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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

It's hard to believe another year has come and gone but yet as the time whizzes by at the speed of light, it's refreshing to know that life comes full circle with the promise of new beginnings. I always make New Years Resolutions, but rarely keep them. This year I resolve to keep my resolutions. Perhaps putting them in print will make it more valid. I have a wide audience now that can judge if I have been naughty or nice, so please hold me to my 2007 resolutions!

  • I'm going to borrow from Heidi and make and put away a gift a month for the next holiday season. It will save me from my own self imposed stress levels.
  • I resolve to be even more frugal than I have been in the past. I really, really, really, want my own home. AND I really want my own shop one day. I can't do either without saving. (I'm glad I wrote this after I went shopping today, but on the positive side, MOST of my purchases were made using gift cards and Christmas money.
  • I will start back on my water color painting after a 6 or 7 month hiatus.
  • I will be as patient at home as I am at work. I tend to loose my cool over the little things once I get home after a long day of holding it in at work, so no more...I'm a new kinder, gentler, Momma and Partner in 2007.
  • I will watch what I eat and exercise more ( I know, I know, nothing revolutionary with this one, but I think I read somewhere it is mandatory to put on your resolution list).
  • I will stay with my crafts and sewing as it has induced a sense of peace and satisfaction for me that I had been missing over the last couple of years where I hadn't been as crafty.
  • After a marathon reading streak the first part of 2006, I took a long break and vow to read a book a month if not more. I would commit to more, but I still have a day job so I am trying to be realistic with all these other things on my resolution list! hee hee
  • I will be a better Mom and friend and citizen. Ha, that one is pretty open ended. I am sure I can improve in all of those areas.

Check back soon to make sure I am forging ahead in all these areas!

Last but not least, here's a quick MEME from Heidi, at Spiritual Knitter :

Grab a book closest to you. Turn to page 123 and go down to the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Name the book and author.

Here's mine:

I had to go down a couple of sentences more because there was a cuss

"I stifle an impulse to take one more peek at the man's dirty laundry then pop a Hershey's Kiss in my mouth and suck nervously. I pull the phone closer to me. 911, thats the number, Isn't it? Of course that's it, 411 is for information; 911 is for emergency." OPEN HOUSE by Elizabeth Berg

Oops, I did four! Maybe one of my resolutions should be to follow directions!

Peace, love, and good health to all of my friends, old and new in 2007.



Heidi said...

I love Elizabeth Berg. She's one of my fave authors.

Good luck with your goals/resolutions.

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy New Year! I refuse to put the diet/exercise thing on my list. Why immediately set myself up for failure?

Shirlee said...

Happy New Year Lucy. I didn't set up any resolutions as they are always the same year to year and quite frankly, I don't think I've ever followed through on any of them. I enjoyed reading yours and laughed at the diet/exercise one. Does anyone ever follow that one?
All the best to you and yours as you embark on the next chapter of your lives. :)

Lisa said...

Happy new glad your honey got home! Awesome.