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Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday's Clutter Becomes Suddenly Clearer, and So Does My Head

If rainy days are for shopping and organizing, well then, I had a pretty good Sunday. Above you can see my MESSY, oh yeah ( messy is an understatement), desk. And below, you can see a transformed corner of my desk. Saturday, I spent hours cutting up old magazines I bought at a thrift store for 10 cents each and suddenly I realized, where in the heck am I going to put all of these images and words so I can find them (somewhat) easily?? Hello Sunday ads. I visited a couple of websites since I was too lazy to go out and get the paper and found A C Moore's ad had some versatile photo boxes, 5 for 10.00. Not too shabby. I definitely thought those would be worth putting in 10.00 in gas to go up to Fayetteville and browse around the crafty wonderland. Heck, I might as well see what else was within reach ,too, as long as I was in the neighborhood. I had a Target gift card burning my pocketbook up for the last 2 months, wasn't it about time I put the card out of it's misery??? I thought it was. I found so much I wanted....but restrained myself and just bought a few odds and ends there (some cute pastel bowls, hand towels, some foil egg cupcake tins, much like my heart tins, among other things), and with the gift card I purchased a printing program that I'm not sure I like, but maybe I just haven't quite figured it out yet.

The photo boxes worked well separating the different categories of my pictures and other misc. images. And my desk looks soooo much better! I also picked up a copy of this LOVELY magazine (dang when I went to go copy the link, the new March and April issue is out...note to self, must go and purchase that, too...I have the Jan/Feb issue), to inspire me on my collage frenzy I'm now on. I can not wait to try out some new techniques. There is just an abundance of beautiful artwork in this publication. Heck, anything is new to me since I've only done 4 collages and have another 2 started (see background paintings coming to life in the picture).

Here's what I was up against....I started cutting these magzines, sorting and resorting again. This was the first time I've ever flipped through Town & Country magazine. I know why now. Give me Country Living anyday! Geesh..hoity toity magazine if I ever seen one. The Early American life has some great pictures that I'm either going to scan or cut...or both for the collages, too.

As if I didn't have enough work, I decided to start sorting my buttons, but since I only have three jars to put them in, they really aren't sorted all that well. In this small one I combined black, grey, silver, and white. Looks sweet but empty...must find more buttons.

This week, Sarah has posted her newest baby, and even thought it's giving her a little bit of back talk, I know she is going to love it when it's really up and running. Here's a pic of my beast and why I don't do more sewing. Number one, it's broken. It was uncovered in my bedroom during the fire last summer and it melted on top, not too mention it has some ingrained smoke soot that I couldn't get off, see the seam changer....and it no longer winds bobbins. But it does work, believe it or not. The last thing I sewed though was at Christmas because it just doesn't perform well enough for me to get excited about sewing. I really need a new one....Sarah's post got me thinking about the possibilities. I mean I don't need top of the line (oh yeah..that's the other thing, this is definitely in the cheap seats of the sewing machine category, just your plain old Mary Jane sewing machine, no bells and whistle's).....anyway, I don't need top of the line because I probably wouldn't use all the different features since I have only basic skills, but I could use one that's slightly better, heck if it winds bobbins again, I will be thrilled to pieces!
So that was my Sunday, I probaly took more ME time than I should have but I kinda needed to be alone in my own little world. Like I said in a previous post, when we need strength, we should create. When we want to feel clear headed, organize before you create (and then watch out world), hopefully I will be good as new soon.


Sarah and Jack said...

I think that all too often people buy the cheapest sewing machine they can, and then give up in frustration because it never works properly. It is definitely better to save your pennies and go for a low end machine in a respected brand, or to try and find a good one second hand. (Although, I do hear good things about that $189 Brother from Costco.)

I was browsing that Somerset thing while we were waiting for a new sewing machine today. I am so NOT a paper person I think. Give me fabric anyday!

AnastasiaC said...

this is what I need to do - just sort all my craft/paper supplies and I totaly agree a clutter free work space means a clutter free mind!
I love USA Country living, ive been subscribing for two years...great mag!!

Christy said...

Sounds like you've been very productive! My MIL is visiting, so I've gotten NOTHING done recently. I did however get a new rotary cutter and cutting board. Woo hoo! MIL goes home tomorrow, so look out crafty stuff, here I come!