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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Show and Tell Day

The weather was slightly better for "saling" this weekend, not sure why more people didn't have their wares out and in full swing, I mean it IS the end of January isn't it?? What are they waiting for? Spring?? HMPH!

50 cents for this cute vase from Venezuela. Apparently the owners bought this on one of their trips. OR...I fell for their story! For 50 cents, I don't really care. I have a lot of oranges, and browns in my livingroom (which I'm starting to wish I didn't but that's another story).

I didn't buy a whole lot Saturday but I did catch a couple of good deals. I know Shara would be proud of (she loves the deals and writes the funniest tales of her thrifty adventures). I love in one excerpt she writes about what the neighbors must think of her hauling in bags from JC Penneys, Gap, in and day out. How dare she spend hundreds of dollars of her hubby's hard earned money at the mall??? Tooo funny, if they only knew of her great adventures for 10 dollars or less! I've often thought of the same, wondering what my two backyard neighbors must think when they see me pull around to the back of the house so I can sneak in my sliding glass doors rather than lug my finds down the driveway and up the deck and throughout the house. I'd rather pull up right by the door, walk up three steps and sneak all the goodies in boxes, bags and whatever I can carry on my head or in my hands without much notice. I can picture the neighbors shaking their heads about 12:30 every Saturday and saying, "Sheesh, she must have a real good job to be buying all that stuff every weekend!" If they only knew.....

I bought a couple more ice cream scoopers for less than a buck each. I love the old style scoopers more than the little thingy jiggy slider ones that are out in the gadget aisle. One of the scoops was purchased at this adorable thrift store I didn't even know existed in town. I only stopped because they had a sign that read 50% off, going out of business sale. Awwww....I hate to see places go out of business. They never advertised though....and if they had a sign outside, I never saw it and I have to ride by everyday going to town. I guess it's too late, but it's a shame because it was a cute store. I hope they wanted to close for personal reasons, not because they didn't get enough business.

Okay now on this one, I need some help. The Venezuelian travelers also sold me this huge roll of something or another. What is it?? I bought it for 2 dollars. I figured I could use it sewing for a backing of sorts, but I have no idea on the name and its proper usuage. The man said I could use it for sewing so I took his word for it. For all I know its insulation for a house, but I hope not!
On the Pink and Brown front....Tick tick tick, time to get your packages together and your crafts wrapped up! Mailing day is February 7th. Don't forget to get a shipping confirmation and email me with the confirmation numbers. (One lucky swapper has their package already on the way!!!! Laurie wins the Pink and Brown Crown for being so timely!!! YahooohooooI'm still stressing on a couple of things for my sweet partners. LOL Don't worry, I am getting things together and I'm sure you will be pleased even though I have a few more grey hairs now than when I started. This is the first time I've had to make anything for a swap, so I'm feeling the stress of exchanging something with another crafter to critique. I'm sure it will be all good, but geez Louise, the stress of will they like it, is it good enough is about to kill me!!
Last but not least, I love spending time visiting all of our Pink and Brown participants blogs. One lovely lady I visited this week (and am trying a project from) is ArtsyMama's blog. She is a wonderful artist!! I'm trying her collage tutorial and its alot of fun. She really knows how to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our friend and say hi!
Have a great week & may the Pink and Brown force be with you as the less than 2 week countdown begins.
P.S....Christy tagged me on my last post so stay tuned for a Try 5 post that she is featuring over on her blog. I have the results and will be posting mine next post :)


Sarah and Jack said...

The big roll of stuff looks like a heavy interfacing when I enlarged the photo. I use it to make purses, letter garlands, etc. (Except I usually prefer a fusible one.)

Shara said...

Holy Mackarolly! I about fell over when I saw my name and a little paragraph all about ME! Thank you! I would have snapped that vase up too - for ebay. It looks like a good one. I haven't been to a sale in two months or more. Can you say, Withdrawls? My swap package is all ready to go - can I mail it early????

Christy said...

You've got me itching to get out and do some bargain shopping. I haven't been to a thrift store all Winter. I'm looking forward to the garage sale season starting back up again too. Like the ice cream scoops and not sure about that paper roll? Did you ever figure that one out?

Shirlee said...

I thought the big roll looked like interfacing too. I like the vase, and for 50 cents you can't pass that up. And I have to agree with you re: the ice cream scoops. I have one that's a few years old but the old style design. However, the handle is the body of a penguin and the scoop is his head.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Thats sooo funny about the "bringing of stuff in" . Since i'm only spending 10.00 or less,I used to always sneak it in and put it in the closet for awhile ,if the hub asked if it was new,I'd say (rather sheepishly) "no, its been around for awhile".,but the gig is up now because I photograph my goodies ,and the hub reads my blog. No more fudging the thrifty truth.

Rebecca said...

LOL I totally thought that was toilet paper. :) Sorry I haven't been buy much, I'm in pink and brown hell (the wedding not the swap) JUST KIDDING! Sort of. Anyway, I did manage to get Peta's package in the mail today, no confirmation however, the price was high enough. :) Hope it turns up in one piece.

Lucy said...

Girls, it must be toilet paper or insulation, the votes are in!!! It's heavy, a little thicker than the store sheets of felt, kinds stiff but not overly stifff. So, anyway, I have a lot of it now and it's about 3/4 of the height of my door before you get to the knob if that gives you any clue of how big this roll is. It's about the size of toilet paper if you're a tryanasarus rex!

Lisa-lol-I'm sorry the gig is up!! Mine is too, but he's not quite as computer savy. I'm just running out of hiding places :)

Shara-why should you be surprised about a feature?? You posts are soo funny and entertaining!

Rebecca, I hope you are planning a long and relaxing honeymoon!

An Odd Duck said...


Thank you for the comment. I've been a blog lurker for quite a while now, and it is really great that starting my own has made me aware of so many others, like yours. I will be browsing this today for a while. I love seeing other peoples' finds.


Peta said...

Hi Lucy, I have posted Rebecca's parcel on Monday. Nearly fainted at the cost of postage! No tracking number, couldn't afford it after that!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :)

Bee said...

Yep, that is a biiiiiig roll of interfacing. I use it for stiffening bags and once in a blue moon for clothes sewing (lapels etc). There are various weights and quality, take a bit into a fabric store and you might be able to see what weight you have. I'm sure you could fin some other crafty ose for it - or maybe just sell it.