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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tagged for 6.....

My thrifty 25 cent basket put to use. I had no luck to at the thrift stores finding anything else for the Pink and Brown challenge so I figured I'd highlight a pic of one of my better buys just a few months ago during my hay days of yard saling. I love this basket, it hangs flush to the wall and is so sturdy. Hey you can't go wrong for a quarter now can you??? I was trying to catch up on some of my favorite blogs today and low and behold, sneaky Sarah tagged me for the 6 weird things about you meme. I know it's going to be a stretch to uncover anything really weird (brahhhahhhahaha) about me, but I'll give it the old college try. Good thing the other half is at work or this post would turn into the 16 weird things about Lucy.

1) I hate when my feet are not covered up when I am laying down. It absolutely drives me nuts to be in bed or on the couch and not have my feet covered up, no matter how hot it is here, I have to have something on my feet totally encasing them. Socks do not count as adequate covering material, it needs to be a blanket. I'm sure there's a psychological issue going on here that probably has a 21 letter name for my obsession but we'll just say it's my need to feel cocooned.

2) I've never had a manicure or a pedicure, not that I don't care about how my nails or tootsie's look, it's just that I never wanted to get into a routine that would cost me 25-50 dollars a month. Of course, I will go to Walgreen's every couple of weeks and blow about that much on makeup, magazines, their sale items, blah, blah, blah, but somehow that doesn't seem as narcissistic as getting my nails done.

3) Three of my best girlfriends and I, all had our first child within a month of each other back in 1994. Nancy, Lisa, Laura, and I- now don't even but true. After we had our kids, some of us changed jobs, some of us moved away from our home town, and now we have lost touch with each other. I guess we embarked on different paths after we had children.

4) I truly hate being a passenger in a car. It really doesn't matter who's driving, some people are worse than others but in almost all instances, it drives me nuts to have someone else drive. It gets to the point my heart palpitates, my nerves are torn up, I get agitated, I make wild hand and feet movement, and I literally feel sick if I am the passenger. Not that I'm the best driver in the world, but I'm in control and that's the point. I need to be in control behind the wheel. I am woman, hear me roar. LOL

5) Unlike some of my blog friends, I am addicted to music reality shows. Like American Idol and last seasons Rockstar Supernova. Last American Idol season I got extremely aggravated if I missed a show, I mean downright angry. I would NOT plan anything for Tuesday or Wednesday nite. I didn't vote at all on American Idol, but I did vote on the Rockstar Supernova show....probably because voting took place online and it was easier to do (although I only did it at the end when I got my internet service and new computer after the fire). Despite my best efforts (cheering, coaching from the couch, voting), neither of my favorites last season won. (I favored Chris on American Idol, and Dilana on RSN). LOL Okay, I'm a found me out.

6) I went to school to be a writer. I ended up being a retail manager, and now a banker. I did not excel in writing, though I had a love for it. I wanted to be a journalist, but did not want the low wages of a struggling writer. I did not have the discipline to write well on a regular basis. Thankfully, when you are an English major you have a lot of electives to take. Not too late in the game ,I started taking a lot of business courses. When I recognized the fact I didn't have enough money to keep extending my college stay and had to decide on something to do for the rest of my life, I embarked on a different path within my degree. I received B's in English courses, and A's or A pluses in International Economics, Marketing...even excelling in basic chemistry classes. I just could not discipline myself enough to keep going down the literary path, even though I had a love for the written word. I did graduate with honors, but not because of my English courses. I still have a creative side begging to get out most days, but not so much through my writing. I hang my head even writing this and admitting to what I studied in college as I know my writings are riddled with grammatical errors and less than illustrative words. Oh well, maybe fessing up to my change in paths isn't really weird, just one of the paths I landed on for some reason in my life that is yet to unfold. (Or maybe it has already....I didn't get into retail management, I might never have moved to North Carolina, and if I never had moved to NC, maybe I would not have met DS's father, and in that, maybe never had my youngest son...and so it goes).

There you have it, my 6 weird things. I am not sure who to tag next as I think many of you have already done this. How about my 2 swap partners??? Jenny and Jen, and my pal Paula?? Let's here from you girls, 6 weird things about you now :)


Sue said...

lucky lucky me, who has absolutely limited chances for a thrifty bargain has found the perfect pink and brown item for the swap. Cant say to much incase Anastasia reads this but I am stoked

Paula said...

hey weirdo! My weirds are now posted over at my site. I have found an awesome Pink thrift for the swap, but having a really hard time finding anything thrifty both pink and brown. The search continues...

jen said...

let's see.. i have what - two weeks to get things together for the swap? I don't even KNOW what to make for my partner. maybe i'll go wednesday night to the thrift store to find something.

stellarjoolz said...

Ha, I'm the total opposite with the feet thing. I hate them being covered, it makes me fidget and feel so uncomfortable, especially in bed.

On a swap note. I'm so excited about this swap. That's all I'm saying :-)

Bee said...

Yay, Rockstar SuperNova! That isn't wierd.... is it?!

Peta said...

I got one pink thing and one brown thing for the thrifting part. It was just too hard to find those things combined!
Lucy, I am doing this six weird things at the moment!