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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blossoming Again

It am determined to stop starting projects and not finishing them, so to prove to you that I actually finished my painting, here is the proof in the pudding. Phew, now I don't feel quite as guilty about my other 52 things I have going but not even close to being done. All I am missing is my frame. So, does that mean it's not done??? Just when I was feeling good about myself, geesh.... :) Here is the first stage of the painting, and now this:

I was considering using this for a gift, but it didn't turn out quite as I wanted. I think I'm my own worst critic, but there was another underlying reason I want to keep it. It's the first painting I've done in a long long time and it's kinda symbolic to me now. Almost like, I can do it, I'll get better, and it's time to "blossom" again. Stay tune for more not so much :)

Christy posted a challenge to visit 5 blogs that you may have missed otherwise with your normal 'surfing', so the way to do it is to take the fifth blog on your list, click it, then go to the 5th on their list-then post that blog. I ran into a couple of dead ends, so I tried going from the bottom of my list but all in all, I found a couple of new and interesting blogs. Here are my blog spotlights:

Little Birds
All Sorts
Be Mused
Tree Fall Designs
Liquid Paper

So, who should I tag next for this interesting experiment?? How about:

Heidi,Mizfixit (you need to update anyway;), and MamaSaidSew. Surf girls, surf! Find something new, and share with us!!

Thanks for all your wisdom on my giant roll of toilet paper as Rebecca so eloquently said about my last believe it's a giant roll of interfacing. Okay so now, what on earth should I do with it?? Hey for 2 dollars, I couldn't not get it, even if I didn't know quite what to do with it!

Thrift on!


Jen said...

awesome painting, I wish I could do anything close to that, Painting is not my expertise:)

linda t said...

Painting seems like that hardest form of art out there... and you are good!
Thanks for sharing your projects with those of us that wish we could!

Rebecca said...

First off - gorgeous painting! I wish I had an ounce of that talent. :)

Second - what a mantra "Hey for 2 dollars, I couldn't not get it, even if I didn't know quite what to do with it!"

So true sister, so true . . .

little lovelies said...

thanks for the tip! I just did all that and now I am going to see if I can post a pic.

An Odd Duck said...

congrats on finishing the painting. I can't wait to see more. I am going to take up the challenge at some point this weekend. :)

Christy said...

Hey..I saw where you were one of the lucky winners for the party favor. Those pics that she shared of the party were unbelievable!! Everything was so gorgeous!