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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back in the Thrifty Saddle

It feels good to be back into the thrifty saddle!
Our weather here has been extremely strange to say the least so when the weather forecast said it was going to be 70 Saturday, I immediately thought YARD SALE!!!! Yippee, we can go again! I could not wait to pull into my first sale of the season. Okay, Okay, it's not really the season and it's not quite the first yard sale I've gone to in 2007, I kinda feel like this is "pre-season" football. Were we go out, test the waters, test our skills and then prepare for the real season with the real players. I know if I am going to survive this season, I MUST get up earliar. I don't know what it is, but I can not drag my but out of bed much earliar than 7 o'clock. Well it serves me right to miss the good deals if I can't play with the big girls (and boys) early early. The boys and I did hit a few yard sales (some of which I can't picture as it may turn into my swap gift for the Pink and Brown swap) hee..heee. There wasn't a whole lot I really had to have, although I have a feeling I missed out on a nice vintage book, looked like a first edition, good shape hard cover of The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway 1926. It was marked 2.00, and dang if I didn't put it down and some yard sale monger grabbed it from me! It looked exactly like the linked photo! Dang dang dang! $#%&(!

I did get these Noritake gravy boat and 4 perfect cups for 25 cents a piece. I did a search and they resell for about 5-9 dollars and the gravy boat anywhere from 10-20. So that I'm happy about but the book.....grrrrrr. Lesson learned. You'd think I'd pay attention with all the tips Selena's been giving on Ebay Chicks.

I've been seeing these Japanese style coffee cups on some thrifty blogs, and thought...hmmm...if I'd only had raided Grandma's cabinets when I was small, I'd be living the vintage life right now. Hindsight. Well, since I didn't, this is my first mug in that style, purchased for a quarter.
After all the saling, we headed to two local shops, Yesterdays in Southern Pines, and The Habitat for Humanity Moore Store, in Aberdeen. Both shops have great items if you hunt and peck although I haven't come across any major treasures such as a Dooney and Burke purse mentioned on Colleen's blog. Her friend had mega thrifty "Mojo" that day! The closest I've come to a D&B is a Coach cell phone holder for a dollar so other words, not very close. ;)
Well, I'm out of here for now. I hope that everyone is on the hunt for Pink and Brown and having fun with the swap as you get to know your partners :) I hope to feature more and more bloggers here that are in the swap as time permits, you all are a great group...looking forward to seeing everyone's goodies!!


VaxGirl said...

Oh gosh, I actually saw A D&B purse last week in a chruch basement thrift shop! And it looked brand new.

Paula said...

Dang it on the book! I like your little Japanese mug. I haven't seen quite that pattern before. Isn't if funny to see all the stuff our Grandma's had being such hot "vintage" items now?

Shirlee said...

What a bummer losing out on the book. Whoever grabbed it probably saw you had it and just waited for it to slip from your thrifty hands.
I often gravitate towards items with birds because they're just so dang cute. Great little cup. I gotta get educated on what's hot in thrifting. I just buy what appeals to me. :)

Christy said...

Love the Noritake stuff. That pattern is great! Too bad about the book. :(

Colleen said...

LOVE the mug. I've also noticed these on some thrifty blogs and am wondering if I really need another collection..... hmmmmm. Would love to run across some in my neck of the woods.

Jane said...

I have had some bad thrify luck lately. There are tons of GoodWill stores in LA. But there are also tons and tons of thrify shoppers. Haven't had so much luck lately, but I guess that makes it fun too. I did find one pink and brown thing that I could repurpose for the swap.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love that Noritake stuff,there will be other books,or maybe something even better!

stellarjoolz said...

Hi Lucy,
You broke my cherry blog :-) Thanks for those nice comments.
Sorry to hear about that Hemingway book. Future reference, never put anything down until you are 110% you don't want it :-) However you got a great deal on the gravy boat and cups. Their so cute!

norththreads said...

oh I forgot to ask-do we ask our partner for the address or just give our addy to you guys?

Heidi said...

Such cute birdies on the mug! And I love that Noritake. I try not to collect too much china. Takes up too much space!

btw, I haven't heard from Selena yet and I don't have her email address (I tried to reach her through ebay chicks. Do you have it?)