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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sweet Swap Goodness!

Isn't this just the cutest button made by Green Baby and given to Angie from Norththreads in honor of our Pink and Brown Swap?? How I wish I could be tech savy like this and make something so cool. I might have to enlist some help from my bloggy buddies to share their knowledge of this "craft"

It looks like we have quite the turn out for participants! About 23 or so crafty, thrifty, creative ladies that are "Gettin' Down with Pink and Brown" . (editor's note....this number has grown since this morning with 4 more participants!)

And a couple of last minute bloggers joing in featured here .
One of our participants though had to drop out because she is doing this . I guess I understand! Wow, what an undertaking! Check out Heather's blog, her photo's are always wonderful.

Thank you to all the participants that are mentioning our swap, it's great to have such enthusiasm and if it's anything like the last swap that I participated in, you truly become friends with your partner and others that join in on the fun.

How is everyone coming with their New Year Resolutions or Goals? For me, it's been so so. One of my resolutions was to read at least a book a month and true to my word, I have started reading this book by Elizabeth Berg. It's funny sad and reminds me of some of things I have done in my own way after going through some relationship break ups over the years.
I stayed up last night reading until almost midnite. That's why I don't read as often as I should because once I start, I can't stop ! far as what else I said I would do, I'm trying to remember what it all was without going back and cheating by reading one of my lists. I mean, I feel bad that I can't just snap off everything I wanted to do without even consulting my list. If I truly meant my words, then shouldn't I have them ingrained in my head and heart?? I'm going to attribute my forgetfullness to overload from work, home, and other self imposed craziness going on, rather than my lack of conviction.
Oh..I know one thing I said I would do is be as patient at home as I am at work. How's that going? Well, not so good. I have had a few meltdowns that I am not proud of. Mostly centered around my other half that is now home after a long abscence. Not to say they weren't warranted but I wish I handled them differently so that resolution definitely needs some tweaking on my part. Blogging, reading, painting are all good stress relievers for me though so by turning to those things during my "moments", it's a great way for me to wind down from all the everyday pressures we face. (We, meaning, many of us if not all of us have some sort of vice that we use to wind down when the day is going rough or life gets crazy).
•Okay back to the swap, Rebecca has asked given me the task to assign partners so I will get your partners names to everyone this weekend if not sooner. Remember the ship date is January 31st. Please use shipping confirmation on your packages so you can give the info to the swap Hostesses and your partners. Remember to include one crafted item, one thrifted item, and a craft supply with the colors of pink and brown in your items. If you want to add a few extra items, that's okay, too...but not required. :) Have fun and looking forward to seeing pics of everyone's packages!


Paula said...

Are you kidding? Make one of those adorable buttons? I can't even seem to figure out how to get someone else's on to my site. I know, pathetic huh!?
I'm so looking forward to this pink and brown swap. Can't wait to get my partner! FUN!
New Years Resolutions? What resolutions?!

Jane said...

I am the same way with's nothing or non-stop! That's why I like to read on planes, because I have the time to usually finish a whole book or almost all of it. Looking forward to the Pink and Brown Swap. I have been thrifting like crazy looking for just the right thing. I found a shirt that has the coolest pink and brown print. Somehow I will repurpose that. Looking forward to a crafty weekend!

Heidi said...

I love Elizabeth Berg. She has some great books. Looking forward to finding out my swap partner!

Shirlee said...

I too wish I knew how to make all those cute little siggies and things.

I'll be watching the swap from sidelines. Looking forwards to the parade of goodies. :)

ellia said...

best wishes on your swap!!!! sounds divine!! and i am glad you liked the button :) it was a pleasure to do!