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Monday, March 19, 2007

Please Excuse Me If I'm Repeating Myself

So if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I've become enthralled with a couple of things lately....collages and
. I just can't control myself, I mean I can do other things but I'm obsessed with getting the collage thing right and I love the pretty look of the clipboards. I can sew, but I have this broken melted beast of a machine that doesn't wind bobbins and sounds like a mack truck going up a side of mountain on overdrive when you start it up so Ihaven't revved the baby up since Christmas when I made this tree skirt. I do watercolors as well, the cherry blossoms one of the last ones I've finished and really the only one I have right now beacause my whole collection was destroyed. I before Christmas I was obsessed with making delightful Christmas trays and did those & gave away a few for gifts, and sold a couple at work to my employees. I hope I didn't strong arm them into it..heheh. :)
The other thing you might know about me if you've been reading my blog, is that I have just ended relationship that has been really really draining on me. We were together for 3 1/2 years and ohhh..about 6 months into the relationship I realized he had a drug and alchohol problem. It's been a roller coaster ride ever since. He had been on the right path and then a series of events occurred this last month that threw me over the edge and convinced me that I can no longer help him, nor will I subject myself or the kids to this nonsense anylonger. You can't help someone that won't help themself. What's worse, when on a binge, they step on everyone in their path and don't look back. Enough is enough, right? This collage is a result of some of my doodlings and interpretations of what has occurred recently. Some of it's funny....I like to laugh a lot....some it's emotional...because that's how I've been feeling...and some of it's sacrcastic. I have this collage in my front foyer, and on the other wall is this collage. It is slowly becoming I am woman hear me roar room. Kinda funny to me.
Here is the finished product. I love my bald mime. Before I found this picture, I wrote, "I feel like pulling my hair out. But then I'd be bald. I look better with hair".....then I found the mime...oh perfect. Arrows after the saying point to the mime. That's how collages work, you may or may not start with an idea and suddenly it takes on a life of it's own. I am expriementing with different types of lettering and wording. I've never had wonderful penmanship so this is an exercise in art in and of itself. So liberating. I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I am.

And so I stopped off for a little lunch today, and I got to thinking. I really need to put a little effort into cutting out the carbs! Don't you think? I'll never fit into my bikini (HA) otherwise!

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Today I choose to eat chocolate because I can.
Tomorrow, is another day :)


P.S. This is post 99!! 100 and I 'm doing a give away. I may have to wait a few days between posts because Ineed to gather and make my goods before my posting. Confessions of a true procrastinator!


Paula said...

I like're collages are great. I've been thinking about jumping into the collage fun, but so afraid that mine will just be UGLY!! Who cares, I know where the garbage can is!
Chocolate it is...

Anonymous said...

I really think your latest collage picture is wonderful!! I've been reading your blog (and archives) for a bit - well, since the pink and green swap anyways - and it's interesting to see your work evolving!

Oh honey, yes. Life is weird and so random. But everything in life happens for a reason they say. I believe it with my whole heart. Or is it hole heart? Heh heh.

Leigh Ann said...


Great post! I feel like I'm all caught up on you and I haven't touched your archives - LOL!

Love your collages. You might have sparked something over here in the pink kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cheers! LA

Heidi said...

Go ahead and roar. It's good for you!

Jane said...

I too have been inspired by you to create a collage. I have a box where I am gathering possible stuff. We'll see where it leads. Glad you are sounding so strong and healthy! Take care of yourself!

Colleen said...

roar baby ROAR! ;)

LeeAnn said...

You have a talent with collages. That's one thing I have not tried to so. I feel its beyond my capabilities.