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Sunday, February 18, 2007

2 dollar Thrifts and a 180 dollar Key

I have been seriously uncrafty this week so
figured I'd show a WIP and a peek at what
I want to do, and what I've been reading,
and heck, let's show you what the other
half has been up to. There's not alot of
men featured in our little "thrift/craft"
blog circuit, so why not give this one
15 minutes of "fame".

Over here to the right (hopefully to the right....I can't cut and paste these pics for the life of me without causing a "microsoft error" which shuts down blogger)------>a Easter looking Ribbon Topiary, similiar to one I did here which I found through Heidi's post back in the fall.

As for reading, I've slacked off on my novel reading and have been poking around my favorite magazine, "Country Living" (who doesn't love this magazine???)--the March issue doesn't disappoint. I love the extra idea notebook when you flip the magazine to the back turn around. In it, is featured 9 crafty women enterpeneurs and peeks into their businesses. I actually wanted to read more of their stories but, alas, with the limitation of a magazine, we only get a snippet of their world. Also featured is a website I have found interesting in the past, Ladies who Launch. Check it out for tons of inspiring ideas for us Ladies with lofty ideas of starting our own business!

This weekend was bad bad bad for thrifting. My only two finds. I spent a total of two dollars for this crochet doilie, and a metal cone to add to my Americana craft room. Disappointing! Wahhhh. Come spring, come soon!

My other half doing what he does best, work on cars. My car in particular always seems to need work. Here he is, changing my oil and whammm he calls me and says come take a look. Uggghhh just what I want to do, look at whatever it is that is going to cost me more money! Of course, yes, more bad news. I need axles. Not one but two. Lucky thing is he can do them for me or they'd cost 400 dollars up town. I'll get by with just the parts (165.00). I hope that does it for the car repairs. My one and only key was lost this week and would you believe it cost me 180.00 (well he paid for that because he lost it)???? What a racket! Not only that, I had to wait 6 days and pay for a car rental to get it as there wasn't any Nissan dealer with a back up key anywhere in the neighboring states (how can that be). Ugghhh. I guess that's why I haven't been crafty this week, I could barely get to the store to get supplies (hahaha....not funny!).
Here's to a better week in crafting, thrifting and cars!
PS----check out the flickr site posted on the right of my blog for UPDATED Pink and Brown swap photos!! Wow---everyone did an awesome job! Thank you for participating!


Heidi said...

180???? Was it one of those fancy electronic keys? Wow. I'm going to make copies of mine, just in case.

You're lucky to have your own personal mechanic, :()

stellarjoolz said...

I totally agree that spring isn't coming around fast enough. And wow!....$180 what? That's crazy for a key.

I hope you have a better week with crafting, thrifting and cars! :-)

Bee said...

UGH... cars... I need 2 new tires and brake pads replacing. Imagine how much fabric I could buy instead!

Love your purple topiary ribbon tree. That looks like fun to make. May the thrifting fairies smile on you next week ;)

ShoezyCakes said...

Sorry about your car, good thing your hubb is handy! Here's to a better week, and I love your soon to be topiary!!

Heidi said...

I love the colors you chose for the topiary! So pretty together!