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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something For You, and Something for Me

Happy Almost Valentine's Day! In honor of this Sweet holiday, I made you some cupcakes using these . It was the first time I've seen these cute little foil tins, so I had to pick them up so me and my handsome model (see next pic)--could try them out. One word of advice, don't fill the cups more than half way full, or you will have crawling heart cupcakes in your oven. Guess how many of those we made?? LOL Too many.

My next work in progress is another collage like the one's I made for the Pink and Brown swap. I liked them so much, I had to do one for our house, too. This one is going to be called Strength. I think it took all of my "model's" strength to hold up the canvas here. It was almost as big as him! Using this technique that I first discovered over at Artsymama's blog, you add about 8 or 9 different layers using a variety of techniques (shading, sanding, stamping), and a variety of art mediums (paint, pastels, marker, etc), as well as add photos, type from old books, magazines), then you add some sort of 3D element and some sort of pattern. The way she describes the process, you add to the fun by taking these 8 or 9 different techniques and art mediums and write them out on slips of paper, then pick them out one by one and that determines your placement of your layers. I'm not using the pick a technique method, just because her original order seems to be a good way to layer the project so I'm basically doing it in the order she had described in her tutorial. All in all, very cool to experiment and loads of fun!

Here are the finished pieces which I sent to my two swap partners: Jen (Jen's posted a few pics of the swap box I sent her...go check it out and her FAB craft room. She's got some way cool items stashed in her nifty space), and Jenn:)

Here's a little peek of a WIP I just finished, stay tuned for the rest of the pics sometime next week as this one's going out in the mail Thursday to another cool friend who shall remain nameless until then :)

I hope if you were in the Pink and Brown swap, you've had the chance to take a look over at the flickr gallery set up for your swap packages. There's a ton of really neat packages already featured, but I know there are more out there yet to be please keep checking back and if you haven't uploaded your pics to get your camera, curious minds wanna see your loot! I've seen so many cool ideas to put in my to do list, if only there were 8 days in a week and 25 hours in a day.....sighhh :)

Happy Valentine's Day!



Shabby in the City said...

I saw your banner dilemma at Heather Bullard's...I can probably help you. I finally got mine up after a lot of blood, sweat and tears! Come see if you like it. Do you have a banner, or do you need one made? I love making them! Free of course.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh yummy cupcakes! I've never seen the Reynolds link before so cool beans :)
Happy Valentines to you and the cute little Cupid "model"

Thank you for visiting me for valentines too :)

Paula said...

Those collages look like so much fun! I'm going to have to try one after the house sells, after we move, after I finish one million other projects....
Happy Happy Valentines Day!

An Odd Duck said...

Happy Valentine's Day - a day late. I just noticed that I had your link listed on my blog as "sweat repeats" ugh. haha. I'm so sorry. It is changed now :).

jen said...

hope you had a lovely valentines day!

Shirlee said...

Your cupcakes look so yummy. I've had a cupcake craving for weeks now, but seeing them and not eating is a lot less fattening. ;)

ShoezyCakes said...

Mmmmm Cupcakes! I LOVE your collages, the second one is my absolute favorite, its awesome!

Christy said...

Your heart tins are neat. Looks like you had fun making them. The art is cool too! Did it take you very long to do?

stellarjoolz said...

Happy belated valentine's day! I love collages and I especially like the second one. It's so pretty! Keep up the great work!