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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not so Thrifty Saturday

Today, I was hoping to report all sorts of thirfty items purchased on my first yard sale excursion of 2007, but unfortunately I came home empty handed and hugely disappointed. It's been unusually warm here, even for North Carolina (around 70 degrees) for the last few days. When I picked up the paper on Friday, it looked as the the yard sale season was starting out with a bang with many people taking advantage of our warm weather surge. However, either because I got up and at them late, or because people really did not have much to sell that I was interested in, I didn't purchase anything. So, I did what every girl would do that is intent on getting SOMETHING when they are out shopping, I went to an actual brick and mortar store and intended on using one of my gift certificates received from my birthday. We are at the register, with our items (an area rug that I had been wanting and some sewing supplies) when the lights go out, the registers go down and go figure no manager in site to figure how to get the store back online. I looked at Ken, he looked at me, and we laughed at our luck. We just left our cart because it was impossible for them to even ring up our purchases let alone pay with a gift card. I guess this means it wasn't meant to be yesterday.

I came home and did some more work on my new painting. I don't quite have the skills of this artist , but getting back into the swing of things is building my confidence again after a long break from the brushes. In 2007, I WILL do more paintings and try more techniques. I plan to photograph my progress as I chug along for you to see who things come together, at least how I make them come together.

We are having a great response for the Pink and Brown Swap , there's still time to sign up if you haven't already. Looking forward to seeing all of your creative & thrifty skills come together for this swap in honor of Rebecca's wedding and Valentine's Day!

Painting is a messy craft. I "marked" my blue jeans up and my arms and my shirt and my desk. I get into my work in other words!


Mizfixit said...

If your cherry blossoms look this wonderful now, I can't wait to see the finished painting!!!! I keep looking at the water in the vase and how it looks so real! Keep the WIP photos coming...this painting is going to be lovely :)

Sean Carter said...

The paintings look really nice....sure tells about all the creativity in keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the paintings....and hey if you really want some unique ideas for Valentines Day be sure to drop by my blog sometime and enjoy all that's there!!!

norththreads said...

Your painting is beautiful!!!! A friend made us a button for your swap You can go to my blog & copy & paste it & tell everyone, if they'ed like to put it on their sidebar!

Shirlee said...

I really enjoy seeing your artwork. You're so creative. I'm looking forwards to seeing what everyone gets in their swap.

Rebecca said...

Your painting is already so lovely! I'm glad to see you are getting back to the brushes. :)