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Thursday, January 11, 2007

And the Swap Partners Are:

While Rebecca's away, the co-hostess will play. I hope I have all the links right and everyone that wanted to swap on the list!!! I am going to post this first and then work on the emails to everyone this weekend. I am proud to even be able to link this list...LOL....(thanks to Mizzfixit who taught me a few months ago...and now has given me instructions to link a button, so I am going to give that a whirl as well on this post).

Rebecca and Peta

Selena and Heidi S.

Mizzfixit and Claire **change in partners

Heidi and Melisa

Jane and Laurie

Sarah and Tiffaney

Sara and Kristine (Kristine, do you have a blog, website, or flickr photos I can link???)

Paula and Kari

Sue and

Tia and Laura W (Laura, do you have a blog, website, or flickr photos I can link?)

Angie and Raesha

Ranae and Plongstocking

Chris and Joolz

Karrie and Jan

Colleen and Mom

Jen and Maureen (Maureen, do you have a blog, website or flickr photos I can link?)

Lucy and Jen ,

Shara and Christy

I am still waiting on word from a couple of people on their blog links to clarify whose website is whose and in addition, I have one latecomer that may join so if that is the case, instead of the last three of us doing a round robin, we will split the threesome up. I will update everyone as soon as I find out about our last person.

We can hardly believe the huge response!! There is a such variety of crafty, thrifty, and creative folks on this list. I think we will have a great swap! I'm so looking forward seeing everyone's goodies

Just a reminder on the rules:

•One craft item in the theme colors

•One thrift item in the theme colors (or if you can't find that one or the other color will suffice.....or if you are really creative, maybe repurpose that item into the swap theme.

•A craft supply (or supplies if they are small) in the them color (ex-fabric, paint, yarn, thread, ribbons, stickers, silk flowers) use your imagination

A lot of times swappers get creative, and throw in some odds n ends, like candy, books, etc...which is fine too if you want to, but it's not neccesary.

Rebecca asked to extend the swap because of her mounting obligations with the wedding coming up so the NEW end date is FEBRUARY 7th.

We want to be sure everyone gets their package on time and keep track of swap until completion, so please use shipping confirmation and send me and your partner the number once your package is shipped. Swaps are a lot of fun if everyone holds up to their commitment, so please be fair to your partner and communicate if you can't ship in time.Keep in mind, if you are shipping internationally, even to Canada, you may want to check with your post office for what may or may not get through the borders so you package does not get delayed (or dismantled!) Communication is key!! Feel free to visit eachother's blog & email to get to know your partner so that you can taylor some of the package to fit their personality & find out what they like and dislike. If you don' thave a digital camera to take pics of your swap package, let your partner know so we can have a pic sent at the end of the swap and perhaps have a Flickr album created. Have fun!! Be creative! May the Pink and Brown force be with you all!!

Reminder, I will email everyone this weekend with your partner information.


**Editors note 1/13/07 We could still use one more partner if anyone else wants to join that way there is an even number. I had to change one partner because she was added to the list inadvertently, so I am still shy one person even though we gained Claire (Welcome, Claire!) :) Please leave a comment if you'd like to join up.
****Note: Everyone should now have received an email from me announcing your partner. Please trade addresses with your partner, and if you don't mind, send Rebecca and I your snail mail addy so we can keep our lists uptodate with everyone's info. The question came up on dollar amount to spend. Rebecca didn't leave me with those guidelines (YIKES, HELP) so I would say chat with your partner and come up with an agreed amount (I would say 20-25 dollars is typical for a swap), more or less depending on what your craft project is. Give your partner a few days to reply back as this is the weekend and some may be away with the long holiday. If you haven't heard from your partner by Wednesday, please email Rebecca and I so we can get up with them!

Happy Swapping

•1-15-07 Note: Last minute changes to welcome our last swapper to make it an even number swap: Jen from Simply Gigi Designs. She came to us via Sarah at Mama and Jack, so everyone please welcome her and visit her blog :)


Rebecca said...

Wonderful! I am so excited for this swap. Thank you again for helping me put it all together. :)

Heidi said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Lucy and Rebecca! I'm totally excited for this swap! :)

ArtsyMama said...

Wooohooo....lets get this party started:) Yes, I have a blog at and flickr at
I will try and email these to Paula as well. You can certainly link my blog on your post if you'd like. Thanks!

Sarah and Jack said...

RE: the dollar amount, since one of the requirements is a thrifted item, and the other is a handcrafted item, I think it is impossible to decide on a dollar amount (some thrifts are more pricey, some people have a huge crafting stash, etc.). Also, some folks are going to have to ship overseas.

Lucy said...

Good points Sarah, thanks for the feedback. It is hard to set an amount with a swap like this :)


AnastasiaC said...

Hi Lucy
this should be fun!!

here is my email
aa.christou at optusnet dot com dot au


Paula said...

Hey Lucy ~ thanks for all of your hard work on this!

Colleen said...

Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for letting me play :)

stellarjoolz said...

Hey everyone,
I'm excited about this swap, my very first one. Thanks to Rebecca and Lucy for organizing it and for all the hard work.

Here is the link to my new blog, that was started because of this swap. It's all Rebecca's fault :-)

Lucy said...

Colleen and Joolz have been updated! Yeah Joolz for taking the plunge into Blogdom, LOL! Looking forward to checking your blog out!

I can honestly say, I am getting consumed in viewing all our swap partners sites, what a variety of interesting and wonderful new friends we have out their in cyberland!

cheers! lucy

norththreads said...

Whho Whoo I have a partner!!!! Let rolllllll!!!

Alexandra said...

Came over here from Shara's blog. Your swaps look like time to find stuff myself, but I'll enjoy watching all your finds! Nice blog...enjoy reading it. :)