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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Confessions of an Addict (thrift addict that is ;)

DS Gearing up for his first solo Motorcycle ride. He's had this for 2 Christmas's now, so he's a little too big for it....but that didn't stop him!

First, let me say that I am seriously
jonesing yard sale time of year. I really miss the thrill of looking through Friday's paper and plotting my route around the neighboring 3 or 4 towns. Which town to start in depends on who has the biggest and best amount of goods to share...errrr, or that can translate to who has written the most enticing ad.

Also the decision on where to start our Tour De Sale depends on the cluster. By that I mean, so as to not loose a whole lot of valuable yard sale time, I look for a cluster of houses having sales close together, so we are not driving around all tarnation, trying to find an an elusive house, while the other hounds are out snagging MY purchases at all the good sales. :)

<---Lesson one, must give gas (but not tooo much Mom says from the wonder why I take blood pressure medicine).

It didn't take long for him to figure
it out, he zoomed around the 2 acre
yard for hours. When I say hours,
I mean HOURS, from about 2 until
6 tonite!

Well today, the cluster consisted of 2 houses. WAHHHH. Why bother???? Well, I do believe I bother because I am like a junkie for thrift items. I seriously get upset if I can't go to a yardsale on Saturday, I get even more upset if I can't find one that I really want to go to, and I get even more upset if I don't find anything if we do go out and about. The next big sale is all I can think about sometimes. HELP ME. Is there a 12 step program for thrifters?? I might need to sign up if there is.
DS managed to go several hours, with just a few tumbles and only one injury. He begged me not to put his injury on the "INNER NET", so I obliged (it was a barely red, no scratch that, barely pink scratch on his thumb). :) Here he is covering it up. The picture I left out was a close up. Truthfully I left it out because it was a close up that showed his dirty (long nails....note to self, must trim his nails tonite) nails.
There were a few bright spots in my thrifty day (morning), I found a ton of magazines I considered selling on Ebay all for 10 cents. Old Vogue from the 70's and a years worth of photography magazines from 1996, as well as 10 Early American Life magazines from the 70's and early 80's. I checked Ebay though when I got home and none are really selling for that much so it probably isn't worth my time. I will use them for my collage art that I'm getting into as I am in DIRE need of images. Most of my magazines are current and not really the old vintagey style that I want for my next works. Oh...and I found a bunch of vintage sheet music that I thought would work for my art. The man selling the music gave me some buttons and rick rack for free. I must have looked sad for not finding everything I wanted today and he gave my some thrifty charity to brighten my day. Nice. Love it when that happens. I'll put my poochy face on more often if it works!

<-----Looky here. My other half's Mother is a weaver at a fabric mill nearby and she made this fabric recently. She gave me a few yards of it as well as the end of the roll which is just plain goldish/greenish/pink with out the pattern. Can you see it on the right of the picture?? I'm going to use that part for a back of some pillows, and of course the patterned part for the front. Ahhhh the art of making pillows. They make me feel like I am a true sewer....heeehee.
Since my couch is a jade green, the pink will cheer it up for SPRING...I need more color in my life. So in my yard sale pursuits, and other thrifty ventures, I shall seek things to brighten my world. Oh, and items to work in my collage art. Okay...thriften with a purpose. I feel better now. Even though I'm still jonesing for Spring, I have a purpose for going now, so my addiction is not without some direction!
Follow up on my key situation---the 180 was broken down into 90 something for the key, another 80 something for "programming" it (apparently there's a computer chip in it), and 10 dollars for some mysterious other thing they did.
Hope the thrift and craft muses are with you this week as we travel onward in our creative and frugal journeys!


Jennifer said...

Your son is so adorable - something especially cute about trying to ride/play on a toy that they have clearly outgrown. That pink and green fabric is gorgeous. I can't believe that your mother is a weaver - how cool and her work is phenomenal (and lucky you to be the recipient of her handiwork) - I think they sound like the perfect pillows to brighten up a couch for spring - post pics. Good luck with your upcoming thrifting - I hope your cravings get satisfied soon.

Paula said...

Looks like your little man had a wonderful day. Remember those times when you felt so free for the day? What fun!
That fabric is beautiful. Can't wait to see the pillows you whip up.

Colleen said...

Uh oh time to upgrade his wheels mama! ;). I need a thrift 12 step program as well but not sure I want to participate hee hee.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful fabric! Lucky you!

Yah mom, he's ganna be wanting a bigger engine soon :)

linda t said...

I hear ya... I sooo have to get my weekly thrifting fix!
And I don't even have to come away with a ton... just a little one dollar find is sooo satisfying... actually thrilling! I need so little to keep me happy! Just some deals here & there!

Heidi said...

Free rick rack? Sounds like a successful day to me!