back on that track after breaking his arm there! That takes serious courage. :)

Raesha D said...

There is no way you can have a son that age!! Are you sure he isn't your little brother:):)