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Thursday, March 22, 2007

100th Post---Leave a Comment for a PRIZE...oh wait make that PRIZES!!

Whooo hooooo It's my 100th post Birthday Celebration!!! I feel as good as I did when I was 1, it's amazing! Must be Blog-O'lay that keeps me so young looking! Seriously, I actually feel SOOO much better than I did with post one. I feel less stressed most days, more creative, more inspired, and certainly more exposed to so much beauty all around me thanks to all of you lovely bloggers. I keep discovering more and more new blogs that it makes my head spin. But in a good way! Participating and C0-hostessing the swaps have also led me to a wealth of new and wonderful friends and inspiration buddies, it's been a great experience. Thank you all for reading, inspiring, and commenting on what's going on here at Sweet Repeats. I am truly greatful for all of you!~ And so, in a tradition of sharing the wealth, I'm hosting a little giveaway of a couple of my favorite things. First is, the above beginnings a new collage...its bright, it's cheery and when it's could be yours!! All you need to do is leave me a little comment--come on delurk if you haven't already, I would love to hear from you!!
Also in the giveaway, I will be throwing in one of my clipboards I just made, this is in baby blue, brown and tourquoise. It is sooo sweet! It has a lot of little words of inspiration to remind you to BeLiEvE iN yOuRsElF!! Be Unique, but most of true to yourself. Authentic you.....even if you don't know who you really are, go by your instinct and you will be true to yourself...that's all that really matters. As an added bonus, I will be throwing in some other little tidbits of goodies. WHOOOO HOOOOOO just leave a comment and you are in!!
I was going to try to post 100 things about myself, but I really am not that interesting....I'm not sure I can even think of 100 things about myself y'all would want to hear, so I might just post a few things....and we'll pretend there's a 100 things you didn't know about me on the list :) Creative license people, creative license!!!

Here's the back side of the clipboard. :) I heart you all. lucy
Here's some things you might not know about me:
1) I used to play the flute when I was younger (middle school, high school)...i was even pretty dang good. I was first chair for all but 1 year from 7 grade on.
2) I have never had a manicure. Not to say I couldn't use one or want one, I just never have gone and took the plunge!!
3) I love chocolate. Dark chocolate especially. My favorite chocolate is actually from back home....Niagara Chocolate. So if you are ever in the Buffalo area, you NEED TO GET SOME!! They go hog wild at Easter, kids sell it for school, specialty stores carry it...but you can not get any here in NC. WAHHHHH!
4) I graduated 14 in my class of 243 in high school. I probably could have been higher....but I had a little too much fun and school sometimes fell to the wayside, although I still ranked pretty high in our class of 1987 (SHHHH)
5) I have 2 sisters and 2 half sisters
6) I am the oldest of the fam, oldest grandchild, too...on Mom's side
7) Favorite color is blue/tourquoise a close second, and ooohhh okay it really depends on the day. I have a lot of black clothes though....mostly because I try to hide the butt....LOL...and the flab....dark colors are good for that.
8) My first REAL job out of college was as a Record ( myself) Store was by far, my favorite job. It just paid Sh*t, and no benefits or else I'd still be there. I USED to have a collection of ohhh about 500 cds and I'd always got free tickets (mostly to see smaller bands but hey...some of them made it big and I got to say I saw them Goo Goo Dolls...Buffalo hometown band, cool band to see live).
9) I wanted to be a political journalist when I first entered college.
10) Then I wanted to be in Advertising.
11) Then I just wanted to write.
12) Then I realized I s*cked at writing, and really didn't have the discipline to free lance anything at that point in my kinda wasted some of my college years going in the wrong direction.
13) I used to be a damn good waitress. I would remember what you ate, how you liked it, what you like to drink, when you wanted things..and I REMEMBERED how much you tipped....haha
14) My next job after the (Record Store) was as a manager for Kmart. Go ahead laugh, but they paid pretty dang good and oooohhhhh the life lessons I learned working for a big box. Talk about don't even know!
15) My Mom used to "hire" Santa to come visit all the kids, nieces and nephews every year on Christmas Eve...until one year he didn't come anymore to the house. Did he get too busy?? Did we grow up?? No....Santa got arrested for lie! That was the end of that career. Oh....our innocent little worlds were shattered!
16) I love to Karoake! Didn't say I could sing but I love to do it! Just ask my sister Sherry..she will vouch for me, on the singing part ;) She did debut with me once. What was the song?? I think we did Rollin' on the River sung by Tina Turner. Oh ya, that was classic.
17)I can type really really fast. Just not really really accurate. :)
18) I've been on 2 cruises. FUN!
19) I really really hate fish touching me when I am swimming in the ocean. It freaks me out...yet I loved snorkeling when I went on the cruises. I just was on pins and needles every time a fish swam within the zone!
20) I'm afraid of heights.
21) My sister Becky and I have the same middle name!
22) One of my favorite movies is Forrest Gump. LOL
23) I cry all the time when I watch something sappy on tv. Give me a box of kleenex and sit me in front of Extreme Home Makeover and I'm done.
24) I love to cook.
25) I really like to make appetizers best. So if you are having a party, you definitely want to invite me. I will take care of the appy's for you!
26) I am definitely a Pepsi person. HOWEVER, I have tried to cut down on the carbonated beverages, including Diet.
27) Now, my favorite drink is Flavor Splash Grape water.
28) I would love to have my own store, but it would be more of a thrif store with an art studio in it. I would even probably have spaces other artist could rent to work in, and sell.
29) I would love to have this store near the water...any water...I love the water...although now that I'm living in the south, I have a slight fear of living near the water with all the hurricanes lately. :(
30) I go back and forth with my weight. I've never been skinny, but never really been fat, more or less chunky, so right now I'm on the upward end of my weight battle which I'm sure is due to stress of this whole last year, so wish me luck. My dr has ordered me to go on a strict diet to control my high blood pressure and cholesterol.....and to exercise. None of the latter I have been very diligent I need some encouragement. I don't want to explode!
31) I have blue eyes, my eyes are probably my best feature.
32) I have 2 boys, probably my greatest accomplishment as well as works in progress....I hope they grow to be strong, loving, caring, giving, strong men. I will do my best to raise them right or at least the best I can.
33) After my 9 stores in 6 years with K-Hell, I moved on to banking and really love the company I work for. After working for a company that was soooo UNFAMILY friendly, UNEMPLOYEE friendly, it was a true blessing to be hired by this company. It truly saved my life and my spirit.
34) As much as I love my job, it's just not enough. I don't have that excitement in me, that spark....I don't know what Im lacking, but crafting and art definitely helps fill the void.
35) I love reality shows. American Idol, Wife Swap, Rockstar, Extreme Home Makeover....I get into these for some reason (((should I be hanging my head)).
36) My dream home would be an older victorian, but yet cottage in style, with a wraparound porch, lots of green grass, many bright windows, a old wooden swing in the backyard, a pool but one that's not too modern but is a place for summertime gatherings and cookouts, rocking chairs on the porch, a big kitchen where everyone could gather, and lots of family streaming in and out.
37) Alot of time I can't hear out of my right ear due to allergies and sinuses. So if I say huh....excuse me....I didn't hear you, I apologize :)
38) Whenever I go home and get together with family, I try to make something unusual for our our get togethers. They have stories to tell about my creations. Some it isn't very complimentary..LOL.
39) My favorite sport is Football
40) When I laugh, sometimes I can barely breath....and I have this crazy wheezing sound I make. It is a trait passed down by my Dear Mother!
41) I am originally from Western NY....Dunkirk, NY to be exact. Where the heck is that?? UGHHHH I knew you were going to ask....everyone does! It's sandwiched between Buffalo, NY and Erie, Pa....on Lake Erie. Right in Grape Country. Yes there's a lot of snow in the winters....but love the summers back home. All two days of it. KIDDING, JUST KIDDING!
42) I'm not a phone person. In fact, I'm debating on eliminating my home phone and just using my cell. I probably won't do it....but it's tempting.
43) I am a reformed magazine junkie. I used to get ohhhhh probably about 10 or more subscriptions. When you have kids, it's so much easiar to read magazines then it is to read a book. Easiar to pick up and put down anyway.
44) I was hit by a car when I was 14 and have a scar down the middle of my chest to my belly button from it. Needless to say, I don't wear bikini's. Oh wait, the real reason is my chunky hips and thighs..LOL.
45) I definitely could be more organized. The house isn't in chaos, but there's controlled clutter in more places than I care to admit, and I didn't even start out with that much when I moved here. It's amazing what 20 dollars a week at yard sales will bring into a home!! LOL It adds up!
46) My favorite ice cream is Vanilla Bean. OHHHH LOVE THIS STUFF. I could go for some right now but see item number 30.
47) I used to be a rocker chick back when. OZZY! OZZY! LOL
48) Now I like everything, and I do mean just about everything. Thanks to number 8) my appreciation for all types of music was sparked. Now you will find me doing the Crocodile Rock and humming away to Come Away with Me just as much as you will see me booggying to Glamorous. Country I can take it or leave it, but at least now I will listen to it....back in the day, I couldn't bare to listen for even a second to the good ole boys.
49) I worry about growing old alone...I've never had much luck in the relationship category. Who wants to play bingo by themself?? Not me!
50) I really really enjoy blogging.
Now if you times this by have 100 things about me! YAYYYYYY I did it!

Okay so you probably think it's too soon for me to hook up with another person, but I met this looker and well, I think his picture speaks for itself. He's a little hard to shop for, and people do stare when we are out and about, but overall, I think he's a good catch. I just have to watch where I touch him, or I might get pricked! LOL


don't forget to leave a comment for your goodie prize entry!!


Swap deadline is March 26th...I'm going to be offline for a few days so between Rebecca and I, we will be intouch early next week with partner info!! We so far have over 40 participants! Check out some of the links...and I have more to update next week!


Till we meet again, Stay Sweet and Be Good to eachother!



Colleen said...

OOOHHH Darling you really must go get a pedicure. Manicures are great as well but oh the pampering with a pedi.....HEAVEN. I've only ever had one (before my wedding) so I'm long overdue ;).

Christy said...

Thanks for listing all of those things about you. I feel like I know you better already. The santa post..OMG..hilarious!!! I think all 50 things were pretty interesting so I bet you could have come up with 100. And that pic...too funny!

Tiff said...

Happy 100th Post!! Loved the tale about Santa, wonder if he played the part in jail :)


Rebecca said...

Oh please put me in the drawing! I love your work.

And, iot's like scary how much we have in common INCLUDING the fact that I managed a record store. Spooky. When I come for a visit we are getting manicures and singing karaoke! LOOK OUT

Sherry said...

Yes Karaoke!!! PROUD MARY!!! That was the best. Too Funny. Your new man is a hottie!! LOUISE!! You have come along way in your cooking/baking department. Thats for sure. You can get creative. LOL!! Take care

Heidi said...

Happy 100th post! I loved reading all about you. I used to play the flute too! I keep telling myself someday I'm going to take it up again, LOL!

Dana said...

Happy 100th :)
I love your new man, he's so so so ... Umm, never mind LOL! Please enter me in your drawing! I really like that new collage!! Keep up the great work, and thanks for a wonderful blog!


Christy said...

Happy 100th Post Lucy! It was really fun reading the 50 things about you. :)

And I agree with Colleen....go for a pedicure! One of my favorite things about summer is wearing sandals to show off my pretty toes after a pedi.

linda t said...

I so enjoyed reading all about you Lucy!
Thanks for sharing!
Hey ya! Put me in the drawing!
Here's to 100 more postings!

Raesha D said...

Congratulations!!! It's so fun to learn all these things about you and your new man is a definite keeper!!

Heidi said...

I hear you about non-family friendly workplaces. I work for one right now. Hope I'm as lucky as you are in finding a better one.

Congrats on your 100th post!

Bee said...

Congrats on 100 posts, would love to be in on the draw for one of your lovely creations. I enjoyed finding out a wee bit more about you as well, thanks.

Oh.....I snorked coffee out my nose when your new guys photo finally loaded!

Shara said...

Happy 100th post! DS was standing behind me when the cactus guy "popped" up. He said "OH THAT LOOKS PAINFUL". Ah, the innocence of youth. Loved learning about you!

Jane said...

This post was so fun! I used to live in Rochester, NY, but I never have heard of Niagra Chocolate. Must be a very Buffalo specialty. My in-laws live there now, I'll check when I am home in June. I also used to want to be a writer, was a magagazine junky, and feel better about most things because of blogging! Happy 100!

Cuba said...

I've never had a manicure (professionally) either. lol ;)

Put my name in for the giveaway, i'd prefer to win your collage over a manicure!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th Post. I too am fast approaching my 100th, I was searching the blog world to see what other people were doing for their celebrations and I found you.
But this has just proved to me how small this makes our big big world. I have just signed up for your spring fling swap that I found thru "sewlittlethyme" and now I have stumbled across you again. So again Happy Birthday to your blog. Hope we meet again.

Breanna said...

Happy 100th! I love the photo's on your blog...nothing like a good chuckle to start off the day. I am looking forward to the swap!

Katie Jean said...

congrats on your 100th post! I love reading your 50, I mean 100 things about you! I've never heard about that Niagra chocolate and half my family leaves near there. I'll have to ask them!

norththreads said...

Oh a contest here too! Yipeee! Thanks for entering mine!!!

Paula said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

I can totally relate with your nonfriendly past work environment. I'm not cut out to be a 9 -5'er either (thought I've sure been doing it alot of years!) One day (really soon, I hope!) I'll open my shop and you'll open yours. Go for it!!

Leigh Ann said...

Congrats, Lucy. 100 looks good on you!

Thanks for the swap support. I was just feeling low on how people are in this world. But today I'm ready to swap again. It is just too darn fun to let others ruin my fun!

Cheers! LA

annie said...

Congrats on your 100th post, great information about you. I am very excited about gathering neat things for the spring fling exchange, yeah!
My Life as Annie!

Anonymous said...

100 posts! Congratulations miss jabbermouth!!! Heh heh heh!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th!!!
And I love your collages! You are so creative and talented - keep it up. I also love your idea about your own shop. I hope you can do that one day. Ideas, dreams, working with your hands, working from your heart, creating - all of these things will help you sail through life in good times and bad! Dinah