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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trouble with the Pink and Brown! YIKES

Pink and Brown inspiration everywhere!! I just picked up the latest copies of these two magazines and they are loaded with many images of our honorary swap colors...whoooo hoooo!! I need some inspiration as I'm have TROUBLE with a capital T finding my thrift items. Do sale items count in our thrift adventure criteria of the swap?? huh huh,, can we make an exception?? TEEE HEEE?? Don't tell Rebecca I said that she may throw rotten tomatoes for stirring up trouble or bending the rules :)

From Mary's magazine, I was inspired to start this little work in progress so I thought i'd give you a peek at my not so master piece!! Did you notice it has some pink and brown in it????? Hmmmmm wonder what I'm making this for?? No, it really isn't part of my swap. Or is it?? I can't tell you because I don't even know. I'm having anxiety attacks over making anything for anyone. I don't know what I was thinking..LOL. I hope everyone is having fun with the swap, not loosing too much sleep over the craft part and having oodles of luck finding their thrifted items (Okay, okay, so I need to walk my own walk....). Maybe the Mojo force will be with me this weekend, till next time.......have a wonderful day!



Sarah and Jack said...

So, what did you think of that issue of Home Companion? I don't like the new layout AT ALL. It is so jumbled up it makes my head spin, and I can't tell articles from advertisements.

Lucy said...

Sarah-I agree, some of the advertisements did look a lot like the articles, and I'll be honest...I don't buy this one every month like I do Country Living, so I was going more for some inspiration and not so much because I need to have it every month. Domino, it's grown on me now. I never used to get it but lately it's been getting better in it's content. :)

Shirlee said...

I don't think I've ever seen anything pink when out thrifting but then again it's not a colour I'm drawn to. Maybe you'll have some success this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Martha Stewart went with a pink theme in her Feb issue too! Dig this, she's even got a photo in there with some man who's wearing brown and she's wearing pink. Tadah! The whole issues is pretty much pink.

stellarjoolz said...

I"m having lots of fun with my very first swap. Although, like you, I'm havin' a hard time thrifting something pink and brown.

Mmmmmmm, I love Domino. I've saved all of them since the first issue and lately I've been going through all of them for inspiration.

Whatever you're making for your swap partner, I'm sure, she'll love it!

Colleen said...

Having a hard time as well. I picked up a couple things but just not sure if they are really what I want to send.... Luckily we still have a bit of time. The "made" item I can totally see in my head I just need to gather up my supplies and do it which around here is the true challenge ;).

Good luck *sending you much thrifting mojo*


Christy said...

You've been tagged. Instructions are on my site posted under "A new game of tag".


Jane said...

I found a shirt that was pink and brown and so I repurposed it for my thrifted item. I have seen a few pink things but they haven't been all that nice. I know that as soon as I mail it all I will see pink and brown everywhere! lol!

AnastasiaC said...

Those mags look great!
Im almost done with my pink & brown sure makes you notice colours a bit more!