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Friday, February 09, 2007

Holy Sweet Swap Goodness!

See, I told you my luck is changing, at least as far as goodies in the mail luck goes!! Holy toledo, would you check out the Pink and Brown Swap goodies sent from one of my swap partners *I had two*, Jen at Simply Gigi Designs. She sent the most amazing assortment of goodies, everything a girly girl could ever want and more, opening her package was like uncovering a treasure chest as there were goodies every where I turned, tucked away in trinket boxes, more in bags, sweet items wrapped all with loving Pink and Brown care. Thank you Jen, I truly love all my goodies. :) Dancing Happy P&B dance!

<------Her thrifted item was this adorable Bear And she sent 2 satiny soft pillows that are just too cute! Here's PB Bear again, what should I name her??
Lookie, lookie, more P&B loot-I just adore the gorgeous frame, it's hard to see in my pick, but it has a luscious dark wood, matted pink print, and a peekaboo picture in the center. Love it. :)

I'll attempt to list some of the items, I'm sorry if I miss anything:
2 pillows, pb bear, pink yarn, a sweet pack of pink pens, 3 goodie bags full of paper crafts, embellishments, scrapbooking tape in pink and brown, note cards, tags, paints, list pad, pins, buttons, ribbons galore, flowers, metal decorating topiary tree, heart pin cushions/stuffies, pink pail, double sided wrap in pnk and brown, more tags, the cutest heart pins, oh my gosh....I know I'm forgetting bunches, but just know that this gift came at the best time. I had a crappy crappy day today.....which I won't bore you here with....but just know, that as I sit here typing up my post and looking at all my lovely items, I have tears in my eyes at the generousity shown to me by my swap partner. HUGE HUGS, it couldn't have come at a better time! Thank you JEN!!
More Pink and Brown news: Please post your photos on our Flickr group for everyone to enjoy!! You all are so wonderfully crafty and creative, it was a pleasure co-hostessing this swap!
Keep your eyes and ears open for a new swap coming this Spring with Rebecca-I hear she's digging up some ideas for you all to hop on our swap wagon with!! We'll give her a little time to get married and go on her honeymoon, then after she returns we will have her dish out the dirt and plant the swap seed for everyone to partake in!! ((((HINT HINT))))) :)


Mizfixit said...

WOW! What a lovely swap package! I'm twitching with anticipation to see what my swappy friend sent me... :)

Sorry to hear you had such a crappy day...hope today is much, much better!

MéLisa said...

Wow great package! Sorry that you had a crappy day but what a great package to come home to! I have really enjoyed this swap & would defiantly take part in another one if it comes to be in the future. (hint hint!).

Heidi said...

OK, I get the hint!

I haven't ever posted to Flickr yet, but this is a good excuse to learn. My swap partner emailed to say she's a bit late so it may take a few days.

Christy said...

Great swap stuff Lucy! Aren't you lucky. How about naming the bear Dorothy, but call her "Dot". Corny, I know!

stellarjoolz said...

wow! you made out like a bandit. I see lots of pink and brown goodness goodies :-). how many times can i say thank you and rebecca for all the work you guys did to organize the swap. i'll say it one more time!!!!!!! you guys did an awesome job. can't wait for the next swap!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Love all your swap stuff - that satin pillow is gorgeous. Though I didn't participate, I really enjoyed seeing everyone's pics of their swap goodies.

Shirlee said...

I do believe that you hit the pink and brown jackpot. The bear is adorable and so many crafty items to play with. Lucky Lucy! :)

flanthrower said...

What great goodies. Thanks for helping to organize the swap. It was a blast.