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Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday favorites and Knitting Woes

It's been a busy, trying, stressful, sickly, blah, blah, blah week so big shout out for TGIF!! Glad I have two days to recuperate before it all begins again. I went from having a great day off on Monday to puking all nite and you know what else that early Tuesday morning to playing catch up with work feeling less than 100%. During the few minutes to myself I could spare this week, I finished The Road to Home by Vanessa Del Fabbro. It was a great story of two strong woman from the same country with totally different life experiences who bond in a fateful meeting at hospital in South Africa. Despite their differences, their friendship changes each other's lives forever. It was an interesting point of view, spoken through both of the main characters. It also opened my eyes to the struggles in South Africa which although I of course have known about, I just really did KNOW about what life is like for those that live there. I'd like to learn more actually, and that's what is so great about books, the learning the evokes from the guise of play. This was one of my yard sale finds from a couple of months ago. So, I think I deserve a big pat on the back for getting ahead of my commitment of one book a month. Yippee! I'm starting Drowning Ruth, but haven't read too far into it, maybe a page and half so I am not sure you can count that as being started. Since this is my space we'll say it's started!

I'd thought I'd share every once in awhile a few of my favorite pics...these particular ones I've been playing with my picture program. If you haven't checked out Picassa 2, it's a excellent freebie. Actually unbelievable to me how nice it is for a free download. I

My DS is ohhh I think about 3 in this picture. One of the only times I could get him to wear a hat. We were at Carowinds for a day trip with Mom and Sister and her boys when they all came in and visited me in North my now long gone cramped two bedroom duplex.

Here's DS again 2 years later with HIS dog, Bailey (well, Bailey is actually Ken's dog) but since he moved in with us, it's now Josh's dog. I've never been big on pets, not that I don't love animals but we pretty much stopped having pets when I was going up after one drowned in our pool and then the next one we had ate all of my Mom's furniture. (Remember Bear, Mom??? LOL) Whatever happened to Bear?? I think it's one of those childhood memories that are regressed until something in your adulthood triggers a flash of memory....oh I think I remember, he was adopted by a family without furniture and but had a big yard. just kidding :)

I've been trying to knit and well, it's slow going and that's an understatement. I have ripped out the yellow yarn about 4 times. I tried to follow a pattern that had very simple instructions. Knit 4, Purl 4 (cast on 32 stitches), okay, so somehow I'm chugging along and I end up with about 86 stitches , no lie. I talked to one of my customers and she said that I must be doing a yarn over when I purl because that increases stitches. Okay, this is all Greek to me so I'm taking her word for it. I have no idea out to stop my increases, but if I ever want to make anything worthwhile, I better get the hang of it! Heidi sent me a swap package and it included a video on how to knit, and I really really got it, but somehow, putting it into play, I've lost it! I'm just posting this in case there's any fumbling knitters out there. Know that you are NOT ALONE!! I always feel better if I know I'm not the only one who struggles with something despite my best efforts!!

On to Pink and Brown news: I hope everyone has touched base with your partners to trade emails, addresses and tips about one another. If you haven't heard from your partner, please leave me a comment so I can get in touch with them or on Rebecca's blog and she'll do the same. I did get some goodies for my Partner(s) tonite. Whooo hooooo. I've been working on some crafts to for my peeps, but I'm having some troubles finding a good thrifted item. I have a few things I've picked up, because you know you can't walk by something when thrifting less you loose out on a good I have those goodies stashed away in case I decide to use them...they just aren't Pink AND Brown. I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on to make them

So for the weekend the agenda looks like Pink and Brown Thrifting, Pink and Brown Crafting, Cleaning my Palace, and hopefully some good ole cooking for my crew.

Till we meet again!



Jen said...

I did the same thing LOL I was taking the whole thing out, Im working on some more pillows. Im obsessed but im running out of fabric!

Thanks for the comment.

Heidi said...

Ask around: I bet there's someone at your workplace, neighborhood, gym or somewhere who knits and who could show you what you're doing wrong. I guess a DVD/video isn't a good replacement for a real person showing you how! Hang in there.

Shirlee said...

Lucy, you've got a new profile pic. Aren't you a hot chickie! The pic of your son and the dog is just too cute, the smile says it all.
I would love to learn to knit and quilt. But the knitting would probably turn into a disaster or the cats would have it all through the house.
Have fun thrifting. I haven't been in ages and it's killing me. I have be satisfied with seeing what everyone is scooping up for cheap.
Have a great weekend. :)

Jane said...

Love the pic of your son with the dog. His expression is so sweet!

Sarah and Jack said...

Your little boy and the dog are so sweet.

Mizfixit said...

Love the pic of your DS in the hat! He has that faraway, dreamy look that kids sometimes get and it's really hard to capture in a picture. Even better is that it's B&W. Remind me to bring you a photo/canvas/wall art project I tore out of a decorating magazine. This picture would be great for that project!!