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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When you need Strength, Create....

If you need Strength, to get through another day, where do you pull it from? When you look out the window and see the dawn of a new day's sun, do you breathe in the beauty of what can be with each new beginning you have been given? Do you truly see the flower of creativity that you cultivated with every project you start and even more so with those that you finish? Does it empower you? Do you grow stronger because you have listened to whats within you and given life to your idea? I hope's all part of the journey and it truly does gives you Strength to go on another day. Go on, and discover what else is within you. Make each day count.



Mizfixit said...

I'm so glad you said that. After the day I had today (you were sweet enough to let me gripe), the only thing that was left for me to do to redeem it was to create! Off I went to my floral class...I played with the flowers...the teacher liked my work. YAY! I felt so much better :) Each day at "the day job" is one day closer to the dream........

(I posted a pic of my creation. Let me know what you think!)

linda t said...

So true Lucy!
I am rediscovering so many of the things that gave me peace & joy years ago... but I had put on the shelf while raising my kids. The blog community has ignited in me those creative passions! Yah!

Jennifer said...

Crafting is definitely empowering - I don't think you get it unless you actually try it. To look at something and say, wow, I did that, makes you feel pretty good about yourself (even if the little something you made is lopsided and only took 5 minutes to make). I think this is especially true when it's your own idea, pattern, etc. Thanks for your words of truth and inspiration.

Jane said...

I used to be super crafty before I became a teacher. Teaching kinder and 1st grade fullfilled my creative needs because I had to create so much for my classroom. Now that I teach the older grades and a heavily scripted program at that, I have found a renewed interest in creating art. Sewing for the Pink and Brown Swap was so much fun and I realized after a few hours how absorbing it was too. I really was able to be immersed in the project and forget the my stresses for the day.

Lucy said...

Mizfixit--I can't believe you made that creation in class, it's lovely. Everyone go check it out :) Crafting really is our own therapy to get through those rough spots! There's worse things we could be doing!

Linda, so glad you are finding your peace and joy again as well. It's amazing how we come full circle with our creative selves. So often it's engrained early....left off for several years....then rediscovered again, just when we need it the most :)

Jane, I'm with you, I've had jobs before where you HAVE to be creative so the home creativity slacked, but now, we are pretty much on the straight and narrow at work although we spice it up whenever we can in other ways to fuel our creativity...but's the at home creativity that really eases my stress quotient. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!

Jennifer, I matter how big or small your creation is, it feels good to give it life because it's a part of you imperfections and all.

Thank you all for your kind comments and thoughtful words :)


Shirlee said...

I need the strength to keep going with a project. I start out all gung ho but the minute I put it down, that's it. I have to force myself to continue on and finish. I think I'm just too critical of myself and am afraid it won't turn out as I envisioned. Well, that's my self analysis. LOL. :)

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

You go girl! You're really kickin' with those altered canvases!

ArtsyMama said...

I love this!!!! Gorgeous:)